Yoo Ah In’s Studio Concrete Opens Worldwide Shipping Online Store For 1TO10 Series Collection

Ah, finally! Studio Concrete had listened to the high demand, both local and international, for the 1TO10 Series, a uniquely designed shirt collection by Yoo Ah In and his Studio Concrete team.

Studio Concrete just launched “CCRT Store” online store website last week. The store provides the Series 1 To 10 Sweat shirt and t-shirt collections, and also the “356 Note” limited edition. All the products are ready for the worldwide shipping.

In the website, Studio Concrete posted a quote from Kwon Chulhwa’s [one of Studio Concrete artist-designers] recent interview with Lane Crawford Hong Kong, “The idea for the ‘1-10 series’ came from observing my friend Vivian on the phone with her boyfriend. Hearing her ask him, ‘How do you feel one to ten?’ seemed both engaging and endearing. We began juxtaposing each number with mood-descriptive words and created graphical variations of those compositions. Feeling ‘blue’ was used to describe the somewhat gloomy feeling of ‘3’, for example.”



Just hop on Studio Concrete global store to order your favorite shirt here: http://global.ccrt-stores.com/products/PRODUCT/119/ (you can be the member of the CCRT Store too)


Studio Concrete announced the opening in its instagram account~

We have international web-stores here!! global.ccrt-stores.com #ccrt #studioconcrete #internationalwebstore

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Yoo Ah In posted the CCRT Store opening announcement in his instagram too~

#studioConCReTe #CCRT @chulhwa

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Yoo Ah In also hinted that, right now, he and Studio Concrete are working on the new series design/collection called “Aerospace”.

coming soon #CCRTAerospace #StudioConcrete

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Weeeh! Can’t waiiiit! 😀


Photos: Studio Concrete

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  1. Manguyen says:

    This is so great!! Thanks Furbabe!!!❤️

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