[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Wins Top Excellence Actor At The 2015 SBS Drama Awards, Gives The Best Speech

Yoo Ah In’s Vine clip from the SBS Drama Awards Red Carpet, Dec 31st. 2015, has hit 1 million loops, and been retweeted nearly 4,000 times at SBS twitter account @SBSNOW

Yoo Ah In wrapped up and kissed good bye the 2015 with 3 acting awards and a special “favorite male” award at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards. And even though he grabbed the what-so-called “almost Daesang”, Yoo Ah In was in fact the real star of the night. Let’s find out what other buzz he has caused on the New Year!

The main cast of current airing drama ‘Six Flying Dragons’ took out time from their busy filming schedules, to attend the awards ceremony night.

A related official stated that the actors had tight filming schedules, and had to film until December 31st afternoon, before heading straight to the awards ceremony, which took place at COEX, Seoul. That day’s filming of ‘Six Flying Dragons’ was for episodes 27 and 28 this week.

And they came for victory.

Yoo Ah In and the ‘Six Flying Dragons’ team won big at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards. ‘Six Flying Dragons’ grabbed a total of 7 awards through its actors; Yoo Ah In, Byun Yo Han, Shin Se Kyung, Park Hyuk Kwon and Yoon Kyun Sang.

Yoo Ah In won Top Excellence Male Performance in a full-length drama (‘Six Flying Dragons’), Best Couple Award with Shin Se Kyung in ‘Six Flying Dragons’, Teen Choice Award (10 Stars Award), and was awarded the Female’s Heartthrob Special Award too!

He was also nominated for Daesang (Top Prize) at the SBS Drama Awards this year along with Kim Hyun Joo (‘I Have Lovers’), Kim Rae Won (‘Punch’), and Ju Woon (‘Yongpal’). Joo Won took home the grand prize (which, by the way, stirred quite a controversy in Korea).

List of awards for ‘Six Flying Dragons’ team at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards:

1. Top Excellence Actor in a full-length drama: YOO AH IN (Six Flying Dragons)
2. Excellence Actor in a full-length drama: BYUN YO HAN (Six Flying Dragons)
3. Excellence Actress in a full-length drama: SHIN SE KYUNG (Six Flying Dragons)
4. Best Couple Award: YOO AH IN & SHIN SE KYUNG (Six Flying Dragons), Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee (Yong Pal), Ji Jin Hee & Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
5. Special Actor in a full-length drama: PARK HYUK KWON (Six Flying Dragons)
6. Teen Choice Award (10 Stars Award): YOO AH IN, SHIN SE KYUNG, Joo Won, Kim Hyun Joo, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young, Jo Jae Hyun, Ji Jin Hee, Yoochun
7. New Star Award: Yoon Kyun Sang, BYUN YO HAN, Son Ho Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, Go Ah Sung, Lee Yeol Eum, Lee Elijah, Hyungsik, Sungjae, Lim Ji Yeon

In the Best Couple Award acceptance speech, Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung praised each other. Shin Se Kyung said, “I’m so happy. I just wanted to get this award, and it feels so sweet and titillating,” she said candidly which caused laughter. “This is my second time acting together with Yoo Ah In after Fashion King. I feel grateful to act together again with him.”

Yoo Ah In said, “I was Shin Se Kyung’s lover in Fashion King, so when we met again for the second time, I feel we are so compatible. I think it’s thanks to her. It seems she’s always delighted and glad to take romantic scene, because she’s a romantic actress.”

[Fancams] Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung – Best Couple Award

In the 10 Star Award (Teen Choice Award) acceptance speech, Yoo Ah In said, “Our drama (‘Six Flying Dragons’) still has 24 episodes to go, so we still have a lot of work to do. I would like to thank all the viewers who have been supporting us until now. Please, keep on supporting us till the end. Thank you.”

MC Lim Ji Yeon asked Yoo Ah In to tip-off his popularity secret. Yoo Ah In replied, “It’s difficult to answer. Maybe doing the best acting helps.” MC Lee Hwi Jae wittily added, “It is helpful. He has gone so far so well!”, which caused laughter.

[Fancams] Yoo Ah In – 10 Star Award/Teen Choice Award

Yoo Ah In won Most Favorite Male (Female’s Heartthrob) based on the popularity poll conducted by SBS Drama Awards among the 20s-30s women, as the most eligible bachelor that they want to introduce to their mothers, since he has successfully stolen and shot the cupid arrow into their hearts 😀

Before announcing the winner of special award for Female’s Heartthrob, MC Yoo Jun Sang accosted Yoo Ah In’s table and asked how he felt. Yoo Ah In replied that he felt “dugun dugun”.

