[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Talks About SNS in “Like For Likes” Production Conference

“Like For Likes” Couple Poster (CJ Entertainment)

“Like For Likes” image still (CJ Entertainment)

“Like For Likes” Production Conference, Jan.12 (CJ Entertainment)


The production briefing for upcoming movie Like for Likes was held at CGV Apgujeong in Seoul on January 12. Yoo Ah In, Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ju Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Esom and director Park Hyun Jin were among those present.

In the movie, Yoo Ah In will play a famous Korean celebrity, Lee Mi Yeon plays a famous writer, while Choi Ji Woo will act as an unmarried flight attendant. Kim Ju Hyuk will star as a nosy chef, and Kang Ha Neul will portray a genius songwriter. Last but not least, Esom will act as a drama PD.

[11:05 am] “Like For Likes” teaser video screenings
[11:07 am] MC Park Kyung Lim started the briefing
[11:08 am] Characters video screening
[11:11 am] Actors and director took their position
[11:20 am] “Like For Likes” image stills presentation
[11:25 am] Behind-the-scene Talk and Q&A sessions
[12:05 pm] Conclusion
[12:07 pm] Individual and group photo sessions
[12:15 pm] Closing


Dressed in Prada, Yoo Ah In let his bangs down, which made his appearance look so much younger, and adorbs! Here’s the fancam of his arrival to the press conference venue~




In the group/couple photo session, Yoo Ah In kissed the back of Lee Mi Yeon’s hand, making a lot of people cheered for them and bringing up Kim Ju Hyuk’s competitive streak in romance department ๐Ÿ˜€ Check the videos out~




Some videos from the Like For Likes Press Conference, January 12th.

Like For Likes Press Conference & Movie Screening (Spoilers)

Like For Likes Press Conference & Movie Behind The Scenes (Spoilers)

Like For Likes Characters SNS Love Life Screening (Spoilers)


And now here are the translations from the press conference Q&A session (note: we only translated Yoo Ah In’s parts). Translations by Admin007 & Admin M YAI International Fans Community


The movie Like For Likes is a romantic comedy about a romance that begins with a random โ€ฒlikeโ€ฒ on Facebook. Despite their age difference of 15 years, Yoo Ah In and Lee Mi Yeon will be showing off their chemistry together in Like for Likes. The movie will open in theaters on February 18.

MC Park Kyung Lim: Yoo Ah In In-ssi, your hashtags in this film are ‘#OnTheTopofTheWorld’ and ‘#FamousStar’. You don’t need to be acting (for this character), do you?

Yoo Ah In: Noh Jin Woo (his character’s name in the film) is a person who thinks he can have everything. He is not the type of full bucket cute famous Hallyu star. Infact, he is annoying and suffers from a celebrity disease.

MC: It seems that he is a Hallyu Star with odd temperament

Yoo Ah In: Yes he is.

MC: Now we’re gonna talk about the “couple keywords”. The first couple keyword for Lee Mi Yeon-Yoo Ah In, is ‘#I got hit by likes’, or the ‘Banter Couple’! Lee Mi Yeon has had romantic scenes with many actors before, and now you are pairing up with today’s hottest actor Yoo Ah In. How was the chemistry like when you were acting together?

Yoo Ah In: We are very similar to our characters in the movie. I kept on approaching her, while she continuously backed out. I highly respect Lee Mi Yeon and have chosen her as my ideal woman for quite a while. The atmosphere was always very lively around us. I hoped I could provide her with new perspectives.

Lee Mi Yeon: I was surprised by the novelty in Yoo Ah In’s acting. He has a strong personality and a very high concentration in acting. At first I was worried and felt intimidated, but then I was like “what is this?”, I found him refreshing. We had some arguments in the film, and it feels good. Everything here, from the tone and acting, was different.

MC: Is it true that Yoo Ah In is such a real deadly charmer?

Lee Mi Yeon: I don’t think so. Yoo Ah In is more of an adorable bear. He is an easy going person, the type who mingles easily with others.

MC: The trailer shows a very bright appearance, and a lot of giggling going on. The three couples seem had been working with a nice feeling. Director Park Hyun Jin, what were the most memorable scenes during the filming?

