Yoo Ah In is Nominated For Best Actor in The Movie And TV Series At The 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards

The upcoming 52nd Paek Sang Arts Awards (also known as Baeksang Arts Awards) just announced the list of nominations for its various award categories on May 2nd. Yoo Ah In is nominated as the best actor in 2 divisions; movie and TV series, for his performance in “Sado” (“The Throne”) and “Six Flying Dragons”!



Baeksang Arts Awards is the Korean version of Golden Globe, to honor outstanding achievements in films, television and theater. It boasts a long history and 2016 marks its 52nd year. Baeksang Arts Awards is one of top 2 prestigious awards in South Korea along with Blue Dragon Awards.

To refresh your memory, Yoo Ah In was the best actor nominee in the 2014 Baeksang for his performance in “Secret Love Affair”. Though he didn’t win an award, the drama won best director and best scriptwriter. It was strange that it didn’t win best drama, though. Due to some odd results in the past, I don’t know to what extent I can trust this award’s credibility.

This year, Yoo Ah In is nominated for his performance in the 2015 award-winning movie “The Throne” (“Sado”). He will compete against Lee Byung Hun (“Inside Men”), his father in “Sado”; Song Kang Ho, his enemy in “Veteran”; Hwang Jung Min, and senior actor Bae Yoon Shik (“Inside Men”).

Yoo Ah In is also the Best Actor nominee in the TV series for his acting in the popular 50-episodes sageuk “Six Flying Dragons”. He is nominated together with Nam Gong Min (“Remember”), Song Joong Ki (“Descendants of the Sun”), Jo Jin Woong (“Signal”), and Joo Won (“Yongpal”).

SBS “Six Flying Dragons” will compete against MBC “She Was Pretty”, tvN “Signal”, tvN “Reply 1988”, and KBS2 “Descendants of the Sun” for Best TV Series, Best Director, and Best Screenplay prizes.

Yoo Ah In’s 2015 highest grossing film “Veteran” will compete against “Assassination”, “Dongju”, “Inside Men” and “Fourth Place” to get the Best Picture (Best Film), Best Director, and Best Scriptwriter prizes. Surprisingly, the critically acclaimed movie “The Throne” or “Sado” only gets two acting nominations for Yoo Ah In and Jeon Hye Jin.

Meanwhile, his co-stars Byun Yo Han and Oh Dal Soo are the nominees for male rookie (“Six Flying Dragons”) and best supporting actor (“Veteran”) respectively.

Here are the list of nominations that Yoo Ah In and his works get in this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards~

Film Division:

Best Actor/Actor Top Excellence in The Movie: Yoo Ah In (The Throne)

Best Picture/Best Film: Veteran

Best Directing: Ryoo Seung Wan (Veteran)

Best Screenplay: Ryoo Seung Wan (Veteran)

Television Division:

Best Actor/Actor Top Excellence in The TV Series: Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)

Best Drama Series: Six Flying Dragons

Best Directing: Shin Kyung Soo (Six Flying Dragons)

Best Scriptwriter:  Kim Young Hyun, Park Sang Yeon (Six Flying Dragons)


Korean netizens especially give positive responds on Yoo Ah In’s Baeksang nominations. Here are two translated articles and netizens comments by kkuljaem

tv Report – Naver: ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’ to take place on June 3rd, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ vs ‘Reply 1988’ vs. ‘Six Flying Dragons’ close match

1. [+2,573, -162] Why exclude ‘Signal’?

2. [+2,120, -115] ‘Signal’ and ‘Six Flying Dragons’ are the best in terms of acting, script and directing!!!! While ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Reply 1988’ have the best popularity!!!

3. [+1,534, -120] Wth, why did they leave out ‘Signal’?

4. [+1,322, -139] What don’t you know? ㅋㅋㅋColdly speaking, give awards based on quality not popularity..

5. [+288, -21] Should win award through acting skills

6. [+306, -41] Yoo Ah In’s acting in SFD is incredible… DotS was a hit thanks to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Signal however is really well made

7. [+296, -43] Except Signal and SFD, DotS was a huge hit because of the leads. It’s a reach to call it a quality work. Plus the PPL left a bad taste in my mouth

Xports News – Naver: ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’ reveals nominees… Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In contend for Best Actor Award

1. [+2,495, -123] Yoo Ah In will get an award like last year. Nice to see that he has grown so much as an actor. Song Joong Ki will win one too. Cheering for both

2. [+2,262, -128] Veteran, The Throne an Six Flying Dragons. Yoo Ah In’s acting is amazing

3. [+2,010, -199] I’m torn. Song Joong Ki for drama, Yoo Ah In for movie

4. [+1,605, -70] Yeorim and Geoloh have come a long way, I’m proud

5. [+1,234, -78] That’s a good-looking two shot of them. Both will win awards ㅋㅋ Song Joong Ki for DotS and Yoo Ah In for ‘The Throne’. I wanna see them in a movie/drama together


Baek Sang Arts Awards ceremony will take place on June 3rd at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall, and broadcast live on jTBC at 8:00 pm KST. It will broadcast online on its Official Site as well.