MC Yoo Jun Sang: “Do you want to get this award so bad?”
Yoo Ah In: “I want to get this award the most, I want to be a man who is favored by all mothers” (laughed)
MC Yoo Jun Sang: “Then let’s see if you will receive the award that you want. Please, say ‘dugun dugun’.”
Yoo Ah In followed Yoo Jun Sang’s orders, including shook his body 😀 When his name was announced as the winner, he said: “I seem so greedy!” (laughed)

Yoo Ah In received the cute pinky “Cupid Arrow” trophy, and MC Yoo Jun Sang asked him to shoot her right at her heart. LOL!

Check the video HERE

And now here we go to the topic of the new year~~

Lee Je Hoon presented the trophy to Yoo Ah In


Yoo Ah In received the Top Excellence Actor Award.

His expressive speech and full of gestures has been touted as the best award acceptance speech ever by Koreans. Not only for the content of his speech, but also for his very expressive gestures, tones, and facial expressions while conveying his message. He was just like performing a soliloquy in a stage play. For Koreans who got used to see the celebrities’ timid formal speeches, this is very new, and he was deemed by extmovie to have a “Hollywood speech” style! Check the clips out~


Yoo Ah In’s SBS Drama Awards Acceptance Speech – SBS version

Yoo Ah In’s SBS Drama Awards Acceptance Speech – Fancam version

Here’s the full translations on Yoo Ah In’s speech~

“Thank you. This is a best acting award, but I’m not sure whether I’ve already shown the best acting yet. I was nominated together with outstanding senior actors and I don’t think you are giving me this award because I’m the best.

“To me, being able to participate in the 50 episodes of ‘Six Flying Dragons’ itself, is a big challenge. And even though I’m not fully happy [note: perhaps because he is not fully satisfied with the characterization of Bang Won], I’m still willing to learn a lot more.

“Today in this occasion, I’m sitting together around one table with my friends ‪‎Byun Yo Han‬, ‪Shin Se Kyung‬, ‪Yoon Kyun Sang‬, and “Gil Tae Mi” Park Hyuk Kwon sunbae. I feel so happy being together with these very passionate young friends. Before coming here, I thought, ‘I will give my friends my sincere congrats [for winning the award] exactly on the spot, so I have to attend the ceremony’. It’s a sweet burden, yet congratulations, my friends.

“I’m not sure about this, but this trophy bears plaques. A lot of ambitions and competing for power stick together. But our job as an actor, the moment the camera roles, is to give the purest acting. I think it’s when we are turning to a sly fox or a monster at the moment.

“There are many times I stopped walking to ask myself, what is a good actor and what is the standard of a high quality acting? And while I’m silently walking, I will stop and stop again to think back about it.

“Today, I feel the two hours of happiness. To the audience who have been supporting ‘Six Flying Dragons’, as well as my colleagues and my family, I would like to send my sincere thanks.

Thank you”.

Yoo Ah In made a trending topic because of this speech. His speech’s clip was retweeted more than 5,000 times on twitter~

The video surpassed 1 million views on Naver TV (Korean Youtube) as of January 1st~Watch HERE

He became the top trending worldwide. He was also the top trending topic in South Korea’s news portals Naver, Daum and Nate~


Netizens praised Yoo Ah In’s speech under the article “Yoo Ah In Wins 3 Crowns At The 2015 SBS Drama Awards”:

1. [+1506, -54] I thought he was shooting a movie with his award speech ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ his facial acting is crazy.
2. [+1412, -54] His award speech looked like it came out of a drama ㅋㅋㅋ a bit cringe at times but that’s kind of his charm ㅋㅋ
3. [+1272, -53] He has so many facial expressions and a way with his words. His acting’s improving too. I wish him the best~
4. [+1080, -45] I think all actors should learn from Yoo Ah In’s style of award speech. We all know that your staff suffered for you but when you name all of the names of your staff, the viewer rarely feels a connection… it’s better to be like Yoo Ah In to explain your view on your acting and what you wish to improve on in the future.
5. [+190, -12] I liked his award speech. It wasn’t the standard “thank you to this person, this person, this person” which is so boring.

Under the article “Yoo Ah In, Analyzing His Extraordinary Acting Award Acceptance Speech”, netizens also poured out praises and defended him from people who accused him of being “just acting”:

1. [+21786, -1283] That gesture is only Yoo Ah In’s honest style of award speech, I don’t know what’s the problem with that. In fact, it looked endearing when he underlined his statement. People in our country seems too crazy over politeness and humility. His speech is rich in emotion. Usually, people like him have a great literacy skills…
2. [+16398, -645] That was a top notched acting ㅋㅋ It was really deep when he said he was worried about his acting skill ㅎㅎ Please come to Win Win. (Note: Win Win is a KBS talk show, no longer airing)
3. [+13592, -540] If you watched the past Mnet show (Note: Launch My Life), you know that’s Yoo Ah In. He never pretends, he really is the cool type person.
4. [+12338, -629] This is no joke. Feels like a celebrity’s spirit washed me with purified water.
5. [+11210, -765] Joo Won won Daesang, but Yoo Ah In won a genius actor award. He is, actually, a genius.