Director Park Hyun Jin: One of them is when we were filming Lee Mi Yeon and Yoo Ah In’s kiss scene. When we did the rehearsal before the actual filming, the assistant director told the staff, ‘please be quite, the actors should concentrate!’. They were concerned about the focus. But Yoo Ah In said, ‘I don’t like that. It feels more awkward.’ And everyone laughed. So the awkward atmosphere before they did the kiss scene turned to the humorous vibe.

MC: The first keyword in this film is ‘SNS Spying’. There’s a survey which concludes that 84% people secretly “spy” the persons they like on SNS. Yoo Ah In, despite being a Hallyu star, you are secretly spying Lee Mi Yeon on SNS too.

Yoo Ah In: Not only spying, he also cautiously send her a friend request, fearing that she will reject.

MC: Albeit a very short clip, it was a very natural acting. Do you do this at home too?

Yoo Ah In: Yes, sort of. I’m like that person too. I’m part of that 80%, not 20% people (laughed)

MC: I see. Then, do you often send friend request to others too?

Yoo Ah In: I don’t send friend request, but I watch my friends from a far (laughed)

MC: So you’re just spying on them?

Yoo Ah In: Because I don’t want to bother them. We don’t necessarily have to be acquainted with the people we take interest in. We might be more intrigued to sneak into view the photos, piece of works, ideas, and daily life of other people, even if they are strangers. I think that’s what SNS is.

MC: It’s true. We are using and going along with SNS. Lee Mi Yeon-ssi, do you use SNS too?

Lee Mi Yeon: I don’t use SNS (laughed)

Yoo Ah In: I have offered to help her, tried to create an account for her, and taught her how to use it, but she hardly ever digested it. I should make one-on-one SNS tutorial. (laughed)

MC: Lee Mi Yeon-ssi, during the filming you’ve tried using SNS. If the man who approaches you through SNS is the irresistible “Yoo Ah In” like that in the movie, will you make a move?

Lee Mi Yeon: I’m not really too keen on making friends with younger men through SNS. I’m at the age of hanging out together with friends whom I’ve familiar with. Younger men are too much to handle (laughed)

Choi Ji Woo: Yoo Ah In-ssi, I will accept your SNS friend request real quick! (laughed)

Then MC and Kim Joo Hyuk talked about the trend when most people upload “fabricated” or “set up” photos to attract opposite sex and fish more likes. Kim Joo Hyuk said this is the problem of SNS, because people only want to show one side of them (happy side or good side) on SNS.

MC: Yoo Ah In-ssi, do you agree with his opinion?

Yoo Ah In: It depends on the users. Although it lies in the development of communication technology, SNS will cause the problem if you use it wrong way. If you are not sure on what you do or something, you’d better not say things through SNS.

MC: Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk played as couple in the cable drama (Reply 1988). In Like For Likes, Lee Mi Yeon is Yoo Ah In’s partner and Kim Joo Hyuk is Choi Ji Woo’s. Yoo Ah In-ssi and Choi Ji Woo-ssi, how do you feel about this?

Yoo Ah In: Watching Lee Mi Yeon – Kim Joo Hyuk couple’s acting, my mood just turned bad (laughed)

Choi Ji Woo: Me too

Then Yoo Ah In grabbed Choi Ji Woo’s hand and they stared at each other tenderly. This made Kim Joo Hyuk jealous and grabbed Choi Ji Woo’s hand from Yoo Ah In immediately ๐Ÿ˜€


Journalists’ questions

Q1: To Lee Mi Yeon, this film is an assembly of box office makers. Did you choose to play in this film because of the actors? To Yoo Ah In, you acted with Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair), and now with Lee Mi Yeon. Who do you prefer and how’s the difference between these two senior actresses?

Lee Mi Yeon: More than any other reasons, I think it’s important for me to try acting together with the new group of younger actors. Yoo Ah In was the first actor who was cast for this movie. So when I agreed to play with him, it was part of my curiosity about actor Yoo Ah In. Acting together as this couple is different and new to me.

