Yoo Ah In’s Japan Interview 2016.09.23 Part 2: “Six Flying Dragons satisfies me as an actor and a human being”

Yoo Ah In had a special interview with Japan e-magazine Navicon just recently on September 23rd for the “Six Flying Dragons” DVD promotion.

Here’s the second part of interview translated by our YAI International Fans Community fellow Yasuyo, for all Sikseekers ^^

Read Part 1 Here


Part 2: Yoo Ah In “Lee Bang Won” Introduction & Official Interview – “If you can watch this without prior knowledge of history…”

Translated by: Yasuyo | Edited by: Furbabe

Q: Other than your own role, do you have a favorite character?

YAI: Chuk Sa Gwang! She appeared on the latter part of the drama as the best swordsman [swords-woman]. That role was very attractive, because no one could defeat her who was absolutely strong (laugh). And then out of six dragons….. Lee Bang Won was superior, wasn’t he? Hahahaha. During the long period of shooting, sometimes we were joking. When they shot the action or martial arts scenes, I enjoyed teasing them, ‘How hard your job is! Without action, Lee Bang Won is easy to play’. Hahaha. So, I don’t want to play the other dragons (laugh).

Q: How was your feeling after you finished filming Lee Bang Won for more than six months?

YAI: As it was the first time to be cast in such a long term drama, I got the load off my shoulders. Whenever I finish shooting, I feel relieved more than missing. I am completely absorbed in filming and then I feel stressful or am likely to get nervous. It was tough for me to be in this mental condition continually for a long period of shooting. Indeed the drama had the limit of 50 episodes, but sometimes I thought, ‘Please, finish (today’s) work quickly!’ Hahahaha. Though I had a tough time to shoot, I learned far more than the other dramas. Some people criticized or jeered, and the others applauded. Once the drama is on air, people who take part in shooting should accept the result of criticism or evaluation. I don’t care about the audience rating or how many people watching, but I concern how much I learn and how I grow up through the filming. It’s the most important how we classify and store the precious experience and time in our life. From this viewpoint, “Six Flying Dragons” piled up a lot in myself that satisfies me as an actor, and also as a human being.

Q: What do you recommend to Japanese viewers who have no prior knowledge of “Six Flying Dragons”?

YAI: I’m interested in the reaction of Japanese or overseas people so much. I want them to see without prior knowledge…Hahahaha! Both Japanese and Korean people care about history. It’s difficult and sensitive to analyze. Some people know history in detail, but quite a few understand the history by watching period drama. Sometimes they have such preconception or fixed idea/stereotypes about Lee Bang Won, Jeon Do Jeon, or Lee Seong Gye through some dramas. It’s because we expect the drama will bring the pure pattern [note: they expect the drama’s storyline should be exactly the same as written in history] than the fun of drama itself, we think that ‘this Lee Bang Won is different from one I knew’, or that ‘the structure is not the same as I thought’. Some people were worried about the story twisting the historical truth [historical distortion]. So I’m very interested in the response of the Japanese and overseas viewers who has no prior knowledge about this story (laugh). I think overseas audience can purely appreciate the new challenges of “Six Flying Dragons” when they see it without prejudice. I would like to know how they enjoy the novelty in “Six Flying Dragons”.

Q: What is your impression of Lee Bang Won as a real person in the history?

YAI: As I analyzed him from various sides, I played this role with affection and pity. I feel a bit pity for Royal Family. It’s because I have played the tragic Prince Sado [in “The Throne”] and King Sukjong [in “Jang Ok Jung”]. I tried to read the mind of the Royal Family, supreme of power respected by ordinary people. While thinking as an actor, I thought that they’re a very lonely existence. I felt pity for Lee Bang Won too. He was strong and active in building the first period of Joseon, but sometimes recognized as a tyrant or interpreted in various ways. By playing his role, I glanced at his human sides and I came closer to a man named Lee Bang Won.

Q: Do you have any roles that you want to play in the future?

YAI: I would like to play all of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty (laugh). Hahahaha. It’s a joke! For the time being, no more sageuk. Since I have recently cast as a powerful/strong man, so next I would like to play a soft/gentle person like Lee Seon Jae of “Secret Love Affair” (laugh). As I strained myself in playing the previous roles, I want to disconnect it a bit. I would like to play common people like the one strolling down the street in the real life. To tell the truth, I don’t want to work right now! (laugh). After “Six Flying Dragons”, I’ve taken a rest for one month. It was a very comfortable and relaxing time to recharge my batteries. Hahahaha. When I’m fully charged, I must be willing to work again!

Q: You’ve been visited Japan for fan meetings. What’s your impression on Japan? What’s your favorite food? [Note: Yoo Ah In has hold fan meeting in Japan twice in 2010 and 2011]

YAI: I like Japanese food so much, and I enjoyed it in Korea where there are many Japanese food restaurants (laugh). I have good impression on Japan. I traveled [to Japan] one and a half year ago. In the previous fan meeting I promised that I would come again [for another fan meeting], but I’m afraid I cannot carry out my promise. But this is not the end of my career (laugh). I would like to go and say hello to Japanese fans. I cannot forget their warm and kind greetings, so I want to meet them again.

Q: Would you please leave a message to the Japanese audience?

YAI: As the title says, Six Flying Dragons, six heroes appeared in this drama. They were born in the country when it was in a state of anarchy. I’m glad if you can find the fun in the story of these six dragons. Every six dragon had a faith and flew up toward each of their idealism individually. There are six heroes and six different lives. I would like the audience to enjoy following each different way of life. This is the work that was filmed in Korea for a long time and won best awards. I hope Japanese audience will also be pleased to watch it. Enjoy the drama! Thank you very much!!



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3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Japan Interview 2016.09.23 Part 2: “Six Flying Dragons satisfies me as an actor and a human being””
  1. Laura says:

    Aww.. Would love to see him in a sweet character too like the grown up Lee Seon Jae ❤

  2. Sofie says:

    Thanks a lot for the translations. It’s very interesting to read his thoughts on so many things. He’s a genius actor!

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