Yoo Ah In is A Sexy Dandy James Bond in LG U+ Commercial Film

From the wicked young plutocrat Jo Tae Oh to the dandy James Bond, they both ooze the dangerously sexy charm of Yoo Ah In πŸ˜€

While Jo Tae Oh got caught in the end of Veteran, Yoo Ah In dares you to catch him, if you can, in the new commercial film of LG U Plus for LTE mobile services.

LG U+ Corp. or LG U Plus (formerly known as LG Telecom), offers a variety of mobile services, including LTE network, and Yoo Ah In was just selected as the new LG U Plus brand ambassador to promote their products (including the new released iPhone 6s in Korea).

Yoo Ah In plays the sexy villain in James Bond style and shows off his “dandysm” to the max in the new released CF. Yoo Ah In’s playful and witty action in the “Catch Me Yoo Ah In” CF can be seen not only on TV or Youtube, but also through the LTE video application portal with slightly different version. The Youtube version is 30 second long and the storyline continues to the website version, which is 60 second long.

Here is the 30sec CF “Catch Me Yoo Ah In” Youtube version~

Go to LTE video application portal (download via google playstore or apple store) to watch the 60 sec version.

Some sexy and cute GIFs~

Some sexy, cute ads and screencaps~

Spells H.O.T πŸ˜€

Check more screencaps and photos of Yoo Ah In for LG U Plus in our Facebook Album

Source: LG U+, DC

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is A Sexy Dandy James Bond in LG U+ Commercial Film”
  1. Manguyen says:

    Mighty hot !!!!! Thank you Furbabe for posting! 😊

  2. Mari says:

    *fans seld n drools* ❀❀❀

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