More Sexy Cozying Up Yoo Ah In in Sesa Living Photoshoot Are Revealed For Summer

After releasing the commercial films and pictorials for Spring 2016, Sesa Living shares one after another photo of Yoo Ah In, nearly everyday in its official accounts, just to make sure that we are keeping up with them (and collect them pixies one by one) πŸ˜€

While Yoo Ah In burst his charms all over the places and infuses us with his contagious smile in white, and shows off his cuteness in stripes, he is utterly hot in all black. Of course, he is just hawt in all the pictures!

Here is a set of photos showing him doing all the utterly cute poses and the huggles snuggles with pillow and blanket, and then having some me time with Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth.



And these are some sexy and elegant Yoo in the bedroom~


Looks like a summer vacation has arrived ^^


Fans who buy Sesa Living products get the brochures and booklets with different version of pictorial, and I especially love the floral blazer one!


And they get to huggle snuggle with Sik pillows too! Whoaaa! A must collection πŸ˜€


Check more photos in our Facebook in the album “Sesa Living 2016”

Happy summerrrrr!


Photos: Sesa Living, instagram

2 Responses to “More Sexy Cozying Up Yoo Ah In in Sesa Living Photoshoot Are Revealed For Summer”
  1. Ren says:

    Blessss this guy. He’s utterly hot with capital H!

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