Yoo Ah In Ranks #12 As One Of The 2015 Korean Pop Culture Power Leaders



One of the most prominent newspapers in Korea, The Korea Herald Corp, released its annual “Power Leaders of Korean Popular Culture” list, based on a survey among entertainment authorities concerned with Korean pop culture. The Pop Culture Power Leaders are the most influential people from showbiz to entertainers, artists to entrepreneurs, who have given the big impact to Korean entertainment business this year.

Yoo Ah In ranked #12 and the third actor on The Top 15 Pop Culture Power Leaders of 2015, behind senior actors Song Kang Ho (10) and Hwang Jung Min (11), who are also his co-stars in the 2015 mega hits Veteran and The Throne (Sado). This is the first time for all these three actors entering the Top 15. In total, there are only eight actors who made it to the Top 30.

Herald quoted as saying, “Yoo Ah In, who made his first debut 11 years ago, is dazing like a comet and garnered over 19.5 million viewers through Veteran and The Throne, two of this year’s most successful movies. He made impressive appearances; from the wicked young heir Jo Tae Oh in Veteran to the complex Crown Prince Sado in The Throne. His striking transformation earned him the Best Actor Award at The Blue Dragon Film Awards, becoming the second youngest winner of all time. He was, by far, the face of this year’s Korean film industry. The year of 2015 marked the birth of ‘Ainshidae’ [Ah In’s Generation/Ah In’s Hayday].”

The 2015 TOP 30 Pop Culture Power Leaders:

1. SM Entertainment Lee Soo Man
2. YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk
3. PD Na Young Suk (1N2D, Grandpas Over Flowers, 3 Meals A Day)
4. MC Yoo Jae Suk
5. CJ Group Lee Mi Kyung
6. JTBC and YTN President Sohn Suk Hee
7. Boyband EXO
8. PD Kim Tae Ho (Infinity Challenge)
9. Boyband Big Bang
10. Actor Song Kang Ho
11. Actor Hwang Jung Min
12. Actor YOO AH IN

13. CJ E&M Movie President Jeong Tae Seong
14. Korean Musical Association Director Park Myung Sung
15. MC Shin Dong Yeob
16. Actor Kim Soo Hyun
17. Actor Jo Seung Woo
18. Film Director Cho Dong Hoon (‘Assassination’)
19. CJ E&M PD Shin Won Ho (‘Reply’ series)
20. Film Director Ryoo Seung Wan (‘Veteran’)
21. Jo Seong Jin (top winner at the 17th International Chopin Piano Competition)
22. Showbox Movie President Kim Woo Taek
23. Singer PSY
24. Screenwriter Lee Woo Jung
25. Actor Choi Min Shik
26. Screenwriter Kim Seong Soo
27. Poet Lee Myung Han
28. Celebrity Chef/Entrepreneur Baek Jong Won
29. Actor/Producer Song Seung Hwan
30. Actor Ha Jung Woo


In addition, YTN channel also voted Yoo Ah In as the 2015 pop culture power leader of the year. Yoo Ah In won over Yoo Jae Suk and other senior TV personalities. Here’s the video~



So proud of YOO, Leader Sik πŸ˜€ Congratulations! Moaarrr to come!!


Source: Herald Corp 1, 2, DC

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  1. Mari says:

    Wow! Congratssss Master Sik!!

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