Yoo Ah In is Up For Best Actor With Benedict Cumberbatch in The 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards



The Seoul International Drama Awards (Hangul: 서울 국제 드라마 어워즈), also known as Seoul Drama Awards (SDA), is an annual award show for excellence in television drama production based in Seoul, South Korea. This year, with 265 entries from 51 different countries, only 28 dramas have been nominated in the Program categories and 28 artists have been nominated in the Individual categories.

The official submission entry deadline of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 was on May 6th. The committee released the official nomination list just today, August 10th.

We’re proud to tell you that Yoo Ah In is the only Korean actor who’s up against other international actors for the best actor prize 😀 It also means that Yoo Ah In is chosen to represent Korea in this international Drama Awards. Along with Yoo Ah In, Korean actress/comedienne Kim Seul Gi is nominated in the Best Actress category as well.

Yoo Ah In is nominated for the Best Actor in the Serial Drama category, for his performance in “Six Flying Dragons”. He will compete against strong contenders from other countries, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Anthony Wong.

“Six Flying Dragons” (“The Roots of Throne”) is also up to compete for the Best Serial Drama with other international contenders.



This year, the awards ceremony will be held on September 8 at KBS Hall. The winners will officially be announced at the live awards ceremony through KBS 2TV. Major events including the Celeb Cinema, TV Movie Premiere and Drama Music Concert will be coming along with the awards ceremony.


The 11th Seoul International Drama Awards nominee list:

-Individual Category-

Best Actor
Serial Drama: Yoo Ah In (The Roots of Throne, South Korea), Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai, Hong Kong)
TV Movie: Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock: the Abominable Bride, UK), Antonio Perez (The Beginning of Time, Mexico)
Mini-Series: Azat Seitmetov (Father, Kazakhstan), David Fukamachi (Gentlemen and Gangster, Sweden)
Comedy: Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken, USA)

Best Actress
TV Movie: Samia Sassi (Don’t Leave Me, France), Kim Seul Gi (Splash Splash Love, South Korea)
Mini-Series: Lily James (War and Peace, UK), Leena Alam (Shereen, Afghanistan)
Serial Drama: Lali Esposito (My Lovely Hope, Argentina), Neslihan Atagul (Endless Love, Turkey)
Comedy: Taylor Schilling (Orange is The New Black, USA)

Best Director
TV Movie: Douglas Mackinnon (Sherlock Holmes: The Abominable Brine, UK), Bernardo Arellano (The Beginning of Time, Mexico)
Mini-Series: Edward Berger, Samira Radsi (Deutschland 83, Germany), Susanne Bier (The Night Manager, UK)
Serial Drama: Alexandra Avancini (Moses and the Ten Commandments, Brazil), Liliana Bocanegra, Felipe August Paredes (The White Slave, Colombia)
Comendy: Jin Kyunghwan, Kim Namjo (72 Seconds, South Korea)

Best Screenwriter
TV Movie: Rupert-Henning, Eva Spreitzhofer (Little Big Voice, Austria), Kim Jin Hyun (Splash Splash Love, South Korea)
Mini-Series: Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot, USA), Anna Winger, Joerge Winger (Deutschland 83, Germany)
Serial Drama: Claudia Sanchez, Andres Burgos (The White Slave, Colombia), Vivian de Oliveira (Moses and the Ten Commandments, Brazil)
Comedy: Jonathan Krisel, Louis C.K. (Baskets, USA)

-Program Category-

TV Movie
Adidas vs. Puma (Germany)
Firt Response (Canada)
Don’t Leave Me (France)
Little Big Voice (Austria)
Sabena Hijacking – My Version (Israel)
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (UK)
Splash Splash Love (South Korea)
The Beginning of Time (Mexico)

Mini Series
Amigos (Belgium)
Deutshcland 83 (Germany)
Father (Kazakhstan)
Mammon S2 (Norway)
Mr. Robot (USA)
Reply 1988 (South Korea)
Shereen (Afghanistan)
The Night Manager (UK)

Serial Drama
The Roots of Throne/Six Flying Dragons (South Korea)
A Scholar Dream of Woman (China)
Endless Love (Turkey)
Lord of Shanghai (Hong Kong)
Moses and the Ten Commandments (Brazil)
My Lovely Hope (Argentina)
Orphan Flowers (Turkey)
The White Slave (Colombia)

Baskets (USA)
La Famiglia (Israel)
Life in Pieces (USA)
Servant of the People (Ukraine)


Congrats and Good Luck, Master Sik aka actor Yoo! 😀


Source: SDA

7 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Up For Best Actor With Benedict Cumberbatch in The 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards”
  1. Laura says:

    Congrats my boy! 👏👏✌✌👍👍 How ironic the so-called Baeksang best drama DOTS doesn’t make it to the nomination list, and ironically SDA will broadcast on KBS the home for DOTS 😛 I guess not all awards judges are drunk.

  2. Mari says:

    Whoa daebak! He & SFD totally deserve the nomination ☺

  3. Ren says:

    YAI & SFD: being the nominees themselves among all these good international works are already a great honor ♥♥

  4. Yasuyo says:

    Go! Go, Master Sik! Fly high up in the air!

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