Yoo Ah In News Bits: Film Casting, Facial Hair, Selfie Spree, Live Talkshow, And More

Here is the news bits for July-August edition.

Picking up where we left, Yoo Ah In kept himself super busy with Studio Concrete these past two months, from the upcoming t-shirt design project called “Aerospace”, to being the “host” of the live talkshow with some psychedelic artists. In the middle of that, some interesting news came out as well. Let’s check them out.


On July 25, news broke that critically acclaimed writer-director Lee Chang Dong (Poetry, Secret Sunshine, Oasis, Peppermint Candy) was gearing up for his first film in seven years since 2010’s award-winning “Poetry”, and there was early talk of Kang Dong Won and Yoo Ah In being courted for the leading roles.

The new film, called “Burning”, will be about the intertwined lives of one woman, a chaebol man, and a deliveryman. Director Lee stated that he was still completing script work, and has met with the two actors about the project, but it was still too early to say that the film was in the casting stage.

Dramabeans quoted as saying:

The film plans to start shooting in November, and my big question is how Yoo Ah In would squeeze this movie in before army duty. He’s due to enlist this year, which means that he could technically shoot a movie in November-December and then go to army? That seems nuts, but then again, I don’t know that he would pass up a chance to do a movie with Lee Chang-dong.

So true! Lee Chang Dong won the Best Director award at the 2002 Venice Film Festival and the Best Screenplay award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival; he has also been nominated for the Golden Lion and the Palme d’Or. Lee served as South Korea’s Minister of Culture and Tourism from 2003 to 2004. Who wouldn’t want to work with him?

However, Director Lee’s representative-slash-brother and producer Lee Jun Dong quickly dismissed the casting news. “We don’t know why reporters are writing articles about casting Kang Dong Won and Yoo Ah In, when the scenario is not even finished yet. Right now the director is still writing his new work just like his earlier works [the director is known for taking long time to finish his work]. Decisions will be made after he finishes writing the scenario. Please refrain from reporting hastily on the matter,” said Rep Lee.

The production company also stated, “It’s difficult to comment on the crank-in date, because the script hasn’t finished yet. It’s true director Lee had met with Kang Dong Won and Yoo Ah In, but they just shared stories about their work. So, nothing is confirmed yet.”

Dayum! This supposed to be the golden and once in a lifetime chance for Yoo Ah In. I just hope that Lee Chang Don will save his brilliant work for Yoo Ah In after he finishes his active duty. Fingers crossed. Prays hard.


After sending some food trucks to his hoobae Yoon Kyun Sang, Yoo Ah In sent his support to Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min and director Ryu Seung Wan for their new film ‘Battleship Island’ on July 27. While Hwang Jung Min and Ryu Seung Wan became his acquaintance through the box office crime-flick “Veteran”, his friendship with Joong Ki rekindled after the latter dispatched from the army last year.

Yoo Ah In’s thoughtful gesture was exposed through Coffee Pong’s official Instagram with a picture of the coffee/dessert cart the actor prepared for ‘Battleship Island’s crew. The caption under the picture reads, “Support for ‘Battleship’s staff, actors, and the director. Yoo Ah In has called on ‘Coffee Pong’ for the [Battleship Island’s] staff, actors, and director who are suffering this heat wave!!”

영화 '군함도' 스텝,배우,감독님 서포트~♥ 유아인 배우님께서 폭염에 고생하시는 스텝,배우,감독님을위해 커피퐁을 불러주셨어요~!! 오늘같이 더운 날씨에 시원한 커피,음료,수제차부터 가슴속까지 시원~~해지는 팥빙수,슬러쉬!! 200여분의 스텝,배우,감독님까지 오늘하루 시원~하셨겠죠~? 팥빙수와 슬러쉬……진심 인기쟁이였던 오늘!! 오늘은 아이니스 팬분들이 많이 생각나네요~!! 폭염에 잘계시는지요~^^ 태후이후에 송중기 배우님도 오랜만에 뵈었지요~~♥ 항상 직접오시는 센스~!! 아이스 아메리카노와 팥빙수를 드셨답니다~ 5시간이 넘는 서포트를 진행하였구요~유아인 배우님의 따뜻한 마음…..소중히 전달해드렸어요~!! 류승완 감독님도 팥빙수를 드셨지요~♥ #군함도#류승완#유아인#송중기 #황정민#이정현#소지섭 #보고싶은아이니스#아이니스 #커피퐁#커피차#커피트럭#간식차#빙수차#빙수트럭#와플퐁#와플차#와플트럭#연예인서포트#서포트

