[FAN STORY] Sikseekers’ Snack Truck Support For Yoo Ah In & Six Flying Dragons Crew

As you know, we have just held our support project for Yoo Ah In and Six Flying Dragons crew last January 19th (report is HERE). One of our friends, Yasuyo, shared her experience when she joined the project and delivered the snack trucks with the others to Yoo Ah In at Six Flying Dragons filming location. She sent her experience in to be shared with us all Sikseekers. Thank you, Yasuyo ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s check her story out~^^


Yasuyo’s report on Sikseekers Snack Truck Project For Yoo Ah In & Six Flying Dragons, 19th-20th January 2016

When blue earthโ˜… asked Setsu and me whether we could go to Korea to help her, after we watched ‘Veteran’ in Shinjuku on 17 December 2015, we said, ‘Of course, if possible’.

While the support project schedule was postponed to January 2016 (note: initially it was supposed to be on Dec 2015), I began to buy some things to protect against the cold on sale: UNICLO thermal shirt, tights, gloves, pants, ear cover and knitted cap which worked very well. Without these goods, I couldn’t have survived!

On Jan 16, blue earthโ˜… got the e-mail from Yoo Ah In’s manager who asked the snack project to be held on Jan 19. Right after I answered, ‘Yes, I will come with you too’, I told my Mon-to-Thu students that the lessons are cancelled.

Do you know the weather in Tokyo on the day we left for Korea (Jan 18)? It was unbelievably snowy with 6cm deep in the morning. Tokyo area is not a snowy country, so transportation is easily damaged. Can you guess how relieved we were when the plane took off smoothly without delay at 20:05 at Haneda?

On Jan 19 at 7AM, we started our first mission to get the huge boxes filled with a hundred of blankets from blue earthโ˜…’s friend house in Seoul, Korea. There were three huge boxes in front of her apartment house door. She had kept them for more than one month on the corridor. The difficult problem was how to carry them that the trunk of a taxi was not enough to keep. Two taxis carried them to our hotel.


We reserved a jumbo taxi to come at 2PM. Meanwhile, we walked around Lotte Mart to get something tasty for the six dragons and the director. That was the second mission. There were so many delicious foods that we couldn’t decide what to buy. After a long discussion, we bought a bag of sea-weed crispy snack, dried chestnut and a box of cookies in Lotte Mart, and a box of green tea cake bought at Haneda airport for each dragon and director.

Finally we were ready to leave for Mungyoung. A roll of kimbab in the taxi was our first meal. It was the coldest day in Korea as you know by Ah In’s instragram which he posted his photo with caption, ‘I will survive’. Of course we wished he could survived till we arrived at night ๐Ÿ˜€

At 4PM the two-hour ride was finished, we arrived at Mungyoung. The hotel men and the taxi driver helped to bring a lot of luggage from the taxi to the hotel lobby. The warm room controlled by Ondol (Korean heater) made us feel comfortable. But we didn’t have time to relax, because we had a lot of things to do.

While blue earthโ˜… and Setsu went out to buy some more snacks to be placed in front of the coffee truck at Seven-eleven, I cut and hung our tags created from a hundred paper bags tied with wire. During the work, the episodes 31 and 32 of Six Flying Dragons on air were encouraging me^^



blue earthโ˜… and Setsu returned with a lot of snacks and a box of ‘The Whole Root of Ginseng’ Power Energy drink only for Ah In.

After the cup-noodle supper, we started to carry the luggage to the middle of Mungyoung mountain. Can you see the map of this area?




The first open-air space is located after 15-minute walk away from the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain. Our hotel was placed on another hill. We tried to carry the luggage by cart down to the parking lot, but it was impossible to carry it up to the place directed by Ah In’s manager.

Suddenly, the president of coffee truck and the driver of the Churros (fried doughnut) appeared in the darkness like a rescuer who helped to carry them by car! Another driver didn’t forget to take us too. The historical houses with snow along with a frozen river looked like a beautiful illusion.




Though one handsome staff guided us around the shooting place in the village, it was terribly cold at around 10PM at -10โ„ƒ. We gave up watching them, instead, we stuck packs of Hokaron (self-warming pads) as many as possible in our clothes. We were ready to start packing one hundred blankets with nice logo into each paper bag.




At intervals of shooting, some actors and staff began to gather in front of tteokkpokki truck to eat Oden, tteokpokki, and steamed Gyoja (dumpling) at 20:30. Mr Pak Hae Soo (Lee Ji Ran) dropped in to eat and thanked to us very cheerfully like a real Lee Jiran. Next one was Yoon Kyun Sang (Moo Hyul). He also said, ‘thank you’, and we gave him a special gift bag which we prepared only for the six dragons.

We were very busy in packing, and a lot of people came to get the blanket so none of us realized that Yoo Ah In and his manager came close to us. It was a big surprise, but blue earthโ˜… managed to show Yoo Ah In the blanket and explained the logo which represents the union of Sikseekers and Japanese fans.

Then, Setsu showed the box of Ginseng drink and told Ah in that it was called ‘Ninjin’ (Japanese carrot). During our talks, Ah In listened carefully like a child in front of his mother and responded, ‘Oh, Ninjin?!’ ^^




I’m sorry, but it was so sudden and he was so cute that I was so stunned and forgot taking picture. He looked at me standing behind them, but I couldn’t say any words and couldn’t even move at all without smiling. When blue earthโ˜… asked him for the signature on our banner, he pleasantly wrote some messages with bare hands being numb with cold. As you know the message was about his thanks to the international fans support and ‘Happy New Year’ greeting.


(These photos are allowed on this website only. Donโ€™t re-upload/reprint to other sites)


After having a chat for a little while with Yoon Kyun Sang while eating a bowl of Oden soup, Ah In smoked and then left for another filming. He looked so beautiful and mysterious under the moon light! I could only watched the fabulous figure without breathing. He was really brilliant under the moon light.

As it was horribly cold at midnight, his manager kindly gave us Hokaron. Some coffee and doughnuts were served at the next shooting place located among the forest in the middle of the mountain. We wanted to follow the crew, but there was no car to take us up there, so we waited for 30 minutes. Finally a young cute female staff recognized us and took us to the area.

At around 2AM some people finished shooting. With a cup of coffee and some donuts they went home. We didn’t have time to say goodbye to Ah In, but maybe his shooting continued till 2:30AM.

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Yasuyo says:

    Thanks for the support donated by fans over the countries, this project was completed. I would like to convey our gratitude to all of you!!! Good luck to the actors, the director and staff working under the severe coldness!

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