[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is Sizzling Hot in the 2016 Blue Dragon Awards Commemorative Pictorial + Shares His Thought on the Award

Actor Yoo Ah In tells people the meaning of the Blue Dragon Film Awards to him.

The last year’s Blue Dragon Award winners’ Yoo Ah In, Choi Woo Sik, Oh Dal Su, Lee Jung Hyun, Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Yoo Young, with the two MCs Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Jun Sang, gathered together to participate in a special photo project for the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards Winners Commemorative Photobook with Blue Dragon Film Media Partner, CELEB’S PICK, on October 2016.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards Commemorative Photoshoot for the photobook, along with the Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand-printing Ceremony (see the hand-printing ceremony here), are two events held before the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards takes place. The Blue Dragon Film Awards is a Korean film awards ceremony which established in 1963, and has become the most prestigious film award in Korea with a transparent and fair examination.

We’ve seen the BTS photo where Yoo Ah In and Oh Dal Soo did the hand-wrestling and posed together with Jeon Hye Jin before πŸ˜€


And finally on Friday, November 11th, all the pictorials are out along with a short interview about their impression on the Blue Dragon Awards and the BTS video. Guaranteed, Yoo Ah In is rocking the scruffy face in suit! He and Oh Dal Su is a super adorable pair as well πŸ˜€


Yoo Ah In, Oh Dal Soo, Jeon Hye Jin, All Winners & MCs – Blue Dragon Film Awards Behind The Photoshoot 2016


Supah cute GIF and screencaps πŸ™‚


Yoo Ah In’s Blue Dragon Film Awards special pictorial became Top Trending Topic on Naver, Nate and Daum too~


Now, here’s Yoo Ah In’s interview from the photoshooting location [translated by YAI International Fans Community]~

The year 2015 was the golden era for Yoo Ah In as a result of him standing out as an actor. He and the other winners of the Blue Dragon Film Awards have expressed their thoughts as they participated, for the first time, in this special photoshoot.

Yoo Ah In shared his thoughts, “The Blue Dragon award is an award that I’ve always wanted to receive. And it’s good to be able to remember that glory [honor] of winning it once again.” He added, “I acted alongside Jeon Hye Jin sunbae-nim in ‘Sado’ (‘The Throne’). So I couldn’t be happier for having a beautiful picture taken with her.”

In the photo shooting, Yoo Ah In chose weighty and luxurious textured outfits to match the “Blue Dragon Film Awards” theme. Dolling up a wine velvet slim fit tuxedo, standout wide lapel suit, shiny black suit, and turtleneck, Yoo Ah In showed his stylish yet deeply unique look.

In front of the camera, he reacted swiftly to every shutter sound, revealing his talents [for photoshoots]. Every moment, he reversed his expressions and moods, and the praise from the staff on the set was endless for him.

After the shoot, he told me, “I want to move as much as possible. I would like to move artistically where the results are guaranteed. At that moment, I will feel all the catharsis that I can feel.”

He recalled the memories of his winning moments, “Although the road I’m walking on has never been the fastest way to get recognized, but at least, and because of the Blue Dragon award, I feel acknowledged. I feel that I didn’t choose the wrong path.” [Note: his road is not the fastest because he didn’t take the easy way to stardom and success– the simple and bubbly Hallyu-guaranteed dramas]

With the military enlistment ahead of him, he was chosen for the next movie “Burning” for the award-winning director Lee Chang Dong. About that he said, “In the past, I used to be humble about my works, and I couldn’t call them ‘art’, but I feel differently nowadays. Now I think that acting can truly be called ‘great art’. One just needs to approach it even more sincerely [genuinely].”

So true, Master Sik!


In addition to the special pictorial for the photobook, this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, along with media partner Celeb’s Pick, will feature the Blue Dragon Awards special video.

All the winners completed the special photoshoot in one day. But it was not end there. There was something special about the Blue Dragon Film Awards Commemorative photoshoot. It was a surprise video event for the 2015 winners. This amazing video, titled “Thank You For Your Acting”, was a video showing the appreciation for these actors who have given their good performances to the audience.

Actors who finished the photoshooting were escorted to a separate place for the signing requests, interview requests, and for other different reasons. These unknowingly winners were very surprised, and could not hide their joy when the video clip was played in front of them.

The video contains all of the filmography–the works that the winners have done so far, the cheering clips of their acquaintances, and the messages from fans who have always watched and cheered for them. It’s a very heartfelt and emotional video.

Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Yoo Young couldn’t hold their tears, while other winners said thank you for the supportive messages. “I am really surprised, it feels like a gift that I will never forget forever,” said Lee.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards “Thank You For Your Acting” Video of Yoo Ah In and all the 2015 winners will be released every Friday, from Nov.4, through Celeb’s Pick Naver TV Cast and YouTube channel. The special pictorial will be published in Celeb’s Pick instagram and Facebook as well.

Can’t wait to see Yoo Ah In’s video πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony will be held on November 25th.


Source: Sports Chosun (1),(2)

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