Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete to Hold the 2nd Charity Bazaar “Donation For Children”

<스튜디오 콘크리트 2nd 바자회> 스튜디오 콘크리트에서 5월 5일 어린이날을 맞이하여 게릴라 바자회가 열립니다. 스튜디오 콘크리트 크리에이티브 디렉터인 유아인씨와 크루들 그리고 친구들의 소장품을 비롯한 렉토 노앙 프리마돈나 등 디자이너 브랜드의 시즌 오프 상품들을 다수 선보일 예정입니다. 바자회의 수익금은 백혈병 어린이 재단과 스튜디오 콘크리트의 예술 교육 지원 사업처에 각 50%씩 기부됩니다. 동참하셔서 의미있는 어린이날을 맞이하시길 바랍니다. 일시: 5월 5일 PM3:00- 판매 소진시까지 장소: 한남대로162 스튜디오 콘크리트 옥상 #StudioConcrete #스튜디오콘크리트 #어린이날 #바자회 #fleamarket

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Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete are back to hold a charity bazaar (flea market) to celebrate the South Korean Children’s Day on May 5.

This is the second charity bazaar held by Studio Concrete. In last year’s event (read here), the charity bazaar was conducted with scheme; meaning: it was held on Children’s Day on 5/5 at 5 afternoon, and Yoo Ah In personally donated 5 times the amount of profits generated from this bazaar separately to fill the target group amounts to 1 billion KRW. Yoo Ah In sold out his private collection of over 200 fashion items! Read here and here.


Bazaar_featureYoo Ah In at Studio Concrete’s first flea market ‘Donation For Children’ last year, 2015.05.05


This year, Yoo Ah In’s‬ creative studio Concrete will hold the 2nd Flea Market “Donation For Children” on the Children’s Day, May 5th, at 3 p.m in Studio Concrete, Hannam-dong, Seoul. The bazaar will sell off-season collection from famous designer brands, including Yoo Ah In’s private collection. 

50% of the proceeds or collected funds will be donated to the Korea Children’s Leukemia Foundation, and the remaining 50% will be donated to Studio Concrete’s children, youth and arts education support project.

Yoo Ah In has made his charitable donation to Children’s Leukemia Foundation since 2010, in particular, he continues the support of Korean fansclubs who also contribute donations under Yoo Ah In’s name to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation. In addition to that, Studio Concrete has launched The Supporting Business for Youth Cultural Activities for the underprivileged students and to support arts education programs for youth since 2014.

Will Yoo Ah In appear again with his studio’s mascot dog Takku? 😀 Can’t wait!


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6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete to Hold the 2nd Charity Bazaar “Donation For Children””
  1. yosics says:

    I’m in awe. He’s not only a great yet humble actor with great mind, but he also cares for humanity. I remember that time when he refused taking the ice bucket challenge and donate instead (cmiiw). Can this man be more than this? Loving Master Sik more and more ❤

  2. Mari says:

    This guy never stops making us so proud of him. He’s such an angel ❤

  3. Angela Alice Thompson says:

    Giving back is always a beautiful thing, may Yo Ah In continue to be blessed that his blessings many overflow unto others in need! Such a wonderful fellow!!

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