A post shared by 커피퐁 & 와플퐁 커피차,커피트럭,팥빙수차 (@coffee_pong) on

The picture shows a picture of the cart which sports a banner emblazoned with the words, “Here’s to the safe completion of ‘Battleship Island~!” Awn!


Good news for you living in Down Under! Yoo Ah In’s films “Veteran”, “TheThrone” (Sado) and “Like For Likes” will be screening in the 7th Korean Film Festival in Australia (KFFIA) from Aug 10 to Sep 25. Schedules and tickets information is available here:


Meanwhile, CIVA’s Lee Soo Min proposes Yoo Ah In to be her virtual hubby in “We Got Married” program 😀

CIVA’s Lee Soo Min sent a love call to Yoo Ah In.

On the August 2 episode of MBC′s Video Star, Lee Soo Min appeared as a guest. Lee Soo Min recently gained attention after appearing on The God of Music 2. Lee Soo Min is the center and the comedic member of CIVA, which is the project group that was established through The God of Music 2.

On this day, Lee Soo Min opens up about her wish to appear in more variety programs, such as ‘Running Man’ and ‘We Got Married’. After revealing her desire of varieties, she sent a video message to Yoo Ah In.

She opens her speech by saying, “Ah In-ssi, today I’m putting an effort to wear a calm floral dress. Would you like to be in ‘We Got Married’ with me for once?”, which causes laughter. Keep hoping, gurl!


August 3rd, Yoo Ah In’s artist team from Studio Concrete broadcast the Synthesized Subliminals Live Performance via Studio Concrete Youtube channel.

금일 오후 두시 <PSYCHEDELIC INFINITY; 무한세계>의 세가지 프로젝트 중 하나인 <Synthesized Subliminals; 완만한 경계>의 사전 공연이 진행됩니다. 전자음악가 5인(디구루, 송호준, Graye, Damirat, Soolee)과 함께 시인(유진목), 일반인(박지원) 각 1인이 참여하는 480분 간의 합동공연은 프로젝트의 의도상 모든 방해 요소를 최소화하기 위해 비공개로 진행되며 오직 스튜디오 콘크리트의 YouTube 채널을 통해 생중계될 예정입니다. 해당 채널은 스튜디오 콘크리트의 인스타그램 프로필 페이지의 링크를 통해 접속 가능합니다. . 본 공연의 다양한 기록은 <PSYCHEDELIC INFINITY; 무한세계>전시를 통해 2016년 8월 11일 스튜디오 콘크리트에서 공개됩니다. 많은 분들의 관심 부탁드립니다. . <Synthesized Subliminals; 완만한 경계> 사전 공연 – 2016년 8월 3일 (수) 14:00PM (480분간) 🚨https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peyK1A_Cfyg 🚨Youtube에서 +채널 탐색 클릭 후 채널 검색란에 STUDIO CONCRETE 를 검색하세요. . Today at 2PM, one of the three <Psychedelic Infinity> projects, "Synthesized Subliminals", will be pre-released. . Five electronic musicians (dGuru, Hojun Song, Graye, Changhee Damirat, Soolee), one poet (Eugene Mok), and one ordinary person (Jiwon Vark) will participate and perform a 480- minute long joint concert. To minimize all possible distractions of this artistic performance, the project will not be open to the public. However, it will be live streamed through Youtube channel of Studio Concrete only. . This channel will be available by clicking the Studio Concrete profile page on Instagram. . There will be an exhibition <Psychedelic Infinity> displaying the various footages and the records of this performance on August 11th, 2016 at Studio Concrete in Hannam. . Stay tuned and come and enjoy! . -<Synthesized Subliminals; 완만한 경계> -August 3rd 2016 2:00PM 🚨https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=peyK1A_Cfyg . #studioconcrete #sythesized_subliminals #송호준 #dguru #유진목 #damirat #soolee #graye #박지원 #김지용 #live #studiohhjjj #dguru #varkjiwon #eugene_mok #grayemoon #ziyongkim #sejinpark

