Female Co-stars Talk About Yoo Ah In’s Charms, Lee Mi Yeon is So Spot On

In the recent article, July 18, Sports Seoul listed a number of actresses who have worked with Yoo Ah In in the past under the title “Actresses Speak of Yoo Ah In’s Charm”. The article noted that every actress who worked with Yoo Ah In always praises him, emphasized that he left only good impressions on his co-stars. Sports Seoul concluded that all of their praises sum up Yoo Ah In’s charm; that he is sexy, smart, genuine, unpretentious and consistent, and he can take a lot of pride in what he is.

But for us, of all their impressions on him, Lee Mi Yeon went deeper and described him accurately.

Here is the compilation of his female co-stars’ impression on Yoo Ah In~^^


As we’ve posted earlier, Jung Yumi says on MBC Section TV, July 10th, that she is blessed by having wise men as her partners in her movies, such as Yoo Ah In. The two have worked together for several times. To the question asking about Yoo Ah In’s personality, Jung Yumi describes, “He’s like a mountain. You know the mountainous kind of thing? He’s like that of a big mountain.” [T/N: she meant to say that he’s tough like a rock, both in terms of holding on to his principles and staying true to his personality]

A week later, on its July 17 episode, the MBC Section TV program visits the set of Shin Se Kyung’s photo shoot and sits down with the actress for an interview. She shares, “The most memorable project for me is always the most recent one”, her latest drama being SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons”.

Shin Se Kyung then describes her co-star Yoo Ah In and says, “He’s a really good person. He is genuine with no pretense, to the point that I worry I might not sound sincere because that’s what I say about him on every interview”.

Previously, the two worked together in historical drama “Six Flying Dragons” which concluded its successful run in March with soaring ratings. Shin Se Kyung’s remark on Yoo Ah In got warm comments from Netizens~

Dong A – Naver: ‘Section tv’, Shin Se Kyung “Yoo Ah In is a man without pretense… these aren’t empty words”

Shin Se Kyung: He is a good person. He’s sincere and unpretentious. I praise him in every interview to the point that I worry about not sounding sincere. Netizens comments:

1. [+5,071, -107] That’s how Yoo Ah In really seems
2. [+3,921, -113] He’s indeed unpretentious. He behaves with principle while not caring what others think of him
4. [+2,633, -249] We were all fooled by Yoochun’s facade… [Note: Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung acted together in “The Girl Who See Smells”]
5. [+471, -23] Shin Se Kyung has always gushed about how cool Yoo Ah In is, even during ‘Fashion King’ and in an interview 2 years ago. He obviously has good personality. Shin Se Kyung is pretty too!! Back off haters
7. [+364, -28] Looking at Yoo Ah In’s past interviews and his actions, he really is an honest person
8. [+376, -34] Sigh… for no reason, I’m suddenly feeling protective of Se Kyung after the whole Yoochun case blew up. She matches with a good person like Yoo Ah In ~


Kim Hee Ae’s part in Sports Seoul’s article is a compilation of several older interviews circa “Secret Love Affair” (밀회). “Yoo Ah In worked as hard as any other actor, as though there wasn’t just one main actor. Usually, it’s difficult for actors to let go of a certain way they present themselves, but Yoo Ah In had no problem putting in the extra effort. He would monitor all of his scenes dutifully and it definitely left an impression,” she said in the press conference, March 2014.

She added, “I have a lot of things to compliment him for. Judging by looks only Yoo Ah In is not actually cute, [T/N: this part was cut short. In the original interview, she added: ‘I know Yoo Ah In’s fans might be upset with me for saying that’] but also have this rugged manliness about him [charms of a man]. Especially when he plays the piano. From the audience’s perspective, Yoo Ah In looks cute and pretty. But as I act the scenes with him, he is a true actor. I even wonder if there ever was an actor like him.” She meant that he’s not your typical flower handsome boy, and she talked about how charming, sexy, and smart he is, rather than that of the flower boy type 😀


Now Lee Mi Yeon’s part was taken from “Like For Likes” promo interview on SBS One Night TV Entertainment (not available as a whole on YouTube here). Her description on Yoo Ah In is so spot-on.

