Yoo Ah In’s Romcom Film “Like For Likes” Releases Main Trailer

The main trailer for upcoming romantic comedy film Like For Likes (Like Me) was revealed. The trailer looks funny, refreshing and sunny! Yoo Ah In shows his skill of pulling the comedy act off πŸ˜€ Check the trailer out~

“Like For Likes” 2016 Movie Main Trailer


The romantic comedy is about a group of people who are interconnected through and addicted to their social media accounts, who share their daily lives with one another online and discover love. It’s a warm and cheerful comedy about how love and communication have evolved, and follows three couples who are completely different in every way. The tagline says, β€œI clicked β€˜Like’ without a plan and now I like you for real!”

Each of the character is described with a hashtag in the movie trailer. Lee Mi Yeon is #κΉŒμΉ ν•œμ–Έλ‹ˆ (temperamental unnie), and Yoo Ah In is #μš°μ£ΌλŒ€μŠ€νƒ€ (famous megastar).

Choi Ji Woo is #리얼어리버리 (real clumsy), Kim Joo Hyuk is #μΈ€λ°λ ˆμ˜†μ§‘ν˜• (gold heart hyung next door).

Meanwhile, Kang Haneul is described as #순수폭발λͺ¨μ λ‚¨ (naive bachelor) and Lee Som as #μ†”μ§λ°œλž„ (sunny candid) personality. Basically, they all have their own antics.

Lee Mi Yeon plays a star drama writer with a strong, prickly personality. Yoo Ah In is a global top star (aka himself πŸ˜€ ), and the teaser opens on him wrestling with how embarrassing it is for a Hallyu star to send a civilian a friend request.

Choi Ji Woo plays a flight attendant who’s so hapless that she manages to get herself into a mess with everything in life. Kim Joo Hyuk seems like the perfect fit for her β€” he’s a chef-restaurateur who’s the type to go overboard in helping other people. He’s the guy next door who’s cold on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Kang Haneul plays a genius songwriter who’s never had a girlfriend, and is endlessly innocent and naive. And Esom is a drama PD with a sunny personality and a frank way of speaking, who’s an expert at playing the push-and-pull game.

The movie is directed by Park Hyun Jin, who wrote the drama Color of Woman and wrote and directed Extraordinary Woman and Lovers of 6 Years.

Like For Likes hits theaters on February 18th.

Fighting, Master Sik! πŸ™‚


GIF pictures & screencaps by DC

One Response to “Yoo Ah In’s Romcom Film “Like For Likes” Releases Main Trailer”
  1. Mari says:

    Yeah he looks so funny here, it’s refreshing πŸ‘

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