Yoo Ah In News Bits Sep.17~30: Most Influential Actor, Love City Kids, House Hunting, Flowsik and Six Flying Dragons Reunion

Yups, we are back for the September news bits part 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ In case you missed it, see part 1 here.

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Now letโ€™s get on the last two weeks of September~!


After having a meeting with BwhY at the Parc Restaurant [this restaurant belongs to Yoo Ah In’sย  friend] on August 17, two fans saw Yoo Ah In on the spot, and they didn’t waste time (a.k.a were not being shy) to grab this cutie patootie for a pose ๐Ÿ˜€ Good job, fellas!


Now, as we all already knew, Yoo Ah In had created a famous catchphrase in the Korean film history; “Unbelievable” (or “how ridiculous”), through the movie “Veteran”. This phrase has been used over and over again (yet doesn’t seem to be overused) in so many occasions and TV programs. MBC variety program “King of Mask Singer” released a video of two contestants; Robin Hood and Squirrel individual skills on the website right after the broadcast on Sunday, September 18.

After their duet performance in the first round, MC introduced them both and asked them to show off their individual skills. Robin Hood said that his individual skill was impersonating Yoo Ah In’s acting in the movie ‘Veteran’. So then, he showed off his skill in impersonating Yoo Ah In’s character Jo Tae Oh, including his famous catchphrase: “Unbelievable!”, while making some gestures similar to Yoo Ah In’s character in “Veteran’. ๐Ÿ˜€

His acting made all judges and viewers laughed. Kim Gura, who seemed quite impressed, said, “I’m looking forward to seeing more individual skills from Robin Hood.”


And this is the clip from the KBS reality show “Sister’s Slam Dunk”, September 19 broadcast, where actress Ra Mi Ran quoted Yoo Ah In’s catchphrase in her rap practice ๐Ÿ˜€ Check her out at 3:53~



The Return of Superman kid, Daeul, whose father is actor Lee Bum Soo (Operation Chromite), was spotted wearing Yoo Ah In’s design for the Nohant 16FW Love City Newkidz sweatshirt collection in September 20th. The Nohant “Newkidz” collection was released in May 2016.

HappY ๋‹ค์‹œ ์˜ฌ๋ฆฌ๊ธฐ

A post shared by LEE YOON JIN (@yoonj.lee) on


Far before this, actor Uhm Tae Woong‘s daughter (hence, Uhm Jung Hwa‘s niece), Uhm Ji On, was wearing the Love City Newkidz shirt too~


Watch her the clip~


Besides the celebrity’ kids, some children of fashionista parents also dressed their toddlers up in Nohant Love City Newkidz~

Check Nohant Love City and Newkidz collections here


Now here comes news from China!

On September 21, a Chinese news outlet released an article about Korea’s Top 10 Most Influential Film Actors this year. Based on the critics/expert reviews, Yoo Ah In is one of the top 10 actors and the youngest of them all.

[Note: This rank is based on Chinese name’s alphabetical order, not based on the actor’s influence]

1. Song Kang Ho (January 17, 1967)

2, Won Bin (November 19, 1977)

3, Shin Ha Kyun (May 30, 1974)

4, Lee Jung Jae (December 15, 1972)

5, Ha Jung Woo (March 11, 1978)

6. YOO AH IN (October 6, 1986)
[Review] “During 12 years of his acting career, Yoo Ah In has received over 18 best acting awards, both in movies and TV series. In 2015, his film “Veteran” garnered over 13.4 million viewers at the box office, and “Sado” reached over 6,7 million viewers as well. Through his acting skills in both movies, Yoo Ah In cemented his status as a well-deserved movie star. Compare to those of Korean “flower boys”, Yoo Ah In persistently refused to become the Korean “idol actor”. [Note: flower boys/idol actors = actors who are lack of talent and quality of works, yet famous for their pretty face and popular works only]. Not only is he recognized by the local/Korean film industry, his acting skills is described as the world-class talent.”

7. Hwang Jung Min (September 1, 1970)

8. Choi Min Sik (April 27, 1962)

9. Sol Kyung Gyu (May 1, 1968)

10. Gong Yoo (July 10, 1979)


Also, from the same Chinese news outlet, Yoo Ah In is crowned as #1 in Top 10 Hottest Korean Guys That Girls Want to Date. Woot woot! Let’s check the translations by Avery Yue~

Do you know who are the 10 most popular Korean male stars that the girls want to date?

