[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Goes Retro in Like For Likes VIP Movie Premiere 2016.02.15

Like For Likes held the VIP Movie Premiere at CGV Yeongdongpo, February 15th. Yoo Ah In, Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Kang Haneul, Esom and Director Park Hyun Jin attended the event.

The red carpet was graced by celebrities, such as Cha Tae Hyun, rapper Defconn, 2PM Taecyon, Ha Suk Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Soo Hyuk, Park Eun Bin, Jung Yumi, and more.

Yoo Ah In was wearing Gucci and sporting… a pair of 8-cm high heels!

Seems his stylish wanted to challenge Yoo Ah In, and he went along with it to win the bet ๐Ÿ˜€

Yoo Ah In poked his stylist by reposting her work on him, and added these captions on his instagram~

(captions: emoticon, cosplay challenge, 8cm, wrecked, went along with it, please like me)


Well, this is still better than that of “valet parking boy” outfit he wore at the Veteran VIP Premiere last year :p Let’s check the videos out~


Like For Likes VIP Movie Premiere 160203

[FANCAM/HQ] Yoo Ah In – Like For Likes VIP Movie Premiere

[FANCAM/HQ] Yoo Ah In – Like For Likes VIP Movie Premiere Stage Greeting

And here are some Yoo Ah In photos from the Like For Likes VIP Premiere~


Posing with his colleagues and a journalist at the after-party~

Famous movie producer Won Dong Yeon posted his photo with Yoo Ah In at the VIP premiรจre and praised the film~

The sweet romance comedy, Like for Likes depicts the love story though SNS of the three couples: a successful writer Jo Kyeong Ah (Lee Mi Yeon) and actor No Jin Woo (Yoo Ah In); a spinster working as a flight attendant, Ham Joo Ran (Choi Ji Woo) and an old bachelor, who is her tenant, Jeong Seong Chan (Kim Joo Hyuk); playgirl Jang Na Yeon (Esom), a producer working for a broadcasting company, and a music composer, Lee Soo Ho (Kang Ha Neul), who has just begin dating someone for the first time.

Like For Likes has been sold to North America and will premiรจre on February 26. The movie has released in Korea February 17 and gained positive reviews. It is rank 3 at the Top Box Office as well. I liikee!

Check more photos from this event in our Facebook in Like For Likes Movie 2016 Album


Photos: DC, instagram, CJ Movie

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  1. Laura says:

    LOL @ 8 cm high heels…

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