[PROJECT REPORT] SikSeekers’ Snack Truck Project – Supporting Yoo Ah In & “Six Flying Dragons” Crew

Hello Sikseekers!

As you already knew, Yoo Ah In International Fans (us aka Sikseekers!) planned to hold a project to support Yoo Ah In and Six Flying Dragons drama crew (read here) with Japan fans (J AHIN Friends YOOAHIN君を応援している日本のファン一同) and Korean fans (Ainzone 아인존 Daum Cafe).

I’m happy to report that our project has taken place on January 19th 2016, and been done with big success! Further more, our initial plan was to send only the coffee truck to the filming location in Mungyeong (2 hour-ride from Seoul). However, we managed to send not only coffee truck but also a snack truck for all the crews too!

Before going to the full report, I’d like to share a bit story of the process in designing our poject banner and logo for the snack truck, coffee truck and the goodies tags.

I think it was a nice coincidence that my last year’s trip to Tokyo, Japan, was happened to be in late November. There I met with blue earth★, who was in charge to conduct the project in Korea. At that time, she was in the process of making the banner and choosing the presents for the drama staff.

Besides exchanging communication and up-to-date progress information directly between our fandom’s reps (Sikseekers, Japan fans, and Aizone’s reps) about this support project, I and blue earth★ had some discussion about the banner design too. We began designing the banner by the end of November to early December. Here’s the banner~



The final design was slightly altered on the message~

The cheering message on the banner says, “Fans around the world are wishing you a warm feels on body and mind from our coffee and snack!”

blue earth★ designed the goodie tags by printing the support message and Yoo Ah In International Fans Community (aka Sikseekers)’s logo on each tag. In case you don’t know, Sikseekers’ logo is called an “eye” logo~


She also put the same design on the blanket gifts for the crews along with Japan fansclub’s name. Here’s the final tag design~


blue earth★ told me that each fan was supposed to create their own/personal designed cheering message to Yoo Ah In. The message cards would be given to him directly as part of our presents at the filming location. However, since the deadline was too short (and uncertain, since it depended on Ah In’s schedule) and we belatedly knew about this cheering message plan, it was impossible to collect the personal designed message from all Sikseekers in short time. So, we only created one cheering message for all of us, as seen in the banner above.

I told blue earth★ that I wished Yoo Ah In would sign our banner and replied our cheering message. On behalf of all Sikseekers, I would like to thank blue earth★ for making this as her special mission and for her big effort to obtain Yoo Ah In’s signature, written message and photos altogether!

Above of all, we are so grateful that the ultimate mission, that is to show our warm support to Yoo Ah In and Six Flying Dragons Drama’s crews, were well done. It’s all thanks to all international fans, Jaemin-nim from Korea, our website master Mathed-nim, Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Facebook, Sikseekers keypersons (Mdkaolad, Sweetgodzilla, Primie, Gaby, Yoo Ah In My Heart Thailand Facebook, Mochimochilla, Bluesherbet), Japan fans and Korean fans who have given us a lot of support too! Thank you so much, guys!

And now, here are full report on Yoo Ah In International Fans (Sikseekers, J-AHIN Fans, Ainzone) Project to Support Six Flying Dragons Drama by blue earth★.


The Report of ‘Six Flying Dragons’ Support Project by blue earth★

Hello, how have you been, Sikseekers? Here is the report of the support project prepared by three teams as follows held on January 19, 2016:

◆J AHIN friends (YOOAHIN君を応援している日本のファン一同)
◆Yoo Ah In International Fans Community (Sikseekers)
◆daum cafe 아인존

We supplied coffee, doughnut (churros) and tteokbokki trucks and some gifts. I’m pleased if you enjoy reading.

Tue Jan 19 at 7a.m.


We started our first mission to get the boxes filled with a hundred of blanket from my friend’s house. There were three huge boxes in front of her apartment house door. The problem was how to carry them that the trunk of a taxi was not enough to keep. After all we carried them to our hotel by two taxis.


I opened the sample of the blanket. It looked warm♪


We were afraid of carrying all luggage to Mungyoung by bus, therefore we reserved a delivery van. The general manager of the hotel was kind enough to search the suitable taxi showing the price. The hotel men and the driver helped to carry a lot of luggage including the gifts. Many thanks, guys! We were ready to leave for Mungyoung at around 2p.m.


The second mission to buy some sweet gift was over. We were ready to go!