A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

Members of five electric musicians (dGuru, Hojun Song, Graye, Changhee Damirat, Soolee), a poet (Eugene Mok) and one commoner (Jiwon Vark) performed a joint concert for 480 minutes. In order to eliminate all the distractions with the intention of having an artistic performance on air live, the concert was closed to the public. If you like psychedelic music, this one could be your cup of tea~




At the same day, Japan news outlet reported that “Six Flying Dragons” will be released in a DVD in Japan on November 2nd with title “Roots of The Throne”. How lucky!


The cheeky Yoo Ah In posted the government’s public safety message for the heatwave alert on August 4 in his instagram~

지구느님 제가 잘못했습니다.

A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

The message is about the safety instructions of heatwave alert from 12pm to 17pm KST. During the heatwave, elders are refrained from doing outdoor activities and people are advised to drink lots of water. Yoo Ah In says on the caption, “Dear Mr Earth, I’m sorry [I did wrong]” 😂


Yoo Ah In celebrated his designer-friend’s birthday in his own house on Aug 5. He looked super comfy in short shorts 😀


On August 8, Yoo Ah In, ever the caring supporter of his fellow actor comrades, sent a thoughtful gift to talented, veteran actor Song Kang Ho!

Yoo Ah In’s kindly act was revealed by ‘Coffee Pong’ on its official Instagram, with a picture of the cute coffee cart and the words, “Support for film ‘Taxi Driver’s Song Kang Ho. Yoo Ah In once again gifted Song Kang Ho and the staff, who are suffering through this heat wave, with ‘Coffee Pong.’ He generously prepared everything from coffee drinks, shaved ice, slushies, to homemade cookies. We will be sure to deliver Yoo Ah In’s warm heart.”

Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho first became acquainted through 2015 historical film “The Throne” and they still keep in touch until now. In return, Song Kang Ho’s fans wrote a sweet thank you message to Yoo Ah In through DC Song Kang Ho Gallery. Aww!


Still in the same day, Yoo Ah In was spotted by his fans at Itaewon, and he took a picture together with them. In her caption, she wrote that she was from Busan. She came to Seoul and went to Itaewon. She met Yoo Ah In at a clothes store in Itaewon. How lucky!


August 11~12, Yoo Ah In hosted the Psychedelic Infinity Exhibition Private View in his Studio Concrete. On Aug 11 afternoon he helped preparing the exhibition~


~and as the CEO he gave a passionate presentation at the private view as well.


Of course, he’s still a major goofball 😀


And he was enjoying the exhibition private view with his friends~


On August 11 or August 12 midnight, he and Studio Concrete team celebrated their artist Kwon Chul Hwa’s birthday. Check out his quirky poses 😂


August 12 afternoon, the CEO Yoo Ah In visited Studio Concrete again to check on the Psychedelic Infinity Exhibition~


In the evening, Yoo Ah In held a farewell party to one of Studio Concrete’s staff in his own restaurant TMI Too Much Information~


Another best friend’s birthday came up the next day, Aug 13 (or Aug 14 past midnight). The party took place in TMI restaurant again. He posted some photos from the party in his instagram too. Can you spot him? 😉


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on


Aug 14 afternoon, another fan spotted him at the Print Bakery Artwork Auction House in Hannnamdong. Maybe he was checking some good artworks there for the studio 🙂


A girl shared her story of coming across Yoo Ah In when she visited Cafe Concrete on August 15~

This girl went to Studio Concrete, Aug 15, 2016. She wasn’t a fan but she went there for fun or out of curiosity, and she got his autograph. She shared her story & his autograph photo in her instagram account.

