[YEAR END CELEBRATION POST PART 1] Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Top News Maker of The Year

►The 2015 Best PikiCast (broadcasting app) Guest of The Year: Yoo Ah In

More compilation of year-end reviews and year-end news round-up came out, which always brings up the name of Yoo Ah In -like the norm for every single journalist- as the news maker of the year. This is definitely “Yoo Ah In’s Year” and the beginning of Ainshidae (Ah In’s Generation). Let’s find out what actor Yoo has contributed so far to the national buzz this year 😀


OBS News – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Power People of The Year

KSTAR News – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Best Actor of The Year

KBS2 Morning News – Yoo Ah In No.1 The 2015 Hottest People of The Year

TV Report: Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Most Notable Figure in the Korean Showbiz

TV Report selected influential figures, events, controversies and incidents who or which became the most talk-about this year. Yoo Ah In is chosen as one of the most influential figure in the entertainment industry thanks to his achievements. TV Report quoted as saying:

Mister Composure Yoo Ah In: This year truly began with Yoo Ah In and ended with Yoo Ah In. The craze began with Yoo Ah In’s treat in film ‘Veteran’, followed by ‘The Throne’ and led to ‘Six Flying Dragons’. He went through the wide screen and small screen and won the hearts of many. He sent the 2015 away with composure.

Other names include: ‪Lee Byung Hun‬, ‪Hwang Jung Min‬, Daejong Awards, ‪Bae Yong Jun‬, ‪Song Seung Hoon‬, Kim Tae Hee‬ and ‎Rain‬, ‪Kang Dong Won‬, Bae Seung Woo‬, Won Bin‬, Jeon Ji Hyun‬, Clara, ‪Yoon Eun Hye‬, Kim Hyun Joong, and some other celebrities who faced the law cases.

TV Report made the year-end review in a news video and asked Yoo Ah In, as the most notable figure, to give his forewords. Here is the video~

Star: Yoo Ah In is #1 News Maker of The Year

Over the last twelve months, there were many people frequented the headlines. STAR listed people who mostly made the headlines, either for their tremendous achievements or their controversies. STAR quoted as saying,

Yoo Ah In celebrated his thirty (Korean age) at the highest peak of his career in 2015.He eagerly garnered much love from being the wicked young chaebol in Veteran to the misunderstood Crown Prince Sado in The Throne, to the mischievous Lee Bang Won in Six Flying Dragons. He caught viewers eyes on the screen, vertically and horizontally. And he finally grasped Best Actor trophy at the 2015 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The 2015 TOP 4 News Maker of The Year:
1. Yoo Ah In
2. Lee Byung Hun
3. PSY Comeback
4. Reply 1988


Edaily : Yoo Ah In is The 2015 People of The Year

Edaily and some other media released the government’s survey on the college and university students about their interest on the biggest issues of the year. The questionnaire was conducted among students from 20 universities, from the period of late November to early December. One of the questions was “Who is the person of the year?” Yoo Ah In is the only actor mentioned as the 2015 person of the year.

The 2015 People of The Year:
1. Restauranteur/Chef Baek Jong Won from ‘My Little Television’ (21.2%)
2. Ex-Korean Air Executive ‘nut rage incident’ Cho Hyuna (16.2%)
3. Singer IU ‘Zeze controversy’ (11.1%)
4. Actor Yoo Ah In (9.2%)


Sisa Press: Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Person of The Year

Sisa wrote brief article about Yoo Ah In’s career with praises on his acting skill. Sisa quoted as saying:

So, what is possibly the triumphant power that Yoo Ah In has? Ever since he was young, he has been acting in a wide range of roles; from a student to a grownup, from a good boy to a bad guy. He shows us the tension of acting in a positive frame. The fact is, there are the youthful and spectrum of life attached and overlap in the face of Yoo Ah In.


Chosun, TV Report, and Daily Sports: Yoo Ah In Created The Most Popular Movie Buzzwords/Catchphrases/Keywords of The Year

Based on the survey conducted by Chosun to more than 1,600 people about the 2015 movies and actors that successfully created the buzzword from their catchphrases in the movie, Yoo Ah In was chosen to have made popular two catchphrases in both of his movies among others.

