Six Flying Dragons Yoo Ah In’s Japan Interview 2016.09.23 Part 1: “If I have a chance, I’ll play again”

Previously reported here, “Six Flying Dragons” will release the DVD, both for rent & sale in Japan in November 2016 under the title, “Roots of The Throne”.

Along with its trailer and promotions/ads, Yoo Ah In had a special interview with Japan e-magazine Navicon just recently on September 23rd.

Here’s the interview translated by our YAI International Fans Community fellow Yasuyo, for all Sikseekers ^^


Part 1: Yoo Ah In “Lee Bang Won” Introduction & Official Interview – Conquering Tremendous Amount of Dialogue

Translated by: Yasuyo | Edited by: Furbabe

Q: What was the first impression after you read the script? What’s the reason you decided to accept the offer?

YAI: At first, I was impressed by the character of Lee Bang Won. He is one of the historical figures, and many senior actors have played the same role. Therefore, I focused on reading the script, how the role was described, and I was fascinated by how the character development work through discussions with the director and scriptwriters. Of course, the most important thing was whether I could deliver the role exactly well (laugh), but I was attracted by the diversity of his character and the younger Lee Bang Won. And it felt special because there were six heroes/dragons building the story up altogether.

Q: How did you create the part of Lee Bang Won as the newly-built character?

YAI: I was eager in expressing the change/development of Lee Bang Won. I had to distribute the character development well within 50 episodes. It was the mission that I wanted to accomplish and wanted to learn a lot through the experience. Before shooting, I described the overall view of his transformation first, when and how he influenced other people. At the same time, I also thought on how to create the change of acting tone through the voice, vocalization and appearance.

Q: Did you have something difficult to go over during the shooting?

YAI: Each moment and each scene were difficult to play (laugh). But especially in the early stages, Lee Bang Won didn’t play his role so much, compare to the other characters who struggled for power. I felt a little cramped/irritated. While waiting for Lee Bang Won’s historical moment, I tried to control this feeling in the first stages patiently.

Q: Lee Bang Won faced various dangers and torture. What did you suffer from?

YAI: I could not say the shooting was tough, because I didn’t have any action scene.. hahahaha.. compare to Moo Hyul, Lee Bang Ji, and some other actors who struggled under the freezing weather. On the contrary, the amount of my lines was a burden for me. I had to fight with Kim Myung Min sunbae-nim, not by physical action, but arguments, in a lot of scenes. As we didn’t have time to film so many cuts in the latter half, we had a lot of lines/dialogues in the several long-shooting scenes. Although these parts were a bit difficult, but carrying out the mission of completing each scene made me grow up little by little. [Note: both Yoo Ah In and Kim Myung Min were famous for finishing the long scenes with long dialogues in a single stroke, without NG, during the filming of “Six Flying Dragons”. One scene could take 5 to 10 minutes of dialogues.]

Q: How was the filming with Shin Se Kyung again after “Fashion King”?

YAI: To tell the truth, I recommended her quite eagerly/positively after my casting [in ‘Six Flying Dragons’]. She had worked with both scriptwriters in ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ and also with me in ‘Fashion King’. She made a good impression on me. I had a good time acting with her at that time. And as I had been missing her after ‘Fashion King’, I wished to play with her again in ‘Six Flying Dragons’. So I was very glad to act with her.

Q: You and Shin Se Kyung got the best couple award [in SBS Drama Awards 2015]. How did you feel about the romance with Boon Yi?

YAI: The romance distinguished ‘Six Flying Dragons’ from the other dramas which depicted Lee Bang Won. It was so impressive that ‘Six Flying Dragons’ described the romance between young Lee Bang Won and Boon Yi, who didn’t exist in the reality. Since this was also not the conventional Lee Bang Won, it’s become the attraction point too. The audience in Korea called us ‘romantic couple’ (laugh). The romance in the former half part expressed the romantic and humane Lee Bang Won which is distinctive. We had good chemistry each other. Thanks for acting together in the other work, we matched together very well.

Q: What’s the impression of Father Lee Seong Gye, actor Cho Heon Jin?

YAI: When I was 22 years old, we had played the roles of father and son in the movie of ‘Shim’s Family’. My wish to play with him again came true in ‘Six Flying Dragons’. We didn’t talk too much but I felt his warm heart. He was so brilliant that I respected him more and more.

Q: How about acting with Kim Myung Min a.k.a Jeong Do Jeon?

YAI: My respect for him went deeply, unconsciously. As I said before, there were many scenes of argument with a lot of lines. Lee Bang Won and Jeong Do Jeon struggled over the faith. Along with accepting or compromising his faith, I came to the moment of respect and understanding him. I was influenced and stimulated by him through the long lines of five to ten minutes dialogues. Until the moment I killed him, both of us had to work together in harmony, and the work had proceeded smoothly.

