[Year End Celebration Post Part 2] Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Most Powerful Cinema Figure

Yoo Ah In – STAR FOCUS Magazine Jan.2016 “Best Actor” edition

First  of all, let’s congratulate Yoo Ah In for winning the Top Excellence Male Performance In A Full-length Drama aka Best Acting Award at SBS Drama Awards on the New Year’s eve!! Yay! The report is under way, please be patient! (~which reminds me, I have yet to finish the second part of Blue Dragon Film Awards report. Oops~~ Help, I need minions!)

And now, let’s move on to our year end celebration part 2. Picking up from Part 1, this time the media buzzed on Yoo Ah In being the best actor of the year, the most powerful cinema figure, and of course the hottest male star in twenties (besides being the 2015 pop culture power leaders).

All the media unanimously reported Yoo Ah In’s tremendous achievements in the 2015 movie field and agreed he is the best actor of the year.

KSTAR News – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Best Actor of The Year PART 1

KSTAR News – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Best Actor of The Year PART 2

OBS News – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Best Actor of The Year

KSTAR News & OBS – Yoo Ah In The 2015 Best Actor of The Year

Best Villain of The Year

Media quoted as saying, Yoo Ah In is the first Korean actor under 30s who drew in over 19 million people to the cinemas 3 months in a row within the same year, one after another simultaneously. This is no small feat.

He is the first actor who had 2 movies at the Top Box Office at the same year. Veteran has become the 2nd highest grossing domestic film of all time, having garnered a total of 13.42 million admission. Sado/The Throne has garnered over 6.2 million viewers, and is Korea’s bet for the 2016 Oscar.

A recent survey conducted by OSEN to 1,500 correspondents revealed that Veteran, Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min are chosen as the best film and actors of 2015. Veteran ranked first with 30% votes of all other films. Meanwhile, Twitter Korea revealed that “Veteran” and “Sado” are two of the most popular keywords in 2015.

Yoo Ah In is dubbed by the local media as “The Trend” (a.k.a Ainshidae), and by critics as “the actor’s actor”. Industy experts stated, he is the #1 most powerful movie actor in 2015.

Industry experts in the field of broadcast, movie, and music industries (for a total of 300 experts) participated in a survey where they ranked the top most powerful entertainment figures. #1s were given 5 points, #5s were given 1 point, and the results were as follows:

The 2015 TOP 10 Most Powerful Entertainment Figures:

1. Na Young Suk (704 points) (“Grandpas Over Flowers”, “Three Meals a Day”, etc)
2. Yoo Jae Suk (333 points)
3. Kim Tae Ho (297 points)
4. Big Bang (259 points)
5. Lee Soo Man (238 points)
6. Yang Hyun Suk (228 points)
7. Jun Ji Hyun (201 points)
8. Baek Jong Won (196 points)
9. Yoo Ah In (188 points)
10. Choi Min Shik (174 points)

Based on the scores, Yoo Ah In is the #1 most powerful movie actor in 2015, while Jun Ji Hyun the most powerful movie actress of the year.

Kim Gura’s Pumpkin Seed also picked Yoo Ah In as the best actor of 2015. They gushed over Yoo Ah In’s dedication to acting when they found out the blood dripping from his forehead in The Throne was actually Yoo Ah In’s real blood. Watch the clips: part 1, part 2

The most credible film magazine, Cine21, picked the best movie actors of the year for its year-end issue. And they are:

Yoo Ah In – actor of the year

Jeon Do Yeon – actress of the year

Byun Yo Han- rookie actor of the year

Park Sodam – rookie actress of the year

Cine21 wrote quite a long article about Yoo Ah In’s career (which is similar as above). Yoo Ah In wrote his thank you message to Cine21. Here is the article’s translations:

Actor of The Year

Yoo Ah In

“It might sound a hyperbole to say he is a seasoned actor in Korea’s movie scene. But he is indeed the discovery in this popular communication.” (Lee Hwa Jung, journalist)

“It has been an exciting year watching Yoo Ah In’s dynamism and energy, which oozes to all different directions.” (Jang Young Yeob, journalist)

Yoo Ah In to Cine21,

I feel happy and hope this will happen again to me in the future. It seems I have to prove myself, so that your decision which based on its own subjectivity, is proven right. Sometimes, I feel like driving my car and fading away, but this kind of article uplifts my spirit. I’m still thirsty after the end of that fullness, instead. I would like to grip my acting better. I would like to dig multiple wells in me, truthfully. And I have yet to perform in the various different roles. Merry Christmas. Good bye.

It has been an exciting journey for both Yoo Ah In and us his fans. I’m glad that I’m the part of those who witnessed his journey to the top, cheered him up during ups and downs, and trust in him that he will never disappoint.

I have so many things to post, and I decided that one of my 2016 resolutions is to complete all of his best 2015 film interviews and SNS messages, which are still put aside for the time being~^^ Not because they were less important. In contrast, they are all so exciting and thrilling that I feel like pouring down so much energy to write every single article down, so that you all can also feel my eagerness and pleasure while writing the posts 🙂

I really appreciate all my readers, and I would like to thank you for the supports by giving more doses of Sik-tamin in the future. Sharing is caring, right? Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy nYOO Year too, Master Sik! 😀


Source: Cine21, Osen, instagram, netizenbuzz, YAI International Fans Community Facebook

2 Responses to “[Year End Celebration Post Part 2] Yoo Ah In is The 2015 Most Powerful Cinema Figure”
  1. Alyssa A. says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again thanks so much for bringing this article and translations, and so many others before this article to us Ah In (Hong Sik) fans. I can’t thank you enough really. This site brings me so much joy to read and be inspired by the great Ah In. He really came into his own he truely is a power house this year (us fans always knew his potential, even at his lowest moments in his acting career!) and I am excited for more but I don’t mind waiting patiently until you can write it all out to the best of your ability, cause doing your best is the Yoo Ah In way! Lol I’m very much an amateur at Hangul or else I’d totally help😢 which is why this site helps those like me so much!!! All in all I hope you can find the time or find that right person to help you with this site. Thanks again and Happy N-Yoo Year to you too!

    • Furbabe says:

      HI Alyssa! You and everyone who loves Sik are the ones who pump up my energy to share more everything Hong Sik here 😀 I feel so grateful! Thank YOO for staying with us and for your kind encouragement, and happy YOO Year!

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