The best film candidates, such as “Veteran”, will be screened at Seoul COEX Mega Box GV from May 9 to 20, and there will be a dialogue session with the directors too.

Well, congrats for the nominations, Master Sik! ^^

Full list of Nominees (minus variety and educational programs)


Best Drama
-She Was Pretty (MBC)
-Six Flying Dragons (SBS)
-Reply 1988 (tvN)
-Signal (tvN)
-Descendants of the Sun (KBS2)

Best Director
-Kim Won Suk (Signal)
-Lee Eung Bok and Baek Sang Hoon (Descendants of the Sun)
-Shin Kyung Soo (Six Flying Dragons)
-Jung Dae Yoon (She Was Pretty)
-Shin Won Ho (Reply 1988)

Best Actor
-Namgoong Min (Remember)
-Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)
-Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)
-Jo Jin Woong (Signal)
-Joo Won (Yong Pal)

Best Actress
-Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
-Kim Hye Soo (Signal)
-Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988)
-Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
-Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty)

Best New Actor
-Ryu Junyeol (Reply 1988)
-Yook Sung Jae (Who Are You – School 2015)
-Byun Yohan (Six Flying Dragons)
-Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988)
-Ahn Jae Hong (Reply 1988)

Best New Actress
-Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap)
-Lee Sung Kyung (Flower of the Queen)
-Ryu Hye Young (Reply 1988)
-Hyeri (Reply 1988)
-Park So Dam (Because it’s the First Time)

Best Screenplay
-Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk (Descendants of the Sun)
-Lee Woo Jung (Reply 1988)
-Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon (Six Flying Dragons)
-Yang Hee Seung (Oh My Ghostess)
-Kim Eun Hee (Signal)



Best Movie
-4th Place
-Inside Men
-Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

Best Director
-Ryu Seung Wan (Veteran)
-Lee Joon Ik (Dongju)
-Oh Seung Wook (The Shameless)
-Choi Dong Hoon(Assassination)
-Woo Min Ho (Inside Men)

Best New Director
-Kim Sung Je (The Unfair)
-Ahn Guk Jin (Alice in Earnestland)
-Choi Seung Yeon (Su Saek)
-Han Joon Hee (Coin Locker Girl)
-Hong Won Chan (Office)

Best Actor
-Bae Yoon Shik (Inside Men)
-Yoo Ah In (The Throne)
-Song Kang Ho (The Throne)
-Hwang Jung Min (Veteran)

Best Actress
-Kim Hye Soo (Coin Locker Girl)
-Lee Jung Hyun (Alice in Earnestland)
-Jung Do Yeon (The Shameless)
-Han Hyo Joo (Beauty Inside)

Best Supporting Actor
-Bae Sung Woo (Office)
-Lee Kyung Yong (The Unfair)
-Eom Tae Gu (Coin Locker Girl)
-Jo Jin Woong (Assassination)
-Oh Dal Soo (Veteran)

Best Supporting Actress
-Ra Mi Ran (Himalaya)
-Jang Young Nam (The Classified File)
-Ryu Hyun Kyung (Office)
-Jeon Hye Jin (The Throne)
-Eom Ji Won (The Silenced)

Best New Actor
-Go Kyung Pyo (Coin Locker Girl)
-Park Jung Min (Dongju)
-Park Bogum (Coin Locker Girl)
-Tae In Ho (Shadow Island)
-Park Seo Joon (Chronicles of Evil)

Best New Actress
-Kwon So Hyun (Madonna)
-Park So Dam (The Priests)
-Kim Se Byuk (A Midsummer’s Fantasia)
-Jung Ha Dam (Steel Flower)
-Kim Shi Eun (Su Saek)

Best Screenplay
-Han Seung Woon and Kwak Kyung Taek (The Classified File)
-Ahn Guk Jin (Alice in Earnestland)
-Ryu Seung Wan (Veteran)
-Choi Dong Hoon (Assassination)
-Shin Yeon Shik (Dongju)


Source: Asiae

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Nominated For Best Actor in The Movie And TV Series At The 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards”
  1. Reny says:

    If Baeksang is legit, Yoo Ah In and Jo Jin Woong should win the award.

  2. Mei Mei Amel says:

    Acting and character wise, nothing against the other nominees, Yoo Ah In’s Sado and Lee Bang Won are oscar worthy performances, he more than deserves to get both category. But I remind myself this is not The Golden Globe with the respected HFPA behind the result. So I don’t really have high expectation. Just wish all the best for Yoo Ah In.
    Thanks for the article, Furbabe! 😉

  3. Mari says:

    Yoo Ah In deserves to win all best actor awards in film and tv series categories. So many people were raving on his acting in both Six Flying Dragons and The Throne!

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