Yoo Ah In Sends Lunar New Year Gifts For “Six Flying Dragons” Team + Ratings Go Strong

Yoo Ah In sent a large Lunar New Year gift for the “Six Flying Dragons” team.

Yoo Ah In was one of the most busiest, and successful actors of 2015. He’s continuing that success into 2016. Currently, he is known for enthusiastically acting as the romantic Lee Bang Won in the SBS’s Six Flying Dragons, which is first place in ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas.


The Lunar New Year’s banner from Yoo Ah In himself


On the Lunar New Year this Monday, Yoo Ah In gifted bedding sets from the brand SESA Living, and sneakers from Reebok to each of the staff members. He is currently the endorsement model for both brands. (Err…Sesa Living bedding? I bet the female staffs are pampered by their fantasy by now 😀 Teehee!)

Yoo Ah In prepared these gifts for the staff who, for over eight months, have traveled to every nook and cranny of the country in order to film. Yoo Ah In personally paid for all these gifts with his own money, making it even more heartwarming.

This is not the first time Yoo Ah In has shown his love for the staff. Right before the winter chill hit, Yoo Ah In warmed the hearts of everyone on set when he presented the whole staff of Six Flying Dragons with staff uniforms from the clothing brand Jeep Brand, which he is also the endorsement model for. The staff, thankful for the tokens of Yoo Ah In’s special love, continue to film with newfound strength and energy.

Something to be grateful for by all the actors and crews in this Lunar New Year is the drama gets better and better in both story and viewerships. “Six Flying Dragons” recently recorded its highest viewer ratings, a testament to its popularity. Episode 35 and 36 especially scored its highest ratings so far.

Ep 35   Nationwide 16.3% (+1.2)   Seoul 18.5% (+1.2)   Highest rated moment 21.2%
Ep 36   Nationwide 16.8% (+0.5)   Seoul 19.3% (+0.8)   Highest rated moment 22.2%

Both episodes also swept the top trending topics in Korea (Naver, Nate, Daum) for 3 days in a row after the broadcast.

(Six Flying Dragons episode 36, the characters and the “Dansimga-Hayeoga” poems swept the trending chart from rank #1 to #8)


In the Monthly Gallup poll (Jan, 2016), Six Flying Dragons ranked #3 Koreans’ most favorite TV programs (January, 2016) after Infinite Challenge and Reply 1988.

The Lunar New Year holidays did affect the ratings this Monday, but Yoo Ah In and “Six Flying Dragons” were still on the top of trending topics all day long.

Do remember that despite the ratings fluctuate, it does not change our love about the drama. The only thing that would impact us would be if the plot went south! That’s a big no-no.

I said I was waiting for his stormy comeback as the “Killer Bang Won” with a “big bang” in my last post about the drama, and I also made a bet on Yoo Ah In that he would steal the thunder once Lee Bang Won aka “Kill Bang Won” was taken to the center stage. He did not disappoint me.


Yoo Ah In came back with the thunder (and the sexy top knot), and proved that he could carry the show with a very strong presence. These last six episodes have been so epic and Yoo Ah In showed his acting prowess once again. Praises came from right and left for his interpretation to the complex and layered Lee Bang Won.

Yoo Ah In showed his love towards his drama and character as well through his instagram photos~

with Yoon Kyun Sang and Byun Yo Han

he said, “I will survive!”



BTS pictures~

with teen actor Park Si Jin (Lee Bang Beon)

drama meta: with the future/older Lee Bang Won/King Taejong (actor Kim Yung Chul) from MBC drama “Jang Young Shil” at the same filming location

with Shin Se Kyung at the Goryeo “winter sonata” BTS

Some pretty GIFs~


Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Master Sik, fighting!! 😀

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Source: soompi, naver, DC, SBS, Yoo Ah In’s Instagram

5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Sends Lunar New Year Gifts For “Six Flying Dragons” Team + Ratings Go Strong”
  1. Manguyen says:

    No one. Really NO ONE (in my opinion) can beat the Master to be the most handsome attractive charming King/Prince for historical drama as YAI. I fell in love with Master Sik first time I watched him. So good acting. So handsome. So attractive. So charming. So hot! Irreplaceable in my world/dream. 😘💕
    Happy Lunar New Year!
    Thank you for posting!

  2. Miko says:

    Thank you so much good photos , caps and New information♡ 

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