Yoo Ah In: That’s a difficult question. I and Kim Hae Ae sunbae-nim had a love affair (in Secret Love Affair), so we were in a difficult situation where it was impossible to act lovey dovey. In Like For Likes, Lee Mi Yeon sunbae-nim is like a naรฏve child. We have many scenes where we exchange feelings, expand our affection and good banters. Since we were acting based on the circumstances, I had a good conversation with Lee Mi Yeon. She’s an animated person while I’m a naughty person. Based on the given situation, I can’t say which one is better. Comparing the two is difficult, but I want to say today has always been more important than yesterday (laughed).

Q2. I would like to ask director Park. The movie title was altered from “Happy Facebook” to “Please, Love Me” (literally title). What happened? Is this related to the characters?

Director Park: The original script title was ‘Happy Facebook’. But on the verge of the crank-in, we talked with the legal team and thought that it might result to the subject of a legal dispute, since ‘Facebook’ is an actual company name. Intellectual property is important, so we decided changing the title. It wasn’t easy finding the new one. One day, I was thinking about it while watching some song lyrics, and suddenly a band named Black Skirt came up and sang ‘Please Like Me’. I think it fits well with this film which is all about the confession. Afterall, confession is a hidden meaning of romance. So the title adds the plausible means of confession.

Yoo Ah In: Personally, I think it’s a really beautiful title. Though, in the pursuit of love you can directly ask away by saying ‘I love you’, but ‘Please love me’ is a very good confession. It’s not begging for love, since we know they love us already, but saying to each other ‘I love you, you must love me too’. I think Like For Likes movie beautifully drawn these feelings and is a good representation of our heart. A while ago, we’ve just talked about SNS. It maybe false for uploading only pretty pictures on SNS, but we have an instinct that wants others to like our thing. I think this film reflects this instinct.

Q3. This film consists of six actors who come from various fields; from movies to dramas to stage actor, including a box-office icon. What makes this film different from other star-studded films?

Lee Mi Yeon: Although the film is the collaboration of various artists, this is not a mainstream film. If this were a mainstream film, I would have suggested that we put ‘Yoo Ah In’ for the movie title, because Yoo Ah In is a highly acclaimed actor, so he would give this film a great publicity. (laughed)

Yoo Ah In: Interesting question. But the six of us are just the faces of this film. Not only six people, this is also the collaboration of all the crews who have worked hard for this film, so I don’t think we can pinpoint one person only. If everything goes well, it’s thanks to director Park who put a lot of people together in one place.

MC: Please give your message about this film to the audience.

Yoo Ah In: I had a great time filming this movie. This is my first time taking the romance comedy genre, and it feels just right. It’s a trendy and warm movie. I hope you will feel that way too. Please look forward to seeing it.



After the press conference, Yoo Ah In and all the movie casts guested on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment (Hanbam TV, check the video here). Once again, Yoo Ah In was asked about his character in the movie.

He said, “I play a mega star in this movie. I’ve never gone through such a suffering like this before. It was really hard.”

Choi Ji Woo and Lee Mi Yeon who sat next to him teased, “Come to think of it, there was no need to act. You just had to be yourself.” (lauged)

Yoo Ah In retorted, “What do you mean? I played an unpleasant man who suffers from the celebrity disease.” He emphasized, “I have never caught the celebrity disease even once!” (lauged)

When asked whose couple was the best, Yoo Ah In and Lee Mi Yeon unanimously said “Us!”

Yoo Ah In once again said that he already liked Lee Mi Yeon since debut. “I really really like her,” said Yoo Ah In. “People said that she had a very strong personality. But the more I know her, the more I find her soft tender side which makes me want to hug her.”

Lee Mi Yeon said, “I like Yoo Ah In too. He is very easy to be loved. It just naturally happened.”


Now here are some Yoo Ah In’s adorable photos from Like For Likes Production Conference~^^

Behind the stage of “Like For Likes” Production Conference (CJ Entertainment)


Super adorable and fun Master Sik ๐Ÿ˜€ Check more photos in our Facebook in the album “Like For Likes” Movie 2016.


Source: Donga, Newsen, TV Report, Ten Asia, Chic News, Chosun, Hankooki, Pop Herald, The Fact, Movie Joy, DCYAI, CJ Movie

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