“I’m so lucky. I came into the café, and someone was carrying flower pots and held the door for me. Although the weather was scorching hot, do you know whom I’m thankful for today? That someone is Yoo Ah In… He sat at a table behind us and was fixing some frames. He has the actor aura. I was shaking in a strange way and couldn’t say a word 🙊 He was so gentle, and his manners and his physical appearance made me fall in love. Although he was busy, he took the time and signed this for me. [He asked her ‘what’s your name?]. Starting from today, I’m a fan. He’s a Heartthrob. #Hannamdong #studioconcrete #actor #sign #askedmewhatsyourname? #eyecontact #heartattack #oppamian💛” [she said sorry to her boyfriend 😂😂😂] — Major AWWWW!


Aug 18 afternoon, Yoo Ah In was spotted in Studio Concrete by two fans, and soon after, other fans came one by one to catch him there. What surprised them (and us all) was that he was sporting the scruffy facial hair, first time after 2010! Is the Crazy Horse Guroh aka Moon Jae Shin back? 😀


The next day, Aug 19, Yoo Ah In visited his two designer-friends’ store events: Flea Madonna Pop Up Store and Recto 2016 FW Presentation. He came together with DJ Peggy Gou and his manager. Still with scruffy face, he looked super cute! Notice that he wore the same clothes as he did the day before, which means he didn’t get a chance to come home and changed it. Super busy Sik! (But I’m sure he had taken a bath :p)


Perhaps he listened to fans’ wishes of seeing his selfie? I don’t know, but Yoo Ah In was doing a selfie spree on Aug 21, showing off his scruffy face!


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He commented on his new haircut, which looked like a pineapple, with, “🍍Huh?” lol😂

And then he posted a series of selfies with caption “hi” hand-gesture :p


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on


Yoo Ah In posted a snippet from his interview with Grazia Korea 2015 as well.

하하하. 2015

A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

Read the interview’s translations here [starts from the- “Q. If you still cannot escape it. How do you push those thoughts away?” to- “A lazy perfectionist. Hahaha.”]


August 28, Yoo Ah In took the host seat for Studio Concrete Artist Talk Live “Psychedelic Infinity” on Studio Concrete Youtube channel. It was a long a$$ live “talkshow”. It’s impossible for us to translate/add the subs to the video, but basically he passionately discussed about art with them, talked about people’s thought on Studio Concrete after they visited the studio, showed some messages (or doodles) left by random visitors, and more stuff.



After the live talk was over, Yoo Ah In posted his photo with caption: “freaked out” :p Perhaps he meant to say that he was so nervous and freaked out being the host for the live talkshow for the first time. But looking at the video, he successfully covered his fear, as he was so enjoying the conversation throughout the three-hour discussion.


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on


And then, Yoo Ah In posed together with them all outside…still with his goofy face :p


What an eventful couple of month! 😀 Check more screencaps and photos from his activities in our Facebook page.

More updates coming soon this September 🙂


Photos/gifs: DC, instagram

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  1. Laura says:

    I missed him a lot. Thank you for these juicy newsbits. Scruffy face YAI is hot 🙂

  2. Hasi says:

    Thank you for your hard work Admin. I love Yoo Ah In more after reading these. Waiting for the September updates. Hope you can share his updates every fortnight rather than waiting for a month or more. Just a suggestion so that we poor souls who are far away in other countries will get to know what Yoo Ah In was up to. Sooner the better in this case.

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    He’s the real shining icon thought in his casual outfits and simple life. :)^^ love him…

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    He’s so hot!!

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      Hi neener123 🙂 Aww thank you so much for reading the old and new articles ❤ I feel bad we haven't posted his latest news bits yet due to Chicago Typewriter :p We'll post more soon!

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