[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Chats With Fans on V App Live Fanmeeting 2016.02.26

Since Yoo Ah In has been helluva busy with the filming of “Six Flying Dragons”, he couldn’t attend the “Like For Likes” movie promotions, such as the stage greetings, with the other casts.

To make up his absence in the events, Yoo Ah In and Naver V Live TV (known as V app), worked together to hold an “intimate” fanmeeting and “Like For Likes” film screening which was broadcast live from Apgujeong CGV.

Naver V live TV, styled simply as V, is a popular new app among K-pop fans for watching live video-blogs from their favorite K-pop artists and idols. If you’re ever used Twitter’s live-vlog app Periscope, then the idea and the interface will already be familiar to you. They broadcast from backstage or dressing rooms or just having random fun, you get an alert on your phone, and you and the other fans open up, watch the video live, and can type public questions in addition to sending them “hearts” [in the message box]. It does bring a degree of intimacy and the “live” nature of the broadcast is fun, but once the broadcast is done, it’s saved and you can rewatch at any time. (source: Sam Nordberg)

Yoo Ah In paid all the expenses, which means fans could attend the fanmeet and movie screening for FREE! Whoa superb!

But since there were too many fans eager to attend the event right on the spot, Yoo Ah In, through his Korean official fansclub Ainese, selected just around 400 fans to get the fanmeet/film screening tickets, while the rest of the world could still watch him in the event via V app. Super cool!

Fans were already so excited before the live show began. We created a cheering project containing a sentence: “Hongsik, we love you, we are so proud of you, you’re awesome!”. Fans inside the CGV would wave this cheering banner, while those watching through V app type that line in the message box altogether at a predetermined time (we did it at 10:04 to 10:06 pm).

10 minutes before the live show began, fans already flooded the message box with comments and messages. Naver V app stated that Yoo Ah In’s V app Live event recorded the highest number of comments of all the V app Live Talk events, with over 800 comments in 40 minutes! Awesome.

Yoo Ah In looked super happy. He was funny, adorable, and replied the questions with so much thoughts. He was very articulate and he elaborated his answers, which just goes to show that he’s a smartass. It’s also fun watching him getting goosebumps after reading fans’ cheering messages πŸ˜€

Here’s Yoo Ah In V app Live link

And this is the youtube video~

Yoo Ah In – V app Live Fanmeeting/GV Film Screening 2016.02.26 [ENG SUBS]

Fancams taken from the venue~

β–Ί Bakedbanana Youtube Playlist (4 videos)

β–Ί Chacha Youtube Playlist (4 videos)

β–Ί By Toosil (1 video)

There are some best questions and best answers during the show.Β  Here, I quote one of the best questions and some of Yoo Ah In’s answers~

Q: It’s been 10 years since you started your career. I’m wondering about good points being an actor. And, as an artist, do you act thinking you want to influence others, like, as your ultimate goal?

Yoo Ah In:

In fact, I couldn’t think about my life or take a philosophical point of view, because I started my career at such a young age. I came to Seoul to be an actor at 17. The life as an actor, actually, I don’t clearly remember how it was before I started being an actor. So, I don’t know how it feels about not being an actor. I don’t know either what is specially happy as I’m actor.

If I may say what makes me happy in my life, it’s like this. I am here after taking pills, despite my stage phobia, and can talk with my fans. You know, we are one of the group of people. Words of mine, as an individual, would be forgotten after today. I may be an actor whom you won’t like a year later, but I am so happy as I’m sitting, facing you guys. As I can tell you about me, and I may inspire you just a little bit of your life, I can influence your life, the thought it’s a fraction of your life, how precious would it be?

Whenever I think about it, I believe it’s the happy thing and precious thing in my career. I think that’s the same with an artist’s works. I can’t say I will be an artist if I work on to deliver things and open myself to the audience or the public. To express one self, whether it’s in a studio, if one takes out what’s inside him, whether it’s painting, or writing, singing, or moving, whatever, I think that kind of such activities can become the art. Life as an artist. Well, I don’t know.

I want to be proud as an artist, like I’m proud of myself as I’m a policeman, I’m proud of myself as I’m a dad of 2 kids, I’m proud of myself as I’m a fireman, as such. It’s not because I have a great job, or I do great things. It’s because I know what I’m doing at least, and I think what I do is the art. As an artist, I want to stand before you proudly, and want to say that I’m me proudly.

To a question asking about whether he would take a project in order to help a director-friend, Yoo Ah In answered,

I don’t like acting for relationships. But I thought about the directors whom I worked with in the past. When I thought about them, except for some of them, even though they don’t give a scenario to me, if they offer me a role in their next movie, I will be eagerly to make time to shoot it. It takes a lot of things to prepare. For me, I would say, I’ll make some time for your work.

Yoo Ah In revealed that he is cooking something up, and he didn’t want reveal it just yet~

I’m planning an interesting project. It’s an interesting project. I’m planning it ceaselessly during a break. I will show it later

Oh, sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing it, Master Sik! After the Q&A session was over, Yoo Ah In took the photos together with some lucky fans.

Now let’s take a look at some photos taken by fans inside the cinema and, of course, the adorable GIFs πŸ™‚

waiting before the show began

Getting ready ^^

soo many adorable expressions! πŸ˜€

posing with lucky fans ^_^

Super duper liikeee! πŸ˜€

Check more photos and screencaps in our Facebook in the “Like For Likes 2016 Movie Part 2” album.


Photos & GIFs provided by DC YAI, DC Fashion King and Instagram

4 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Chats With Fans on V App Live Fanmeeting 2016.02.26”
  1. Sophia says:

    His answers show how wise he is as a person too πŸ™‚ I’m so proud of him. Thank you for the translations.

  2. Stay humble and don’t look down on your poor fan by showing off your money like the actor Jang Keun Suk is doing……..a professor of Hanyang University but having a steel like tongue when he speaks…..the real him.

  3. Laura says:

    Can he be any cuter? Gosh he’s too cute for words. And he’s totally smart.

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