[PHOTOS/VIDS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor At The 2016 Korean Film Reporters Association Awards

On January 27th at 6pm, the 7th KOFRA Film Awards (also known as Film Critics’ Awards or Film of The Year Awards) were held at the Korea Press Center in Seoul International Conference Hall. Organized by the Korean Film Reporters Association (KOFRA), all films released in 2015 in Korea, including domestic and international titles, are eligible to win. Members of the Korean Film Reporters Association voted to select the winners.

Not a surprise to most cinephiles, The Throne (Sado) took the Best Film Award. Starring as the protagonist in the film, Yoo Ah In received the Best Actor Award for his performance as the Crown Prince Sado in The Throne, expanding his long list of awards which included the Blue Dragon Film Awards and BIFF Asia Star Awards.

Best Director went to Ryu Seung Wan of the crime-flick Veteran, which starred by Yoo Ah In too. In his speech, director Ryu especially mentioned his meeting with Yoo Ah In. “The success of Veteran was only possible because of the Busan International Film Festival. There were some trouble times when I felt tired of making a movie. But I met Yoo Ah In in BIFF. Together with him, Oh Dal Su, Hwang Jung Min and Bae Sung Woo, making the movie became so much fun. Thanks to the overflowing passion of Veteran filming crews and actors, I was able to find the excitement once again.”

Other awarded sections included Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Oh Dal Soo in Veteran and Jeon Hye Jin for her role as the mother of Crown Prince Sado in The Throne.

Actress Jeon Do Yeon who received Best Actress also mentioned Yoo Ah In in her acceptance speech. She came up on stage with tears and said, “I just cried at the backstage. Having my name called next to Yoo Ah In is just too sweet to bear.” Awwn~

Yoo Ah In gave another brilliant award acceptance speech with a sense humor, and this four-minute speech became #1 top trending in Korea again following his last speech at SBS Drama Awards last December.

In his speech, Yoo Ah In expressed his gratitude to director Lee Joon Ik and Ryoo Seung Wan, revealed his thoughts on military service and acting. Check Yoo Ah In’s award acceptance speech videos~



Here are the speech translations, translated by by Admin M – Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Facebook~

“Hello. I would like to say something about my conceptual award speech, which is not just standing like a stone in front of the microphone but conveying feelings. At the last year-end award ceremony (2015 SBS Drama Awards), I heard many people said ‘he is a crazy bastard’, ‘he is drunk’, and things like that. I was just being real, this is my true personality… hahaha!

“Today I’m smiling ear to ear in front of two people. I’m embracing this award thanks to Director Lee Joon Ik. But even though I won this award because of Sado, Veteran has got to be acknowledged too…yeah (tensed up). This is hard! Hahaha…

“…And also to director Ryu Seung Wan. Last year, in this similar spot like this, I was a little busy pretending to look cool, so I didn’t mention names. Director Lee Jun Ik, director Ryu Seung Wan… (straighten up his back) I’m really nervous right now. Both of them created the most precious year to me last year. So now… Don’t laugh…hahaha! To both of them I would like to say thank you very very much.

“I’m turning 30 years old. As we all know, I’m facing a very important thing ahead (referring to military enlistment). I have heard all kinds of stories about it. How should I take the leaving, how will I live my life in the future, what kind of actor should I become, will I be able to continue being an actor and keep going on this path? I’ve been thinking of many sorts of thoughts lately. But if I think of doing other work, it feels so difficult. Ah~ I feel like I’m going to die. Do I sound like Jo Tae Oh (his character in Veteran) again? Hahaha…Whatever I say, I will always be accused of acting as Jo Tae Oh. Regardless, Jo Tae Oh is a great gift for me. Thank you, director Ryu Seung Wan.

“I have some specific thoughts… like what kind of acting to show, what chances will be given to me, what kind of stage my life can be put in. These thoughts just make my heart beat like crazy again, and suddenly my passion occurs. At the same time I just want to get rid of these confused and heavy feelings. Aren’t I talking a bit long? I guess it’s acceptable, this time I’m not being televised (Note: this award ceremony is not broadcast on TV).. hahaha…

“I have spent about a year of time with plenty of applause, celebrations, and congratulations. Now I’m living in the series Six Flying Dragons. Just as I told you, I will be still in a such stage work like movie or drama to keep my heart intact, all the while fully exposing my anxiety which makes my heart pound forever. I will assure you that actor is capable of doing art too. I sound so stupid, don’t I? Hahaha… Well, this is me. Haha.. Thank you.”


This time, netizens reaction are unanimously positive towards his speech. On Naver article “Jo Tae Oh again? True impression of Yoo Ah In’s acceptance speech”, netizens commented:

[+2568, -109] Yoo Ah In is cool..

[+2400, -147] The original tone of nervous Yoo Ah In. He doesn’t sound like Jo Tae Oh ㅠㅠ  He is not acting ㅜㅜ

[+1974, -104] He is just being an actor himself

[+1852, -91] It’s cool. I can feel his sincerity. Wishing him more success

[+1712, -92] His trembling feel just makes him look even cooler


Under “People call me crazy…This is just my real character” article on Nate, netizens commented:

[+1144, -82] Now that I think about it, I realized it was a smart and honest speech. It was different because he is a unique person. Let’s make Yoo Ah In a trending again

[761, -52] Now we are convinced you show your true personality~~!!!

[+759, -63] Every time he gave his acceptance speeches, it always felt like watching movies.. He’ll be the more promising actor in the future❤ Looking forward to seeing him in another work


The 2016 KOFRA Winners list:

Best Film: The Throne (Director Lee Jun Ik, Tiger Film Production)
Best Director: Ryu Seung Wan (Veteran)
Best Actor: Yoo Ah In (The Throne)
Best Actress: Jeon Do Yeon (The Shameless)
Best Supporting Actor: Oh Dal Su (Veteran)
Best Supporting Actress: Jeon Hye Jin (The Throne)
Best New Actor: Byun Yo Han (Socialphobia)
Best New Actress: Park Sodam (Black Priests)
Best Independent Film: Alice in Earnestland
Best Foreign Film: Mad Max Fury Road
Discovery Award: Bae Sung Woo (The Office)
Movie Person of The Year Award: Busan International Film Festival Executive Director Lee Yong Gwan
Film Journalist Award: Sports DongaA Reporter Lee Hae Ri
Publicist Award: Showbox PR Manager Choi Geun Ha


Here are some Yoo Ah In photos from the KOFRA Awards ceremony~


Yay! Congratulations, Master Sik! Mooore to come! 😀

Check more photos in our Facebook in  the album “Yoo Ah In – The 2016 KOFRA Awards” 


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Photos: Naver, noir_de_noir

5 Responses to “[PHOTOS/VIDS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor At The 2016 Korean Film Reporters Association Awards”
  1. Mari says:

    Another brilliant speech and the first great achievement in 2016. Congrats Sik!

  2. primie94 says:

    😊👍”i was just being real, this is my true personality” yeah! It’s TheBestVersionOfYou “MasterSIK” …dare to be bold, unique and dream in colour….. 😘
    nice posted; Thanks Furbabe😇

  3. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    I’ve read this article carefully and found it very interesting. I myself have noticed how he laughs whenever he starts giving a speech or talk. By reading this article I learn more about his nature as well. Also notice that how eager he has been or excited for the military service so, I fully understand of the unfortunate incident he has run through. Actually, nobody wants to hear medical unfit for military service and I strongly believe Hong will never sway away. I could feel it through his sentences in this article. He’s really admirable, I mean it.

    Let me tweet your beautiful article YAISikSeekers. Thank you.

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