Yoo Ah In’s Film “Happy Login” Turns to “Like For Likes” + More Character Descriptions Revealed


From Happy Facebook to Happy Login to Like For Likes. Well, between the three, I like Like For Likes the best 😀

Previously reported here, film distributor announced the 2016 omnibus movie Happy Facebook changed its title to Happy Log In (해피 로그인 or Happy Login). However, they decided to create the better title, and now officially go with literally Please Like Me (좋아해줘/Johahaejwo), or Like For Likes in English title.

The film updated the poster and added it with the tagline: “Please Update Your Dating Status”. I like it 🙂

Like For Likes, directed by Park Hyeon Jin, is an omnibus melodrama film depicting the various love stories of people through online SNS. It will be consisting of several different short films tied together by a single theme: a man and a woman who fall for each other by clicking ‘like’ all the time.

The 43 years old actress Lee Mi Yeon (Reply 1988, Noonas Over Flowers) pairs up with 29 years old Yoo Ah In (Veteran, The Throne, Six Flying Dragons) as “the older-younger couple” in a noona-dongsaeng romance.

Lee Mi Yeon plays a popular writer and single mother Jo Kyung Ah. She’s bold and haughty as a career woman but has a painful past as a single mother. She will fall in love with Yoo Ah In who is 16 years younger.

News only hinted that Yoo Ah In took on the role of Noh Jin Woo, a budding famous “Hallyu Star”. Sounds like him playing himself. Teehee! Innnnnnteresting! 😀

Actress Choi Ji Woo (Twenty Again, Grandpas Over Flowers) has been cast as a naive flight attendant who keeps getting betrayed by others. Actor Kim Joo Hyuk (1 Night 2 Days) will be her spouse, a nosy chef who owns a big restaurant. They will make “the mature couple”.

Also up for a role in the film are actor Kang Ha Neul (Twenty) who plays a genius composer and actress/model Esom (Scarlet Innocence) as “the younger couple”.

Filming began in July and cranked up November 2015.

Netizens give positive responds on the news:

(+1397, -29) Looking forward to seeing Kim Joo Hyuk and Yoo Ah In!!!!!! I’ve been waiting to see these cool movie stars playing together in a movie!!!!
(+833, -36) So, how many titles changed from Happy Facebook? I have big expectations on Yoo Ah In though ㅋㅋㅋ
(+882, -73) I would like to see Yoo Ah In and Nam Goong Min playing together as the villain and psycho once again in a movie. It would be awesome!
(+631, -25) Yoo Ah In is really a huge actor!
(+399, -26) Yoo Ah In!!!!!!!!!

Like For Likes to première February 2016.

Fighting, Master Sik! 😀



source: OSEN

One Response to “Yoo Ah In’s Film “Happy Login” Turns to “Like For Likes” + More Character Descriptions Revealed”
  1. Mari says:

    Sik as a budding famous “Hallyu Star”? Sounds like it’s gonna be funny 😁 Can’t wait!

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