After two-hour ride, we arrived at the hotel in Mungyoung. The hotel men were surprised at the huge amount of luggage. Soon after we said, ‘Thank you’ to the driver, we began to prepare for the gift wrapping for six actors and the director, hanging the tags from the bag of blanket and buying some free snack at a convenience store.


These were the gifts for Sik♪

These were the free snacks placed in front of the coffee truck♪


At 20:30 p.m we’ve got the mail from the owner of the coffee truck. He was already at the parking lot at the bottom of the shooting place. But the direction by the shooting staff was changed; the tteokbokki truck was asked to stay near the historical-house area, while the coffee and doughnut trucks were indicated to stay at the upper place among the forest. We couldn’t understand it in detail, but anyway the third mission was to carry the luggage. Our hotel was located on a hill. We tried to carry it by cart down to the parking lot, but it was impossible to carry it up to another hill. Suddenly the coffee truck owner appeared in the darkness like a rescuer who helped to carry it by car. Thank you, coffee truck owner!


At 10p.m. the tteokbokki truck got ready to cook some hot foods.


It was so cold that we felt -23 °C on a windy and a little snowy day. Under the clear sky, a beautiful moon and stars, we were nearly frozen^^; Some staff asked if we stayed in the car, and the coffee truck owner waited for actors with us outside. LOL~ Many thanks!

At 11p.m. some actors and staff began to gather in front of the truck to eat at intervals of shooting. The first was Mr Pak Hae Soo (he plays Lee Ji Ran in Six Flying Dragons) who dropped in to eat and said, ‘Thank you’ in Japanese very cheerfully and politely, like the real Lee Jiran. The next was Moohyul (Yoon Kyun Sang) who was tall and handsome as you know and he also said thank you with a very cute smile. At midnight the actors and the staff flocking around the truck seemed to enjoy the hot food.


We decided to deliver the blankets packed in a paper bag here. A lot of people came to get them which was like a bargain sale. The blankets were “sold out” in a short while^^; I’m sorry but the number of blanket was not enough a little…


We were very busy in packing behind the snack truck, so none of us realized that YOO AH IN and his manager came close to us!!! Under the moonlight the breathtakingly brilliant Lee Bang Won appeared suddenly. He said, ‘Thank you. We enjoyed the hot meal’ with a big smile.

There was the last and biggest mission left to ask him the signature on the banner. To my request, he pleasantly wrote some message with bare hands being numb with cold~


The message was as follows:
「해외 팬 여러분 늘 응원 해주셔서 감사합니다! Happy new year~!」
「Overseas fans, thanks always for your support! Happy new year~!」


(These photos are allowed on this website only. Don’t re-upload/reprint to other sites)


After the signature, he left for another shooting. He was very gentle and looked mature.^^

At 1a.m. tteokbokki car was finished to serve. The coffee and doughnut trucks moved up to the forest site instead. They were going to be open at 2:30 a.m. with our free snack. The action staff working in the forest site didn’t get any hot meals but the snacks. After the shooting, the actors and staff got some coffee and doughnuts on the way home.


Our banner, snack truck and coffee truck~

In spite of many happenings, we managed to arrive at our hotel at 4a.m. The seven-hour support completed finally for the sake of kindness by drama staff who gave us hotpacks, cans of drink, and picked us by car.

At 5a.m. the coffee truck owner returned the banner.

We hope all people at this shooting place enjoyed the meal and gifts. This project could be completed by the supporting members in Korea and other oversea countries. In addition, let me express the gratitude to all of the international fans who helped us making this project happened.

Copyright to blue earth★


※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

11 Responses to “[PROJECT REPORT] SikSeekers’ Snack Truck Project – Supporting Yoo Ah In & “Six Flying Dragons” Crew”
  1. Mari says:

    Wow daebak! Thank you for sharing! Would love to see him personally too!

  2. yosics says:

    So touching :’) everyone’s hard work is paid in the end. Keep fighting! Looking forward for next project!! 😀

  3. Shaista says:

    You all have been doing a very arduous work in the cold harsh winter up on the mountain! Kudos to you all. Yoo Ah In has great fans!

  4. Oh!! I’m so excited reading this post.. Thank you so much for sharing. I can feel how tired and full of effort for Blueearth and friends to make our project comes true.. Thank you very much friends *bow* I bet meeting Yoo Ah In himself erased all your fatigue. 😀

  5. 陈临风 says:

    Hi,we’re deeply moved by your support project story, and want to share it on microblog here, can we quote this article and translate? …… A Chinese fan.

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