Yoo Ah In Japan Interview 2016: “The Throne, I Felt Being Knocked Out And My Heart Was Torn”


“The Throne” (“Sado”) will premiere in Japan on June 4th in cinemas across the country.

They’ve been doing quite a lot of promotion through various media, including the Japan’s official website for The Throne, new stills, poster and interview.

Here’s an interview with Yoo Ah In, which was published on May 31st, in Wow Korea, Japan and K-Style Japan.


What Truth is Hidden Behind the Most Tragic Eight Days in Lee Dynasty?

(Translations by our fellow Yasuyo)

The film ‘SADO’ will be on road show on June 4th in Japan. The story is about the awful affair, that the 21st King Yonjho forced Prince Sado to starve to death in a rice chest. The details are still in mystery of the Joseon Dynasty in 18th century, when the royal family struggled for supremacy.

Through 56 years, from the King Yeongjo through Sado to Lee Sang, the film gives a detailed explanation of the grief of the historical figures.

Here comes the interview of Yoo Ah In playing the role of Prince Sado.



Why did you decide to play the role of Prince Sado?

This film was the most impressive work in my career as an actor. I thought that I shouldn’t have missed the wonderful opportunity, and by all means, I wanted to play the role expressing the delicate feelings. Even while I was reading the scenario, I felt being knocked out and my heart was torn.

How was the shooting with director Lee Jung Ik?

The shooting place was filled with the director’s passionate energy, and he was considerate enough to think the actor’s view point. On the contrary, he is the man of insight. Though possessing the free spirit, he criticized acutely and evaluated the action strictly. As the trustful interaction between he and me was founded, I could focus my mind to filming.



How did you play the role of Prince Sado?

I tried to submit to Prince Sado’s feeling and his fate. I didn’t want only to classify him as an insane prince, but to go along with his deep emotion. I tried to express the fragile delicacy of his feeling, because I wanted the audience to sympathize with him, and have mercy on him. I extracted the gentleness from myself as much as possible to have the audience compassionate him.



How did you work hard to express the change of complicated and chaotic feeling?

The situation of Prince Sado was very special. He destined to be next in line for the throne, which meant he confronted the inevitable fate to accept. There was no other way to escape from it, even when he had a different thought. I deeply considered how to express the special feeling possessed only by the people who have the rights of succession. [T/N: People call the king or prince has the right of succession, but at the same time they should yield to the authority without their will. This kind of people have special feeling, not only of tiresome, but also pride under the fatal condition. It’s beyond the understanding of ordinary people. That’s why Ah In felt a burden to express it]. I especially concentrated to express the anger before going into the rice chest. And I also eagerly tried to express the feeling, changing from despair to terror, placed in an extreme situation inside the rice chest. The time structure of the film, going back and forth, helped to express the changes of feeling. The each day of eight days, became a kind of changeover, switch to adjust the alteration of his emotion.



How about the acting with Song Kang Ho?

Mr Song Kang Ho respected me as an actor. The relation of King Yeongjo with Prince Sado was like a fatal community in the plot. In some important scenes, both of us were required to act together. He always kept my acting in mind and he set my feeling at ease. Though he is absolutely a great actor, the chemistry between us was perfectly awesome.

Which point do you recommend to appreciate this film?

The film describes the relation between a father and a son. In the other hand, it also tells the conflict between an old generation and a new one. Different generations have different values. Family ties caused complications. These points of view are dealt with depicting human nature. I think this film arouses sympathy from many in the audience.


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3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Japan Interview 2016: “The Throne, I Felt Being Knocked Out And My Heart Was Torn””
  1. Manguyen says:

    Talk about excellency in acting! So superb!!! ❤️

  2. Sophia says:

    Thank you for this short yet nice interview. YAI deserves all praises, awards and accolades for his acting skill!

  3. Mari says:

    Besides TV series sector YAI should have won best actor for film sector too in Baeksang. Obviously his acting in Sado is just out of this world.

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