The 2015 TOP 5 Most Popular Movie Buzzwords:
1. “How outrageous!” Yoo Ah InVeteran (691 votes)
Yoo Ah In’s catchphrase in Veteran has been immensely popular that everyone used it so often on and off screen. From KBS Gag Concert to Kwang Hee on the 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards, people keep saying “How outrageous!” up until now.
2. Hwang Jung Min in Veteran (223 votes)
3. Lee Byung Hun in Inside Men (167 votes0
4. “How far an arrow can fly to the sky?” Yoo Ah InThe Throne (132 votes)
5. Jeon Ji Hyun in Assassination (118 votes)


TV Reports also noted that Yoo Ah In’s new nickname “Ainshidae” is the #1 buzzwords or keywords of this year.

The 2015 TOP 5 Entertainment Buzzwords of The Year:
1. ‘Ainshidae’ Yoo Ah In
2. ‘From The Nation’s Little Sister to The Cute Girlfriend’ Park Bo Young
3. ‘Reply 1988’ Park Bo Gum
4. ‘Super Power’ Kim Young Chul
5. ‘Infinite Challenge’ Lee Ae Ran


Daily Sports listed three major keywords or the most talk-about topics of film this year. Yoo Ah In is the second most popular film keywords this year.

The 2015 TOP 3 Movie Keywords of The Year:
1. The Million Club Movies
South Korean movies slowed down the first half of 2015 after the triumph of Ode to My Father, but it suddenly picked up on the second half with Assassination, and Veteran. As of November 30th, the domestic film industry set the new records of the highest cumulative attendance in four years, by surpassing a total of 100 million people.

2. Discovering Yoo Ah In
This year is by far the most luminous film acting from Yoo Ah In. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the rediscovery year of Yoo Ah In. Being the lead actor through ‘Veteran’ and ‘The Throne’, both are the box-office success, Yoo Ah In showed his ticket power/prowess. Besides winning the Best Actor at The Blue Dragon Film Awards, Yoo Ah In was awarded Artistic Impression in The Film at the 5th Beautiful Artist Awards as well.

3. Welcoming the emerging rookie actresses (Kwon So Hyun, Lee Yu Young, Ryu Hye Young, Park Sodam)


MK News: Yoo Ah In is The TOP 10 Hit Products of The Year!


Now, this is the oddest one! MK Economy listed the 2015 TOP 10 hit products based on the survey among the Korean/domestic consumers. The survey asked what product consumers had in mind that they were willing to open their wallets this year. The result is oddly various; from technology, food, service, and electronics to…actor Yoo Ah In!

Yoo Ah In and Chef Jeon Song Il are the only human of all the “products”, and Yoo Ah In being the only actor of all actors mentioned by the costumers! Obviously, people said they are willing to pay to see him on anything, in everything! (In most cases: films and fansigning events) 😀

The 2015 TOP 10 Hit Products of The Year:
1. Samsung Pay
2. New Avante AD
3. Nongshim Noodle “Jjawang”
4. Kakao Taxi
5. Meritz Korea Fund
6. Xiaomi Aid Batteries
7. Yoo Ah In – the Chungmuro’s mainstream actor with The Throne and Veteran
8. Emoticons
9. LG Twin Wash
10. Celebrity Chef Jeon Song Il


Donga: Yoo Ah In is The Most Popular GIF Picture of The Year!
Here is the most fun of all. Sports Donga picked eight most popular GIF pictures they have produced for their articles during 2015 based on the highest views on the picture.

The 2015 TOP 8 Most Popular GIFs:
1. Miss A’s Suzy
2. Shin Min Ah
3. Park Bo Young
4. Han Hyo Joo
5.Jung Woo Sung
6. Kang Dong Won
7. Yoo Seung Ho
8. Yoo Ah In – “Yoo Are In My Heart” 😀


What more can we say~ from newsmaker to people to person to trending words to even the hit product and GIF. This is Yoo Ah In’s Year, this is Ainshidae. And this is just the beginning. YOO rawks, Master Sik!

Happy YOO Year, everyone! Let the good times roll!


8 Responses to “[YEAR END CELEBRATION POST PART 1] Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Top News Maker of The Year”
  1. Manguyen says:

    Yes! What a year! Congrats Master Sik! Happy New Year!

  2. lauramadugan says:

    I have definitely entered gladly to Ainshidae!

  3. Yasuyo says:

    Many thanks for these reports, Furbabe! It’s beyond any word to express that finally Ainshidae has come. But of course this is just the beginning! Happy Yoo Year!

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