‘Six Flying Dragons’ Past Halfway to The End With Strong Ratings And Good Reviews

Yoo Ah In poses with Cho Heon Jin at ‘Six Flying Dragons’ filming location, Dec 2015 (Yoo Ah In’s instagram)

Yoo Ah In filming ‘Six Flying Dragons’ in the middle of the snow, Dec 2015 (Yoo Ah In’s instagram)


The 50-episode epic sageuk Six Flying Dragons (starring Yoo Ah In, Kim Myung Min, Cho Heon Jin, Shin Se Kyung, Byun Yo Han, Yoon Kyun Sang, and more) is making its way to the end being the number #1 drama in its primetime slot since the first broadcast.

Hovering between 14 to 15.8% ratings, with the best by-minute-ratings reach over 18 to 19.7% in every episode, the drama is considered a commercial success (do remember that 20% rating is the new 40% today). In addition to that, Six Flying Dragons got a lot of positive reviews, especially on Yoo Ah In’s acting as the young Lee Bang Won, the future King Taejo.

The drama also boasts as having the lack of NGs, since both Yoo Ah In and Kim Myung Min are capable of finishing the long scenes in a single stroke. Everyone works with all their hearts for their characters, even to the smallest roles.

“Six Flying Dragons Lee Bang Won” was #1 on Naver Top Trending, January 12th to 13th.

Asiatoday particularly noted on episode 30 and wrote: Yoo Ah In and Yoon So Ha brought Six Flying Dragons to the new highest records. The highest by-minute-ratings for episode 30 is 19.7% on Yoo Ah In’s last scene.

Naver praised: Yoo Ah In captivates viewers with his delicate and multi-layer expressions as Lee Bang Won.

Netizens agreed and left positive comments under the article:

[+3435, -130] Yoo Ah In showed the process of Lee Bang Won’s transformation through the subtle facial expressions. The change of his expressions gave the hint away, and make people anticipating the greater power of “Killer Bang Won”, which is just a matter of time.

[+2925, -113] Yoo Ah In has the concentration power in his acting. Over the last year every piece of his works made a hit, all because of his skill rather than a luck.

[+2239, -113] His acting really clicks with Nam Da Reum (Note: Nam Dareum was the actor who played young Lee Bang Won). He is certainly acting based on the phase of the character’s conduct of life, so that it makes his acting better.

[+1848, -85] On the last scene, he showed the change of emotions properly… Yoo Ah In; you gotta to see him to believe him.

[+1598, -66] I only expect to see more Yoo Ah In’s Lee Bang Won in the future (episodes).


Dramabeans chose Six Flying Dragons as the best historical drama of the year and gushed,

IT’S SO GOOD. It’s just so good. If this keeps up I’m going to have to find more inventive superlatives to keep from sounding like a broken record up here, but to say anything but the fact that this episode is a masterpiece in and of itself would be false. Saying it’s the best episode yet would get us a little bit closer, or alternatively, that we’re still firing on all cylinders twenty episodes in. I’d add that it doesn’t show any signs of slowing either, but since I don’t want the drama gods to smite me, I won’t.


The drama fans in Soompi forum quoted as saying,

…The in depth characters of both, especially Bang Won, have been thoroughly dissected, the complexity of the man from the cause and effects of his thoughts and actions, his beliefs about justice, his philosophy of the means justifies the end, his brilliance as a tactician, decisiveness and charisma, his capacity to fall in love, his benevolence and acceptance of the people belonging to the class lower than his such as his relationship with Moo Hyul but most of all the ability to know himself. The insights to the depths and the opposing sides of himself, the knowledge of the “worm” in his heart. Very few people are brave enough to see themselves but Bang Won we know is unafraid.


Dramafever wrote,

Yoo Ah In is doing a lot of great acting with subtle body language. Defiance and arrogant posturing and all sorts of things.

…I’ve seem some pretty great sword fights in sageuk before, but I think this one takes the prize.


Hancinema gave both praise and critics on the drama

“Six Flying Dragons” is playing a delicate balancing act between being a drama about excitement and adventure while also giving some not-so-subtle hints about how violence begets violence, and the more Bang-won comes up with creative exciting schemes to take down the bad guys, the more the bad guys are forced to escalate the situation and grab at any possible plan that will hopefully result in their not being horribly killed.

The mostly unrelated characters are still kind of…well, I’m having trouble remembering who they are and why they keep showing up mostly. Some incremental answers are offered here, but “Six Flying Dragons” is starting to stretch itself a little thin by having so many characters on so many unrelated tasks.


There is a great site where we can get the historical background information and details of events and characters on the drama. it’s a must visit: http://bodashiri.tumblr.com

As for me, I still think that Yoo Ah In has not shown his best acting power yet. Due to the large assembly of casts, the writers try balancing all the main characters, and has yet to keep him at the center of the story (since Bang Won had been kind of sizzling on the back burner for what feels like too long, says Dramabeans). However, we’ve seen the first 24 episodes where Yoo Ah In fires and sparks like there’s no tomorrow. When he is on, he is on.  And we’re waiting for his stormy comeback as the “Killer Bang Won” with a big bang (and also the top knot).



Behind the filming/scene 🙂


Master Sik, Fighting! 😀


Check more photos, BTS and image stills of the drama in our Facebook page, in “Six Flying Dragons” Album Part 1 and Part 2.

Six Flying Dragons episode recaps/reviews are up on Dramabeans, Hancinema, and Dramafever.

Check Six Flying Dragons Youtube Channel for the best scenes.


Photos and GIFs credit: DC, instagram, SBS

3 Responses to “‘Six Flying Dragons’ Past Halfway to The End With Strong Ratings And Good Reviews”
  1. Mari says:

    I agree with you Furbabe. Though the drama is good, Yoo Ah In hasn’t fully shown his acting prowess yet due to the slowly character development. I hope with episode 30 marking LBW’s sentiment change towards JDJ, we will get to see his sock-rocking acting in full force!

  2. Kris says:

    The drama is good in story-telling. But the writers didn’t make the most of their oportunity to use Yoo Ah In while he is on his peak of popularity. He is too huge to ignore. Korean viewers feel that the story isn’t pacing fast enough. They want Yoo Ah In to be the “Kill Bang Won” sooner than now. But the writers kept creating other new characters and were too focused on Bangji-Yeonhee’s story and finding his mom. No offense to their fans, but I feel bored with them, and so do most Korean viewers. The highest by-minute-ratings were always made by other characters’ stories, not theirs. And then there’s a land reform problem which seems never end. Oh well, I’m glad that at least the drama is back to focus on the main story & Yoo Ah In from Episode 31 onward.

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