[TRANSLATIONS] Shin Se Kyung: “Yoo Ah In Creates The Most Attractive Lee Bang Won”

Video►Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung “Six Flying Dragons” Farewell Messages

Translations on Yoo Ah In’s message:

“Hello everyone. I’m actor Yoo Ah In. What is the date today? Today is March 21, 2016. The long filming of ‘Six Flying Dragons’ is finally over. First, I must thank to all viewers for your support, and for giving much love to ‘Six Flying Dragons’ these past six months. I learned a lot from this drama, and I had a great time, though it was very tough and tiring just like living in a workplace (shooting place for actors is their workplace, right?). As an actor, it feels like I lived in a workplace and I had a lot of time to learn. I spent a very pleasant time with other colleagues, younger actors and staff together through thick and thin. Compare to other works, we have a strong bond between each other. I hope this drama leaves good memories to the viewers and stays in the viewers’ memories for a long time. I won’t forget the memories I had while doing ‘Six Flying Dragons’. I will keep them in my mind and continue with my acting and become a good actor. Viewers and friends, thank you very much! I’ll see you again in the future through good works. I stop here now. I, (was) Lee Bang Won.”


Shin Se Kyung talked about her former “Six Flying Dragons” co-star Yoo Ah In during an interview session on March 28, following the drama’s wrap-up. Here are some points in the interview where she mentioned Yoo Ah In.

► “I was 90% happy and 2% sad”

Shin Se Kyung said, “Yoo Ah In oppa said (in his interview) that he felt 98% cool and 2% bittersweet after departing from ‘Six Flying Dragons’. He suffered a lot more than I did during the filming. I would say that I felt 90% cool and 10% bittersweet after we wrapped up the drama.”

Shin Se Kyung felt happy working with Yoo Ah In and said, “Ah In oppa is a good person. I really enjoyed working together with him, because he always reassured me. I’m a shy person and it usually takes time to get close with other people. But with Ah In oppa I didn’t feel shy at all, so this is fun. In fact, though we spent a lot of time at the filming location during weekends, I really enjoyed it because the atmosphere was always great.”

► “Yoo Ah In’s Lee Bang Won is different from other actors’ Lee Bang Won”

Shin Se Kyung chose Yoo Ah In’s interpretation on Lee Bang Won as the most attractive one of all other Lee Bang Wons. She emphasized that Lee Bang Won is very different from other Lee Bang Wons re-interpreted by other actors before.

“Lee Bang Won by Yoo Ah In is not a good man, but he is a gentleman and affectionate. Perhaps that’s the charm of Yoo Ah In himself. He doesn’t always show the good or great side of him, so that it seems he looks more attractive, both as an actor and the character. Maybe that’s why he acts.”

She added, “”Let’s say if the script paints Lee Bang Won as having a red charm, then Yoo Ah In has a blue charm. And then he mixed the two colors together in harmony, so that they turned to a fascinating and harmonious color.”

► “Yoo Ah In is the same person now and then”

Shin Se Kyung said, “I still cannot say that I understand Ah In oppa completely, but throughout our long correspondence, I can tell that he is still the same old person that I knew from the start. There’s nothing ill of him. He has a good sense, he is very sensible, sweet and affectionate. When I think of him, I think of his smiling face. We first met in ‘Fashion King’ and we didn’t feel awkward back then. We met again a few years later and still felt the same.”

► “Glorifying Lee Bang Won? It’s because Yoo Ah In acted so convincingly”

Shin Se Kyun believed that Lee Bang Won got so much attention and caused a lot of discussions due to Yoo Ah In’s acting.

She said, “I read some articles saying that we glorified Lee Bang Won. It seems because Yoo Ah In’s acting as Lee Bang Won was so convincing that the viewers understood, could feel and sympathize with ‘Kill Bang Won’, and went along with his emotions. But I know ‘Six Flying Dragons’ didn’t have a purpose to glorify Lee Bang Won in the first place.”

► “The disadvantage of acting alongside Yoo Ah In?”

Shin Se Kyung said that Yoo Ah In, Byun Yo Han and Yoon Kyun Sang have a plus and minus impact on her while working together in “Six Flying Dragons”. Especially with Yoo Ah In, she was aware of her weakness.

She said, “I’m aware of my shortcomings whenever I act alongside Yoo Ah In oppa, and this is his fault (laughed). In some of our scenes, which took a lot of emotions, I hardly able to concentrate, and felt I was losing in his own feelings whenever I saw him burning with all those emotions. He would help me to grasp them when I lost my focus, so I could go back immediately. I felt he has mastered this role, and I felt really embarrassed of my weakness. So this is a disadvantage (laughed).” ***

Yoo Ah In gave his speech in ‘Six Flying Dragons’ farewell dinner, March 23rd


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7 Responses to “[TRANSLATIONS] Shin Se Kyung: “Yoo Ah In Creates The Most Attractive Lee Bang Won””
  1. Manguyen says:

    Absolutely right about Yoo Ah In being most attractive Lee Bang Won (actually in all other historical dramas also). 😘

    Thank you Furbabe for translating! You’re so awesome! 👍

  2. Mari says:

    “When I think of him, I think of his smiling face” — so do I 😊 And yeah SSK looked losing her character sometimes when YAI showed strong emotions. That’s why she was critisized by Korean viewers (and Dramabeans) for acting “stiff” in some parts, like she couldn’t balance him.

  3. Paty Redf says:

    Haha I can agree with her in almost everything! Especially in her scenes with him. But what can he do? He’s brilliant ^^ And I think she improved a lot during the drama, particularly at the end. All the cast were synchronized. Just amazing!
    Thanks for the translation, dear Furbabe. ❤

    • Furbabe says:

      I think she improved a lot too more than I expected 🙂 She seems a genuine and honest person in real life too like Yoo ^^. You’re welcome, dear Paty 😀

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you for the translations, Furbabe 🙂

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