And these are the highest-rated comments under his speech video on Naver TV (Korean Youtube version):

1. [+11682, -368] There’s something breathtaking in his anxiousness when he received the award. Watching his looks, expressions and tones again, I think it is his trademark. I don’t think it’s weird.
2. [+8642, -1319] I don’t think he’s acting. His gestures came straight from the heart. It’s not exaggerated. I can understand him.
3. [+7552, -674] Jo Tae Oh’s acting.
4. [+6850, -839] I feel that the award was given to a truly wonderful person. Happy new year, everyone.
5. [+6494, -545] I’ve observed that a celebrity, who has a good writing skills, usually have a very deep thought. It’s alright, Hongsik, you deserves the award.

Me: Apparently netizens were still digesting that a genius celebrity does exist.

SBS Drama Awards also featured the ‘Six Flying Dragons Parody’: Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In) x Moo Hyul (Yoon Kyun Sang) “Romantic Dragons” 😀 Check the hilarious video and their faces when they were watching it~


Yoo Ah In was really enjoying the night, he talked with Kim Tae Hee and Moon Geun Young; both were his ladies in his past works, he even smiled and clapped for Joo Won who was giving his crying speech, he took Byun Yo Han’s photo with his cellphone, and he smiled a lot to all direction 😀

Taking photos of Byun Yo Han with his cell phone

Congratulating Yoon Kyun Sang for his award

Laughing at Park Hyuk Kwon’s speech

Watch FULL 2015 SBS Drama Awards Ceremony HERE

Now here are more videos and fancams from the 2015 SBS Drama Awards ceremony night, Dec 31.

Yoo Ah In poses for the 360-deg rotating camera~

Yoo Ah In Interview at the Red Carpet

MC Yoo Jun Sang asked what he felt about being the trend called “Ainshidae”, he replied, “I feel embarrassed being called like that. But I’m so grateful for so much love people give to me. Thank you.” MC asked if he wanted to win an award,  and Yoo Ah In replied, “I don’t think about award at all.”


[Fancam] Yoo Ah In SBS New Year’s Countdown

[Fancam] Yoo Ah In smiles at his fans 🙂

[Fancam] Yoo Ah In enjoys talking with his Six Flying Dragons team

Now let’s check some nice and cute photos and GIF pictures of Yoo Ah In from the 2015 SBS Drama Awards’ Red Carpet and Award Ceremony~

reminiscing good ol’ days with Kim Tae  Hee and Moon Geun Young

Super love et! Check more photos in our Facebook Album

What a great way to end and start the year in one sweep, Master Sik! 😀 Congratulations! Moarr to come!


Source: tvdaily1, tvdaily2, newsone, netizenbuzz via nate

Photos: kyungyeosa, tastehongsi, uruyul, monde, Cha Cha, monde, noir de noir, DC YAI, DC Fashion King

Translations by: Admin Mochi [do not take out without credit]

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  1. passerby says:

    Being a junior actor, I was nominated together with outstanding senior actors, so I did not expect to receive this award.–> I was nominated together with outstanding senior actors and I don’t think you are giving me this award because I’m the best.
    About the context of his comments: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=016&aid=0000956893

  2. Mari says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, Furbabe. Really appreciate it. And congrats YAI. I’m proud of his honesty. I agree that most of the TV award shows don’t give justice yet to the true and best actors, but only to the popular works/people. But Sik has proven he was the best with or without it!

  3. Woow! Thanks for the post Furbabe.. I keep reading and watching all the videos with smiles ear to ear.. now I have a cramped face because of too much smiling.. hahaha.. at last.. YAI.. your best time has come! I love that all what he did in 2015 being recognized all together!!! He’s seriously mega famous now.. So glad he DId it!

    • Furbabe says:

      My Korean friend said that he IS seriously HUGE now that it’s scary 😀 – in terms of his influence. Now everything that he says or does will be under people’s scrutiny!

  4. blg says:

    thank you this wonderful post 🙂 He just looks so geniuely happy and i love it

    • Furbabe says:

      Yeah! He did enjoy the show and being together with his SFD team ^^ I’m happy watching him hang out with his colleagues. They have very good interactions 🙂

  5. Yasuyo says:

    Congrats again, Master Sik. And thank you for the long translation and videos, Furbabe! Even after he became ‘HUGE’, he might say his honest feeling or thought as much as possible. He will elude the watchful eyes, because he is completely free. I will back YOO!!

    • Furbabe says:

      YOO are welcome~! “He will elude the watchful eyes, because he is completely free.” Absolutely agree! 😀 He has stated it openly and widely twice in his instagram. People have the rights to express their opinions anyway ^^ And happy YOO Year, Yasuyo!

  6. Miko says:

    Thank you for always sending detailed information about YOO AH IN .I thank you heartily. How meny would YOO AH IN get prizes? I have lost it too at most. I read the information that you informed well,and I will gather it up rof me.I’m delighted very much(^o^)♡快晴

  7. ROR says:

    Yoo Ah In you ruined my bias list again!!!

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