[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Supports Feminism in “Like For Likes” Press Premiere

Important notice: Like For Likes rescheduled the première date from February 18 to February 17. The VIP Premiere will take place this evening, Feb 15.


Like For Likes 3rd main poster

Like For Likes image & BTS stills

Like For Likes Main Trailer (English subs) For North America Release, Feb.26

Like For Likes BTS interview

KBS I Love Movie: Like For Likes Spoilers

MBC Video Travel: Like For Likes Spoilers



The Press Premiere for upcoming movie Like for Likes (literally “Please, Like Me”) was held at CGV Wangsimni in Seoul on February 3rd. Yoo Ah In, Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ju Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Esom and director Park Hyun Jin were among those present. This time Yoo Ah In dressed in Gucci, still let his bangs down, which made his face getting younger and younger~^^

In the movie, Yoo Ah In will play a famous Korean celebrity, Lee Mi Yeon plays a famous writer, while Choi Ji Woo will act as an unmarried flight attendant. Kim Ju Hyuk will star as a nosy chef, and Kang Ha Neul will portray a genius songwriter. Last but not least, Esom will act as a drama PD. The movie will open in theaters on February 17.


Some (out of hundreds!) videos from Like For Likes Press Premiere & BTS Interviews



Here are the translations from the Press Premiere Q&A session. Translations by Admin007 & Admin M YAI International Fans Community [Note: we only translated parts related to Yoo Ah In]

Like For Likes Press Premiere
Date: Wed, February 3rd, 2016 16:20
Location: CGV 8 Wangsimni

– Q&A

Q1. Out of many choices of movie offers, how did you come up with the decision to take on Noh Jin Woo role?

Yoo Ah In: I was looking for a change and a down-to-earth role. ‘Does this make any sense?’, I asked myself about Jin Woo, an unpleasant but also a naïve character. Although he is a top star, he’s the kind of person who couldn’t care less about the others’ opinion and writes on SNS fervently in the spur of the moment or when he is drunk. Since it’s something I can relate, I decided to take on this role. Someone who values the sensibility, would say ‘oh fool, why do you choose this loser?’ But when I saw this person, I thought “his advertising deal of a few hundred billion-worth might fly out of the window, but he is a man with courage, a brave person”.

Q2: The three couples are having a realistic fantasy story. I wonder how you convey the emotion to the viewers.

Yoo Ah In: While filming the movie and acting, sometimes I was wondering if I reflected much of my own emotions personally to Lee Mi Yeon sunbaenim even though I purposely left my own romantic feelings out, because when I was younger and had nothing I already longed to act alongside Lee Mi Yeon. Behind her prickly attitude, there’s a femininity in her only Jin Woo knows. So, considering her strong personality, I tried breaking the ice, easing the filming, being playful and joking around her, and actively reflecting these all in my acting.

Q3. You have appeared in many great works, such as the blockbuster Veteran. What is the reason that you chose this film?

Yoo Ah In: It’s all about my biggest thirst for novelty. I simply wanted a new character, a new genre, a new work environment, and I’m craving for a new atmosphere. I played a very powerful and mighty figures in Veteran and The Throne (Sado), so I wanted the next work to be lighter and have a younger vibe. I was eager to work together especially with these fellow actors. As you can see, I just did my first romcom ten years after my début. I was wondering how would I present a little romance, how would I be like in a comfortable and youthful appearance. In addition, I had been interested in working with Director Park Hyun Jin and these senior actors.

Q4. I would like to ask director Park Hyun Jin. In this film, Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo and Esom are depicted as the true independent women. In most films, the successful female characters were just taken at face value. I wonder if you purposely put the feminist elements in this movie.

Director Park: One of the most nerve-wrecking parts in writing the script was these independent female characters. Usually, in most romantic films, nice female characters are highlighted to win men’s love. In addition, it was quite hard to combine the three couples with different characters despite them being independent and financially success. I considered such factors in my film, because most of the time women suffered from sexism.

Yoo Ah In: I’ve already seen it when director handed this part in our rehearsal. The stereotypical perception of women is deeply rooted in Korea. Noh Jin Woo exactly pointed out the double standard and discrimination between men and women in the dinner conversation scene. When a man articulates his opinion, he is considered as having self confidence and cool, but when a woman does the same she is called a very opinionated. This part went straight to my heart. I want to tell director nim, this is so nice.

Director Park: While filming this scene, Yoo Ah In said, “What a very feminist remarks! I like it!” As he noticed my intention, he injected a good mood to the filming. In addition, he did an ad-lib in the scene of the landlord aunty, by replacing the word “old maid” to “single lady”. We see that in our daily life many people use such ignorant expression to generalize forty-something single men or women. I wanted to create the characters who had respect for the others regardless age or status, and had unconventional-far from stereotyped love.

-Last Words

Yoo Ah In: Thanks to many of you who are attending today. “Like For Likes” (Please, Like Me) is a film which expresses positive love in a contemporary piece with different interpretation. Please, like the film. Thank you.

After the press première, the actors and director went to the “Like For Likes” Naver Movie Live Talk at 9 p.m at Naver Main Office building. Report coming soon!


Now here are some Yoo Ah In photos from Like For Likes Press Premiere, February 3rd~


Hanging out after the press premiere~

Fighting, Yoo Ah In! 😀


Check more Yoo Ah In photos  from this event in our Facebook Album


Source: Starnews, cinemaplus

Photos: DC (Noir_de_noir, kongyeosa), instagram, CJENM, Naver

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