Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor in the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, Veteran And Sado Nab One Award

There’s no stopping for our best actor Yoo Ah In! Less than a week after nabbing the Best Actor of the Year award for his performance in the 2015 hit movie, “Veteran”, at the 36th Golden Cinema Film Festival last Sunday, Yoo Ah In once again is honored the best actor prize in the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards just this Friday, June 3rd.

Yoo Ah In was nominated as the best actor in 2 divisions; movie and TV series, for his performance in “Sado” (“The Throne”) and “Six Flying Dragons”. This is the first time in Baeksang history an actor being nominated for best actor in both movie and TV categories. Let’s spell swag 😀

Baeksang Arts Awards is the Korean version of Golden Globe, to honor outstanding achievements in films, television and theater. It boasts a long history and 2016 marks its 52nd year. Baeksang Arts Awards is one of top 2 prestigious awards in South Korea along with Blue Dragon Awards, despite some controversies. This year’s award also sparked quite a controversy among K-drama fans, but I will leave it just here, because the most important is our Master Sik’s winning Best Actor! Yay!

Yoo Ah In won Actor Top Excellence in the TV series, for his acting in the popular 50-episodes sageuk “Six Flying Dragons”. He beat the other nominees, such as, Nam Gong Min (“Remember”), Song Joong Ki (“Descendants of the Sun”), Jo Jin Woong (“Signal”), and Joo Won (“Yongpal”).

Yoo Ah In’s 2015 movies “Veteran” won Best Director for Ryu Seung Wan, and “The Throne” (“Sado”) won Grand Prize (Daesang) together with “Dongju” for director Lee Jun Ik. (Check complete winners list here)

Once again, Yoo Ah In conveyed his brilliant and heartfelt four-minute speech when he accepted the award. Here’s the translations shared by Homura from SFD forum Soompi 🙂

“Today, watching the Baeksang stage from the start, seating myself next to Song-Song couple (Song Jung Ki & Song Hye Gyo), I wanted to go with them together. It is quite embarrassing for me to receive this award.

Apart from anything else, 50-episode drama for me… (sudden change in his tone) Yeah, I know my acceptance speeches always cause controversy (laughed). But, aren’t they funny? (laughed)

I don’t know…. 50-episode drama, sageuk, Six Flying Dragons…. (sigh) There are so many keywords that come to my mind when I’m thinking about last year. I had a lot of worries of my own, but now that I’m thinking about it, they were quite a shame. ‘Fifty-episode drama, it would make me tired. Can I make it?’ or ‘Fifty episodes? Star actors don’t do this kind of long-term drama, do they?’ Such worries…

Honestly, people really said that, not about the drama itself but about the fake stories surrounding the drama. I didn’t want to focus on such fakes, and I felt ashamed of myself who was caring about them. Six Flying Dragons… I’m really proud of it. Including Director Shin Gyeong Soo, Writers Park Sang Yeon & Kim Young Hyeon, working with all the senior-junior actors like Choi Jong Won (Yi In Gyeom in Six Flying Dragons), Cheon Ho Jin (Yi Seong-Gye in Six Flying Dragons).

What I felt is… I begun my acting career 10 years ago, but only Six Flying Dragons, this 50-episode drama, gave me the weird moment that I could witness so many changes and growth in myself just with one drama.

Since Six Flying Dragons had six main protagonists, other 5 actors shared the burden and there was no overtime shooting at night. I think it was quite excellent filming environments. Nonetheless, I really felt like I want to die. But whenever I received a script book and recited it, it made me really happy. I thought this is the reason why I am an actor. ‘How could the writers give me this great lines?’, ‘How could they drive me into such a moment?’. Such thoughts took me to heaven as well as to hell.

I think I should make a living as an actor. A career as an actor sometimes makes me feel so frustrated that I think, ‘Damn, I want to quit this stupid job’. However, at the moment when I start acting, when I’m entering into the atmosphere while the camera is rolling… (silence for a while) …at the moment when I witness another myself in my own eyes, it gives me a big thrill. I’m happy for being an actor. Thank you all the audiences, TV viewers, for making it possible for me to live as an actor. I’ll do my best. Thank you.”


Netizens praised his speech again~

news 1 – Naver: Yoo Ah In to Song Joong Ki, stars and their speeches at the award show (translated by kkuljaem)

1. [+538, -59] Yoo Ah In’s acceptance speech is legend of course

2. [+366, -9] All the nominees at this year’s Baeksang are all highly qualified, that it won’t seem strange if they give the award to any of the nominees. They all deserve to win

5. [+213, -16] Yoo Ah In’s indeed a special character, he’s jjang ㅋㅋㅋㅋAnd Jo Jin Woong looked so giddy and cute when he went to present an awardㅠㅠㅠ One thing’s for sure, all the celebrities who attended Baeksang had a great time there. Song Song looked like they’re having so much fun when Signal won an award. It must be a good award show ㅋㅋㅋI was deciding if I should watch it or not, I’m so glad I did. It was fun

6. [+170, -31] Baeksang was fun!!! Ryu Junyeol, Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Ah In, Jeon Do Yeon… All the actors I was rooting for all won ㅋㅋㅋ

And Yoo Ah In was NO.1 top trending in Naver and Nate~


Yoo Ah In is the youngest of all the best actors/actresses in Baeksang this year. Over the course of 9 months since “Veteran” premiere, Yoo Ah In has gathered a whopping 12 best actor trophies under his belt through three major works; “Veteran”, “Sado” (The Throne), and “Six Flying Dragons”. A big feast for any actors, especially at his age. He may go for 2 years of active duty with happy heart now 😀 Congrats, Master Sik!