Q: Tell us about acting alongside Byun Yo Han (Lee Bang Ji) and Yoon Kyun Sang (Moo Hyul), please.

YAI: Of course I would have managed to finish this work without them since it’s a given (laugh) [note: since Lee Bang Ji and Moo Hyul are fictional, with or without them the drama would still be able to depict Lee Bang Won], but I thought it might have been difficult to complete 50 episodes without them. We cheered up one another when tired, and had fun spending the time together at the filming location. We became good friends. I wanted to say, ‘thank you’ to them. It was the first time of shooting 50 episodes for all of us, but we were able to act while supporting one another.

Q: The six heroes forming the ‘Six Flying Dragons’ were so-called Korean version of ‘Avengers’. What do you think of it?

YAI: Having six heroes in Korean drama is very challenging which stimulated my curiosity. If you see a lot of Korean dramas, there are some typical character patterns as you know; a man and a woman with the other couple, or one person at the top like King Sejong, Lee Bang Won, or Lee Sung Shin -Kim Myung Min sunbaenim played him before- supported by the surrounding people. But a drama with 50 episodes long and six heroes playing the important roles was very unfamiliar and attractive. Six people showing rich diversity; one doing action, another as the assassin/swordsman, another doing politics and another doing difficult tasks. Though some people cannot get used to this pattern, this character style will fascinate you. So, I want the audience to open their heart and see. ‘Six Flying Dragons’ is very interesting in the human relationship and structure points, because six main characters weave the story. If I have any chance, I’ll try to play [this kind of drama] again.

Q: What’s your favorite scene or line?

YAI: It’s the scene of Lee Bang Won revealing who he was in front of Jeong Do Jeon for the first time [in the cave]. These were the words that I had to say to Jeong Do Jeon, at the same time to declare strongly to the audience, “I am Lee Bang Won”. I cannot forget this moment. In addition to this, I was deeply impressed by the scene of Lee Bang Won killing Jeong Do Jeon. That moment is still trapped in the very memory.

Q: While Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Jang Ok Jung, and Sado are all the works in the era of Joseon, “Six Flying Dragons” is in the end of Goryeo era. What do you think of the difference?

YAI: First, I was interested in artistic aspects, such as the setting, the costume, and the hairstyle in Goryeo era, which were all peculiar. Next, it was also very interesting to know some historical facts in the turbulence time during the revolution period from the end of Goryeo to beginning of Joseon, besides experiencing the Joseon’s costume too. And I enjoyed the long hair style that I challenged to wear in the beginning stages.

Q: Your sageuk dramas are all very popular in Japan. Is there any secret to succeed in those period dramas?

YAI: Wow, I didn’t know I was popular in Japan (laugh). Hmmmm, I think young actors don’t play so much in sageuk [historical/period drama]. One or two times, some of them play in their 20s. I like sageuk so much. As I have cast in several works, I presume my acting in sageuk is trustworthy (laugh).

Q: When you play historical drama, is there any difference, such as in mental attitude, compare to the modern drama?

YAI: Sageuk has more dramatic element than that of modern drama, which affects performance. As the lines and tone of historical drama are clearly different from the words and tone we are using in the modern era, the audience can recognize that sageuk is in a completely different genre. Therefore, since it allows a wide range of acting, the audience can accept exaggerated gestures and movement, like one on the stage play/theater, although I’ve never done stage play before. I think it’s the [sageuk] merit. Sageuk is different from modern drama in terms of dramatic acting, filming set, shooting spot, costume and hairstyle, and so I have a little different feeling and attitude when I play in sageuk.

Part 2


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  1. Hasi says:

    Appreciate the effort taken to translate this long interview of Yoo Ah In. Look forward to read more similar articles.

  2. Laura says:

    Missed him & SFD. Thank you for the interview, team Sikseekers ❤

  3. Mari says:

    Thanksss so much for the article, Yasuyo & Furbabe!! SFD is awesomesauce!

  4. Lalla says:

    Yes, Six Flying Dragons reminded me of Avengers and Games of Throne. Love the drama!

  5. primie94 says:

    WoW! i thought he was 16s in Shim’s Family. Yeah! i like & love him best in sageuk😍… still keep watching SFD😄 never get enough of YiBang-won😅😂
    Thankz all lovely angels ❤️/xxx

  6. Sofie says:

    “in the early stages, Lee Bang Won didn’t play his role so much, compare to the other characters who struggled for power. I felt a little cramped/irritated.” <— I share my sentiment with you, YAI

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