[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE MEN Hong Kong Interview Part 3 [END]: Happiness is…

Here’s part 3 or the last part  of Yoo Ah In ELLE Men Hong Kong interview, May 2016, translated by our friend Oohhkkay. Once again, thanks a bunch for always giving us a special permission to share them with Sikseekers/Sikseekland blog, Oohhkkay! 😀

(See part 2 here)



Yoo Ah In Elle Men Hong Kong (May 2016) Interview Translation (Part 3)

Likes Zhang Ziyi But Shu Qi is Beautiful

Many people think Yoo Ah In has a successful and happy life, earning money and fame through being an artist, and he can still use the identity of Uhm Hong Sik to do the artistic work he has always wanted to do since he was very young. However, success and happiness are not synonyms in Yoo Ah In’s dictionary, they are also two vague dreams.

“A life with both sides balanced can be considered successful and happy, but that is exactly where it is the most difficult. Happiness sometimes is an existence like self consolation, it is also an existence like misunderstanding and illusion. It is just a momentary feeling, or maybe the difference can only be perceived until it reaches a certain proportion. The process of feeling happiness is really very vague, realizing it within a predefined goal, idea and value system, precisely because of this process, there is a standard. Knowing what sort of standard one reaches, one feels happy. Maybe being idle is a kind of happiness. Being drunk dancing absentmindedly, staring at the sea idly not knowing what to think about during travels, that kind of feeling is happiness. Or maybe earning money, finishing a successful piece of work. But all these kinds of success do not seem to be able bring sustained happiness. Success or happiness, both seem to require some effort in searching, and I still do not have an answer now.”

Having mentioned he likes Zhang Ziyi very much before, basically watched all her works, he even expressed a desire to work with her or even travel around with her in China. However, this changed when he attended an event in Macau earlier, “I saw Shu Qi in the event, and she is really very beautiful.” The truth was revealed in his innocent smile. Yoo Ah In has never been to Hong Kong for any formal public event, but he is deeply impressed by Hong Kong. 

“Hong Kong is a fantastic city for me. Listening to the people speak, I got a mental picture, remembering director Wong Kar Wai, the escalators in Hong Kong…… Hong Kong is like a dream for actors, a place full of movie feels. If I have the chance, I want to work in Hong Kong. Now Hallyu is being spread everywhere in the world, but the stuff being introduced is still very superficial, very light. When Koreans watched many Hong Kong and Chinese movies in the past, there were various different aspects, with deep emotional exchange, I hope Hallyu can also have deeper exchange on various aspects of attachment, emotions and culture. Hong Kong is a place where we can go in a 3 hours’ flight from Korea. I do not feel any resistance (in going).”

This moment, Ah In’s female fans should look forward to this more than himself.



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Translated by: http://oohhkkay.tumblr.com/post/144592969129/yoo-ah-in-elle-men-hong-kong-may-2016-interview

7 Responses to “[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE MEN Hong Kong Interview Part 3 [END]: Happiness is…”
  1. Yasuyo says:

    This long interview covers from the career as an actor, artist and art director to the insight into the happiness or success! Many thanks for the translation. Are Yoo a doctor of philosophy? How deep your thought is! How keen your sense is!!! Whoop!

  2. Mei Mei Amel says:

    Mr. Sik mentioned WONG KAR WAI !! I hope there will be a chance they work together in future.
    thanks for the article and keeping us update bout Mr.Sik, Furbabe, fighting!

  3. Mari says:

    Thanks for the translations!

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