Now let’s check out some videos and photos from the Red Carpet and Award Ceremony. Yoo Ah In was donning similar style with the one when he was attending the Asian Film Awards ~



Award announcement~


Yoo Ah In gave his four minutes speech (watch the official video here http://tvcast.naver.com/v/913065)


Winner Group Photo Session~ he bowed to his sunbae-nims because he lost his trophy and they had to wait for him getting it back 😀


~and he’s just.too.cute.


Winner backstage press conference~


Red Carpet~


Enjoying the show, he was seated besides Song Hye Kyo and Byun Yo Han~


His reaction to “Veteran” producer, when she thanked Yoo Ah In in her award acceptance speech, on behalf of director Ryu Seung Wan who couldn’t attend the award~


Yoo Ah In gave his congrats to Song Joong Ki~


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo gave Yoo Ah In a group hug after he was announced as the best actor winner~ Song Joong Ki’s face be like, “finally you accept my hug!” Teehee!


Accepting the award and speech and showing some funny gestures~


Winners group photo session at the end of the award ceremony, where he was being playful and lovey dovey towards other colleagues, such as director Lee Jun Ik, Ra Mi Ran and Kim Hye Soo~


The best actors and actresses in movie and TV had a group photo for the closing ceremony. Look at him with the other three senior actors Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Hye Soo~^^ Master Sik is truly the future generation of Korea’s best actors!


Rubbed shoulders with “Reply 1988” actors, including Girl’s Day Hyeri, at the backstage 😀


Yoo Ah In uploaded in his instagram a photo of him hanging out together with Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum. The caption says: “Post fanmeeting. Choi Taek Dan, Kang Mo Yeon, Gu Yong Ha” 😀 [he mentioned everyone with their character’s names in their dramas; Reply 1988, Descendants of The Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal]. Apparently, to him Song Joong Ki will always be Gu Yong Ha~ lol


And last but not least, Yoo Ah In posed for InStyle magazine for this month issue, at the backstage~


Supah cute! Looking forward to the magazine ^^

Check more photos in our Facebook page in the album “2016 Baeksang Arts Awards”


Photos: DC, twitter, credit as tagged, instagram, weibo

17 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor in the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, Veteran And Sado Nab One Award”
  1. yosics says:

    That side story of him losing his trophy is really adorable! His supah cute expressions are really priceless 😆😆 The clip is just like showing us the other side of the best actor who is a human after all! 😝
    Anyway, congratulations once again, Master Sik!!

  2. Manguyen says:

    Congrats Master Sik!!! So well deserved!!! So happy for you!!! ❤️
    Thank you for posting Furbabe!

  3. Mari says:

    That’s another beautiful and brilliant speech indeed 👏 Sik is just amazing!! Congrats!!

  4. alma lim-palafox says:

    As I always state in my comments, if it is YOO AH IN, you can’t go wrong, it must be good, really really good and worth watching. He performs perfectly. What makes him an AWESOME and AMAZING artist is his ability to naturally put himself into the character that he portrays. He can easily captivates the attention of his viewers. He deserves the awards given to him as Best Actor both in the movies and in the television series. Kudos to you Mr Yoo. CONGRATULATIONS!!! xxphilippines

  5. primie94 says:

    😀😅😂….. the most adorable panic attack of losing his 🏆 and me…grin from ear to ear with this vid sooooo sweeeeet!!!!!!
    WOW!! 12🏆 “CONGRATS” Msater SIK…. the great 🏆collector😜
    Big Thankz 👼🏻Furbabe … loveYOO&YOU😘…💕

    • Furbabe says:

      Yeah! He was really panic and felt guilty but he made us laugh because he looked so human and so child-like 😀 We’re so mean :p Yay, impressive achievements from our trophy collector! ^_^ Love YOO&YOU too!

  6. Yasuyo says:

    Congrats, Master Sik! Another cheers!!! He truely deserves to win the award as one of the representatives of next generation. Thanks for posting this article and speech translation. I like his sincere acceptance speech^0^/~

    • Furbabe says:

      Let’s hope he win again and again in the future so we can keep getting his fab and honest award acceptance speeches! 😀 As the Korean netizen said “Yoo Ah In’s acceptance speech is legend of course”

  7. Laura says:

    “Over the course of 9 months since “Veteran” premiere, Yoo Ah In has gathered a whopping 12 best actor trophies under his belt through three major works; “Veteran”, “Sado” (The Throne), and “Six Flying Dragons”.” — He has made a record that no other young actors at his age could ever achieve.

  8. sophie says:

    Yoo Ah In is obviously the big winner in Baeksang. His movies Veteran & Sado got awards and he won best actor too. Congratulations^^

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