On August 20, 2016, a Chinese news portal revealed a survey of the Top Ten hottest Korean guys that girls want to date the most. And do you know what rank Yoo Ah In is? Yoo Ah In ranks #1 of all the top male actors!

TOP 10 Hottest Korean Guys That Girls Want to Date:

No. 10 Soo Ji Sub
No. 9 Gong Yoo
No. 8 Choi Si Won
No. 7ย  Hyun Bin
No. 6ย  Lee Jong Suk
No. 5ย  Ryu Jun Yeol
No. 4ย  T.O.P
No. 3ย  Kim Soo Hyun
No. 2ย  Song Joong Ki
No. 1ย  YOO AH IN


Still with his artist crews this whole month, Yoo Ah In’s Studio Concrete produced Tom Greyhound’s campaign magazine again called “Tom Paper” for the 2016 F/W issue. This is their 4th collaboration since 2014. (Check their past collab here). The magazine released the stylish new cover this September 22nd in their Instagram~



In September 22, a lucky fan posted her photo together with the new-military-cut Yoo Ah In at Studio Concrete. How lucky!


September 24, Yoo Ah In posted a nice quote from the 1997 American science fiction film “Gattaca” (starring Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke). This film was the nominee for the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Art Direction and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. This is a quote from Ethan Hawke’s character~


A post shared by ์œ ์•„์ธ/Yoo Ah in๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท (@hongsick) on


And at the same night, the happy camper Yoo Ah In had an outdoor dinner with Studio Concrete crew~^^


Teaser for Studio Concrete’s new fashion line called “CCRT Aerospace” is out featuring lots of models/artists/creative people including Yoo Ah In. But apparently it was a too fast revelation that the uploader deleted it afterwards. Too late, we got it in our little paws, capt! :p Can’t wait for the real catch^^


On September 27, Yoo Ah In attended Paradise ZIP Music Party & Exhibition, and he enjoyed watching rapper Flowsik‘s performance that night. Just like BewhY, Flowsik was one of the contestants from SMTM 5 (Show Me The Money Season 5).


They rubbed shoulders too at the backstage after the performance, and Flowsik posted the proofshot in his instagram account as well~

Seems our Master Sik will be hanging out more with SMTM people in the future ๐Ÿ˜€


We know Yoo Ah In is one of the sweetest men out there, right? Now this latest news of him reveals how polite and humble he is as a person~

On the 27th September broadcast of MBC Video Star, the show invited “villainous queen fatale” actresses as the guest stars, including actress Choi Young Wan.

On this day, the MC jokes and reveals that Choi Young Wan is a wealthy wife. “Choi Young Wan is a wealthy wife now. If you search, her name will come up with Kim Soo Hyun on search engines”. Cho Young Wan explains, “It’s because Kim So Hyun’s cousin is my neighbor. He lives upstairs.”

Then, they talk about how she put their house up for sale. She says she was selling it because the house is huge. She says, “It’s too huge that while cleaning the house I had a slipped disc as a result of cleaning it. So, I put it up for sale and people came to see the house, including Yoo Ah In,” to everyone surprise.


She continues, “Yoo Ah In came and said ‘Hello, sunbae-nim’, and he greeted me with a 90-degree bow. I was so touched and thankful for that. He has such a good manners. He came and saw the house by himself [no assistant/manager], and he came casually dresses in white shirt and sweat pants.” Awww!

[Note: From this interview and her past news, Choi Young Wan has indicated that her residence in Seoungsu-dong, Seoul, was sold to Yoo Ah In. According to a real estate source, in 2014 Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Ah In resided in a 4 thousand million won home called Galleria Fore located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Other resident stars include Choi Young Wan, SM Lee Soo Man, Han Ye Seul, Insooni, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and others. However, Yoo Ah In has moved out to other residence this year. Sorry, stalkers.]


And last but not least, after one year of broadcast, Team “Six Flying Dragons” held a get-together and had a warm reunion dinner around Gyongbokgung, on September 28!

Yoo Ah In was doing some “exclusive” poses here (meaning: covering his face with cap, or sitting far far away at the corner of the table for the bare minimum notice sake :p) with Yoon Kyun Sang, Han Sang Jin, and other actors. Love et!


“Six Flying Dragons” first episode was aired on October 4, 2015, and brought us to a fabulous journey of six months. We are so proud of YOO and the drama ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, Yoo Ah In is gonna turn 30 years old on October 6th, which is few hours away! Our twitter Sikseekers will be having a small twitter party tonight, Oct 5 at 24:oo KST or Oct 6 at 00:00 KST (GMT+7). Come and join us ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Yoo Ah In Day!
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