Six Flying Dragons to Release DVD For Sale And Rent in Japan

Good news for Japan fans ^^ The award-winning series “Six Flying Dragons” will release all the 50 episodes in DVD, both for rent & sale next month in Japan! The series is using the international title, “Roots of The Throne”.



Now, since Korean and international fans had conducted a survey for “Six Flying Dragons: The Making (Behind-the-scene)” DVD version -a petition for the production team to release the director’s cut version of this drama-, the Japan release should be a good sign for “SFD: The Making” DVD version 🙂

Check out the epic trailer (which is better than the Korean version, I think)


Six Flying Dragons Japan Trailer


Six Flying Dragons DVD release schedules in Japan-

TV broadcast version for rent (33 volumes):
Volume 1 – Vol. 6, November 2, 2016
Volume 7 – Vol. 12, November 16, 2016
Vol. 13 – Vol. 18, December 2, 2016
Vol. 19 – Vol. 23, December 21, 2016
Vol. 24 – Vol. 28, January 6, 2017
Vol. 29 – Vol. 33 (the last volume), January 18, 2017

Each volume consists of 2 episodes, except for Vol.33 which will have 1 episode + special BTS. All volumes have Japanese subtitles and Japanese dubbing.

Korea original DVD version for sales (5 BOX):
November 16, 2016 DVD-BOX Chapter I-II
December 21, 2016 DVD-BOX Chapter III
January 18, 2017 DVD-BOX Chapter IV-V

Each box consists of 10 episodes, with Japanese subs and dubbing.

Bonus: The Making Of, casts interview, Japan version trailers, Korean version trailers, and more.

Price: 15,000 Yen/box + tax

Super lucky Japan fans!

Along with the drama promotion, Yoo Ah In just had a new interview with Japanese magazine as well. We’ll publish the translations soon 🙂



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