Note that the extra parts between brackets are from the original interview (torrent link for the whole episode is here). Sports Seoul edited them out in the article. She said, “When I first saw Yoo Ah In, (he was very respectful/he greeted me really respectfully), and I thought that he has such a strong personality. (But later on, as I got to know him through work) I felt like ‘ah this chingu must have went through a lot in life’. I discovered that he really works hard to conceal his tender heart”.

Lee Mi Yeon thinks that Yoo Ah In went through many ups and downs in life. People used to mistreat him and took advantage of his kind pure demeanor. Since people tend to mistake kindness for weakness. Hence, he tries to keep an extremely strong bad-ass cold façade. He does that trying to conceal the mushy tender side of his personality. So that people wouldn’t dare to mistreat him again.

We are amazed at how spot-on her description is. She summarized Yoo Ah In in a nutshell. At that time, Yoo Ah In was really touched by her comment. His facial expression when she said that was so adorable. He was really touched and appreciative.

In another interview, Lee Mi Yeon said that Yoo Ah In is really interesting. He has the face of a kid, yet at the same time he’s very manly. She also said that, “He’s too bold/too much. I was always a sweaty mess during filming because of him”. 😀

Now let’s check on a video where Lee Mi Yeon said something that Kim He Ae and Shin Se Kyung have said before, regarding him being “intimidating”, due to his excellent acting skills.


Starts at 0:22

MC asks, “The chemistry of you two is amazing. How do you describe working together during filming the movie?”. Yoo Ah In answers that his relationship/dynamics with Lee Mi Yeon is similar to the one in the movie, that he comes on too strong [acts bold], and she pushes him, that he always teases her. He says, “We are very similar to our characters in the movie. I kept on approaching her, while she continuously backed out”. [Extra, not from this video: he also said that Lee Mi Yeon would smack him on the head when he’s being too much 😀 ]

Then MC asks Lee Mi Yeon what she thought of acting alongside Yoo Ah In. She answers, “It felt so new and different to me. It felt like I’m being pushed. I was like ‘what is this? It felt uncomfortable.”

Here we found that she said something that Kim He Ae and Shin Se Kyung have said before, that Yoo Ah In is so good at acting, acting comes naturally to him and so easy for him, so it’s challenging for those who act with him, and his excellence at acting can be annoying 🙂

It always warms our heart seeing positive articles on him, and it assures us once again that we stan for talent and personality. Cheers for Master Sik! 😀


Translated by Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Translator Team


Source: Naver

7 Responses to “Female Co-stars Talk About Yoo Ah In’s Charms, Lee Mi Yeon is So Spot On”
  1. yosics says:

    “It assures us once again that we stan for talent and personality.” Yes, 100% agree with this sentence! He has such talent that make senior actresses annoyed (lol) and a very kind heart that he tries to conceal because he’s being mistreated..poor Master Sik 😦 but at last, he gets the recognition he deserves 😊 I’m feeling happy for it.
    By the way, do you have the link to their original interviews video that didn’t get edited out? Or the original article? I need to see it!

    • Furbabe says:

      Yeah we’re so proud of him 🙂 Oh, the Like for Likes promo interview on One Night Entertainment SBS was not available as whole in youtube, sadly 😦 We downloaded the complete episode to watch via Torrent p2p program. And unfortunately, torrent has been shut down. We’ll try to find the original link to that show later 🙂

  2. Mimi Meci says:

    Thank you very much, although I missed a great time, that does not mean we do not have in mind and soul, and I can not get rid of anything that play. all due respect and consideration and love for Hong Sik, thanks Furbabe

  3. Mari says:

    LMY couldn’t have said it any better 👍I love her and of course YOO ❤😊

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