[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE MEN Hong Kong Interview Part 2: Extraordinary Life

Here’s part 2 of Yoo Ah In ELLE Men Hong Kong interview, May 2016, translated by our friend Oohhkkay. Thanks so much for always giving us a special permission to share them with Sikseekers/Sikseekland blog, Oohhkkay! 😀

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Yoo Ah In Elle Men Hong Kong (May 2016) Interview Translation (Part 2)

Extraordinary “Eom Hong Sik” in Life

It is difficult to say what role “Eom Hong Sik” has in the life of Yoo Ah In, or how “Yoo Ah In” has influenced the life of “Eom Hong Sik”. The public may not be familiar with Eom Hong Sik, that is Yoo Ah In’s original name, also the name he uses when he is working in art industry.

“Yoo Ah In means one in German, it is a very good name for an actor, unique, one and only one existence. Ah In is also easy to say, and easy to remember. When I first used this name, I thought it was difficult to pronounce, but without a doubt, it is very much like an artiste’s name, it is also like a name of a character from a comic. Even though it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it is the name that represented my career in acting all these years, and it separated myself with Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In is there and Eom Hong Sik I am here, Yoo Ah In can do that sort of expression but Eom Hong Sik cannot. Yoo Ah In is the name of the actor, I want to separate these clearly, and use my own name when I work in other fields. Because of this name Yoo Ah In I have obtained reputation and influence, (but) for the other fields, I am starting from zero. The reputation and spotlight brought by Yoo Ah In is not necessary, this is the attitude I want to demonstrate.”

When Yoo Ah In is mentioned, people think about representative of Korean actor, about best actor award recipient. Then when Eom Hong Sik [note: also written as Uhm Hong Sik] is mentioned, he has even more splendid identities.

When he was in high school, Uhm Hong Sik studied Western painting, he has an acute sense for fashion. Apart from being called “fashion people”, “fashion king ”, he has also started his own fashion brand “Normal”. Apart from fashion, he is also the creative director of an art studio called Studio Concrete. He has started a fashion magazine called Tom Paper and became the editor himself. He loves writing, and he is preparing to publish a poetry book. In between Yoo Ah In and Eom Hong Sik, in between pop art and fine art, they have a mutual wonderful catalytic effect on each other.

“The purpose of all creations is to show the result to the viewer. The process of creation is formed with oneself in the center. No matter if it is pop art, or fine art, the difference is just in the way it is being shown, everything is still finished by one alone. Using the example of a movie, it is a combined work of art, using music, acting, and art. Actually it is combined from different levels and different kinds of art to form great artwork with multiple genres. As my main life in art, they are also mutually influential.

Yoo Ah In is well-known to be straightforward ever since his debut, in Yoo Ah In Launch My Life from before and from what he wrote on SNS, he is brave to talk even on political subjects which most artists find too sensitive. Of course, there are people who supported this, but many were also critical, but Yoo Ah In always tried to break Yoo Ah In’s established image by Eom Hong Sik.

“Artist is an occupation that creates illusion. When I act, when I get photo shoot for posters, when I do magazine photo shoots like today, these are all work to create a illusion. Using effort from a lot of people to make an artist look sexy, good-looking, cool, and stylish, actually it is all a continuous illusion. I think when I can be myself, do what I do normally, I am breaking these illusions. For example, in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, girls love Moon Jae Shin’s wild manly image (T/N: literal translation of the word is “beast image”), very manly, very rebellious, this character formed this image, and it formed the way the public treats me. It can be true, but it can also be an illusion. Is it an image? An illusion? Or prejudice? Therefore, I think I need to break all these myself, maybe using “Eom Hong Sik”, maybe using other of my works. “Yoo Ah In” can suddenly become an irresponsible guy who dumped his girlfriend in the next piece of work. And then becomes a murderer in the one after, to create different kinds of illusion, that is the occupation of artists.”


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Translated by: http://oohhkkay.tumblr.com/post/144552115749/yoo-ah-in-elle-men-hong-kong-may-2016-interview

5 Responses to “[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE MEN Hong Kong Interview Part 2: Extraordinary Life”
  1. Mari says:

    I never get bored reading his interviews. He and his fond of contemplation always make me in awe. He is a genius, very articulate and has a rare deep thought that not many celebrities in Korea do.

  2. I just watch Six Flying Dragons and Veteran, like him after seeing how much emotions hidden in his good looking body! For an actor in his 20s, he is very thoughtful and seems wiser than his actual age. Such character reminds me of an artist rather than celebrity. And it is indeed a compliment!

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi! Yes, he is an actor ahead of his generation, it’s pretty rare to find actors at their 20s having this deep and articulate thought like he does 🙂

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