Yoo Ah In’s Film “Happy Facebook” Turns to “Happy Log In”, to Premiere February 2016

Hookay~~~ either way, both titles still sound weird to me! 😀

Happy Facebook film distributor, CJ EM, announced on Dec 16, that the omnibus movie Happy Facebook changed its title to Happy Log In (해피 로그인 or Happy Login). No further explanation needed. Obviously no one wants to mess up with copyrights. The Happy Log In movie poster and premiere date were revealed at the same day as well.

Happy Log In, directed by Park Hyeon Jin, is an omnibus melodrama film depicting the various love stories of people through online SNS. It will be consisting of several different short films tied together by a single theme: a man and a woman who fall for each other by clicking ‘like’ all the time. That sounds cute 😀

The 43 years old actress Lee Mi Yeon pairs up with 29 years old Yoo Ah In as “the older-younger couple” in a noona-dongsaeng romance in Happy Login.

Lee Mi Yeon plays a popular writer and single mother Jo Kyung Ah. She’s bold and haughty as a career woman but has a painful past as a single mother. She will fall in love with Yoo Ah In who is 16 years younger. No further description for Yoo Ah In’s character yet, but I’m anticipating the comeback of a mature ‘Lee Seon Jae’. We got his hair though 😀

Actress Choi Ji Woo has been cast as actor Kim Joo Hyuk‘s spouse. They will make “the mature couple”. Also up for a role in the film are actor Kang Ha Neul and actress/model Esom as “the younger couple”.

Filming began in July and cranked up in November 2015.

Yoo Ah In sent a food cart to the filming location for Lee Mi Yeon last Aug 16, showing his warm support to his sunbae~

(message on the banner: “Lee Mi Yeon sunbae-nim, let’s be happy facebook!! Fighting!! – From Ainie”) 😀 so cute!

On his interview during the Veteran film promotions, Yoo Ah In talked about Happy Login a bit, and his admiration towards the actress.

“I’m glad that I will comeback to the wide screen with senior actress Lee Mi Yeon. She reminds me of Kim Hee Ae sunbae-nim with whom I played together in Secret Love Affair. On my earlier days as an actor, I always answered that she was my ideal type whenever people asked me about. I thought, ‘it must be cool to pair up with her as a mature man’. Now that it came to reality, I must do well for both of us,” said Yoo Ah In.

Yoo Ah In shot his last scene with Lee Mi Yeon at Incheon International Airport in late November.

Here are some BTS photos from the filming set~

The last filming at Incheon International Airport from November to early this month with Lee Mi Yeon~

With child actor Baek Chang Min~

With the filming crews at the Happy Login crank up/farewell party, November 2015~ Cute! 😀

Check more photos in our “Happy Login” Facebook album

Happy Login sets to premiere in February 2016


Source: 1oAsia, Sports Donga, Star Hankyung

Photos: instagrams

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Film “Happy Facebook” Turns to “Happy Log In”, to Premiere February 2016”
  1. I will definitely have to watch this!^^

  2. Yasuyo says:

    ‘A maure Lee Seon Jae’ returns?! I cannot wait to watch it!

  3. Mari says:

    Sik in a cute noona-dongsaeng romance drama~~ Can’t wait!

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