Yoo Ah In is The New Character For Knights Of Night (KON) Role-Playing Video Games


Yoo Ah In is chosen as the Knights Of Night (KON) Mobile Games’ roleplay celebrity, aka spoke-person slash model slash character in this online games.

Spring has arrived. For the mobile gaming market, more and more developers brought out their projects in the beginning of 2016. As one of biggest producers of games, South Korea wouldn’t certainly miss the golden time, including the Korea’s biggest online games company Netmarble Games Inc.

In the official statement on March 8th, Netmarble Games Inc. announced that they have picked Yoo Ah In as their new model as well as roleplay celebrity for the Role-playing Games KON (Knights Of Night). KON is one of the blockbuster RPG mobile games in Korea. “We chose Yoo Ah In as our new model, because at the moment he is the most popular actor in Korea and he has created Ainshidae through his great acting works,” officials said.

In South Korea, video games are considered to be a major social activity, with most of the games being cooperative or competitive. South Korea is a country of 50.22 million people (last count was in 2013) and, according to OneSkyApp, it has a smartphone penetration of 73%– meaning just slightly over 40 million people have a smartphone in the country. Out of that number, two thirds (66%) play mobile games, so that makes approximately 26 million players.

Locally developed Role-playing games, MMORPG and Mobile games have proven to be very popular in the country. Professional competition surrounding video games (especially those involving real-time strategy games) also enjoy a substantial following in South Korea—major tournaments are often broadcast on television, and have large prizes available. (see more on wiki)

In case you don’t know, RPG is a combination of Real People Fiction and role-playing games, where the players act as celebrities, in more or less realistic situations. Fans who roleplay (RP) take the parts of the characters within a game, reacting as the character would to new situations and conversations. In short, you can be Yoo Ah In in KON Games!

Yoo Ah In will be the main character in this stylish dual-action system that develops the fighting games between characters, with colorful visuals and stylish action that shines through a video game. Yoo Ah In says on the interview video, “This is a fresh new games with sophisticated action and visuals. Please, look forward to it this March.”


Yoo Ah In – KON Interview & Preview

what a hottie warrior!


The TV CF and other promotional activities with Yoo Ah In will begin soon in March. Advance booking starts on March 11th, and the premium trial is from 11 to 13 March for the pre-registrants.

KON will be available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store by the end of this March. More information about the game can be found on the brand page (http://kon.netmarble.com) and the official café (http://cafe.naver.com/knightsofnight)

The KON global launch will take place in the first half of this year. Weeeh! Can’t wait! 😀


Source: anews, fomos, asiae

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