Yoo Ah In Ranks First Actor in Forbes Korea Top 40 Power Celebrities 2016



Forbes Korea releases their list of the “Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2016”. The list is curated in consideration of sales, frequency of media exposure, broadcasting activities, professionalism, and evaluation of expertise.

Yoo Ah In spots second place after mega idol boy group EXO, and first place of all the Korean actors. Forbes noted that Yoo Ah In has mobilized over 19 million viewers to the cinemas through the movies ‘Veteran’ and ‘Sado’ (The Throne) in 2015, followed by the hit series Six Flying Dragons this year. In addition, Yoo Ah In was awarded a whopping 12 awards in both movies and dramas during last October 2015 to January 2016.

Yoo Ah In also appears in multiple ads and CFs with 11 commercials filmed last year and early this year. He is the spokesperson for coffee (McCafe), fashions/lifestyle (Giordano, Reebok, JEEP Brand, Burberry Prorsum, Tom Greyhound, mise-en-scene), telecommunications (iPhone 6s, LG), electronics (Philips Shaver) and interiors (Sesa Living) ahead of his military service duty.

Yoo Ah In was reported as making the most money with mind blowing earning figures in 2015 as well.

Here is the complete list of Forbes Korea Top 40 Power Celebrities 2016~

1. EXO (singer)
2. Yoo Ah In (actor)
3. Hyeri (singer)
4. Girls’ Generation (singer)
5. Kim Soo Hyun (actor)
6. BIGBANG (singer)
7. Park In Bee (Inbee Park) (athlete)
8. Jun Ji Hyun (actor)
9.IU (singer)
10. Kang Jung Ho (athlete)
11. Cha Seung Won (actor)
12. SHINee (singer)
13. Kim Yuna (athlete)
14. Hwang Jung Min (actor)
15. Yoo Jae Suk (MC)
16. Son Heung Min (athlete)
17. Choo Shin Soo (athlete)
18. Ryu Hyun Jin (athlete)
19. Son Yeon Jae (athlete)
20. AOA (singer)
21. Baek Jong Won (cuisine researcher)
22. Yoo Hae Jin (actor)
23. Ha Jung Woo (actor)
24. Lee Jung Jae (actor)
25. Kim Gura (MC)
26. Girl’s Day (singer)
27. Shin Dong Yup (MC)
28. SISTAR (singer)
29. Ki Sung Yueng (athlete)
30. Lee Kwang Soo (actor)
31. Lee Min Ho (actor)
32. Taeyeon (singer)
33. eolhyun (singer)
34. Zico (singer)
35. Zion.T (singer)
36. Jun Hyun Moo (MC)
37. Hani (singer)
38. Oh Dal Soo (actor)
39. Suzy (singer)
40. Lee Byung Hun (actor)

The interview with Yoo Ah In and the profiles of the top 40 will be available in the March issue of Forbes Korea.

Way to go, boy! Congrats, Master Sik! πŸ˜€


Source: Naver

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Ranks First Actor in Forbes Korea Top 40 Power Celebrities 2016”
  1. Mari says:

    Whoa! Daebaak!!! He beat his senior Hwang Jung Min too ^^ (and those 2 Hallyu Stars lol) πŸ˜†

  2. Laura says:

    Weeeh! Congratss!

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