[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] High Cut On Yoo Ah In Story At The Asian Film Awards

Previously reported, Yoo Ah In attended the 10th Asian Film Awards ceremony night and accepted special prize “The Next Generation Award” on March 17th at the Venetian Theater, Venetian Hotel, Macau. He attended the press conference, answered fans’ questions, walked the red carpet, received the award, made another nice acceptance speech, and had the winner’s backstage interview. We’ve already posted the article and videos in our second post on this event.

Now, there are more videos released from the news outlet which are worth watching, especially his award acceptance speech (don’t forget to turn on the CC button for the English subs). Here you go~

Yoo Ah In – 2016 Asian Film Awards Red Carpet

2016 Asian Film Awards – Yoo Ah In’s Next Generation Award Acceptance Speech [ENGLISH SUBS]

KSTAR NEWS: Yoo Ah In 2016 Asian Film Awards News & Interview

Apparently High Cut magazine followed Yoo Ah In to Macau, and they had several photoshoot with him with some “behind the scene” stories from the Asian Film Awards. The article and pictorials were published in High Cut Vol.171 April 2016.

Here are the photos and interview translations [translated by Admin M –  Yoo Ah In International Fans Community]

South Korean film today, the future of Asian cinema. The Asian Film Awards (AFA) Next Generation Actor Yoo Ah In.

From Seoul to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to Macau

Lee Bang Won and Six Flying Dragons was having a magnificent “Kill Bang Won” moment in March 16’s episode. However, in spite of his hectic schedule, Yoo Ah In quietly went to Hong Kong to attend the Asian Film Awards. As a matter of fact, the schedule of Hong Kong trip was a sudden decision few days before the AFA took place.

At the time, Yoo Ah In still had 2 remaining Six Flying Dragons episodes. Due to the stressful filming schedule, he slept only 2 to 3 hours a day, and sometimes he didn’t even sleep at all. As the lead actor of the drama, it was very difficult to adjust Yoo Ah In’s schedule. As a result, he had a dramatic flight catch to Hong Kong, but he made it. And then, there was another problem. This time was the weather in Hong Kong.

On the day of the awards ceremony, March 17th, Yoo Ah In originally planned to take a helicopter from Hong Kong, to attend the awards ceremony in Macau. But the strong wind, fog and cloudy sky prevented him to fly. Since there was only 8 hours left till the ceremony night, Yoo Ah In decided to board a ferry instead of helicopter. Fortunately, it was sunny in Macau. Actors and directors, journalists, Asian filmmakers, and the audience gathered in the Venetian Hotel one by one for the AFA ceremony night.

“Because I am the next generation”

Yoo Ah In was walking in the middle of the great Chinese film workers, and dazing the Asian Film Awards red carpet with other international stars, such as the Korea’s representative Lee Byung Hun, Japan’s representative Tadanobu Asano, the beautiful Hong Kong actress Shu Qi, Japanese legendary actor Kirin Kiki, the world’s famous Japanese film director Hirokazu Koreeda, ‘One Billion Actor’ Oh Dal Soo, Chungmuro ​​beloved actress Chun Woo Hee, and the eternal goddess Sophie Marceau.

Yoo Ah In came at 9 pm after he finished with the interviews. He walked on the red carpet in black tuxedo and looked very relaxed. Some local fans shouted at him “Oppa” in Chinese accent, he smiled and replied, “Thank you for calling me oppa.”

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of AFA and the next generation development of Asian cinema, the Asian Film Academy has confirmed Yoo Ah In as the winner of the Next Generation Award.

On the red carpet interview, the red carpet host asked a difficult question to Yoo Ah In, “Why do you think that you will be the main character of this award?”. Yoo Ah In unhesitatingly replied, “Because I’m the next generation.” It sounded like a joking, but people couldn’t miss that he replied sincerely and seriously.

New styles, new face

At the award acceptance speech, on the stage, Yoo Ah In said, “I will do my best to present new styles, new explanations, new feelings, and new face of an actor.” This is the first time in 13 years since his début receiving an award overseas. Just like the brilliant Macau night, which is brighter than the day, Yoo Ah In was shining brightly like an actor at his highest peak.

The year 2015 seems to be assigned specially for Yoo Ah In. “Veteran” mobilized more than 13 million viewers and led to Jo Tae Oh’s syndrome, followed by “Sado” (The Throne) at the same time. Both movies received explosive and positive reactions from critics and public.

While leading the trend, Yoo Ah In established himself as the representative of young actors, proved by taking home many prizes; from the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Beautiful Artists Awards, Korean Film Reporters Association Awards, Style Icon Asia Awards, and more.

With that, Yoo Ah In has become the defining figure of the Korean cinema today. Therefore, AFA handing the silver trophy to Yoo Ah In, is just like placing the bets in Yoo Ah In’s future, and showing their faith that he will be able to make a new style and new face of an actor.

We’re looking forward to the expectations becoming a reality, and this is the responsibility of the Next Generation Yoo Ah In.***

PS: articles on naver revealed that Yoo Ah In didn’t spend a night in Macau. After attending the ceremony he flew back to Seoul from Hong Kong at the same day. Applaud to his work dedication!

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Source: High Cut, AFA, instagram

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  1. Miko says:

    He gives a speech magnificently. Splendid!!! Really attractive. He is very refreshing and is wonderful ♥♥♥

  2. Regine says:

    So in the middle of his crazy schedule he took time to attend the AFA with a great effort because he appreciated the award, and went back at the same night for SFD shooting. That’s what I call a dedication to work.

  3. primie94 says:

    🙄The red carpet host asked “Why do you think that you will be the main character of this award?”.
    Yoo Ah In unhesitatingly replied, “Because I’m the next generation.” 😆well answer😜…Yeah! sometime the question is COMPLICATED and the answer is SIMPLE.
    Thankz!! Admin Ⓜ️ & Furbabe💟

  4. Mari says:

    He knows exactly which award ceremony is worth attending and catching, and which one is not. Once again, congrats on the award!

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