Yoo Ah In is Adorable & Touching in The Blue Dragon Awards Special Photoshoot BTS & “Thank You For Your Acting” Videos

On September 22, 2016, the last year’s Blue Dragon Award winners’ Yoo Ah In, Choi Woo Sik, Oh Dal Su, Lee Jung Hyun, Jeon Hye Jin and Lee Yoo Young, with the two MCs Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Jun Sang, gathered to participate in a special photo project for the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards Winners Commemorative Photobook with the Blue Dragon Film Media Partner, CELEB’S PICK.

The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards Special Photoshoot, along with the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand-printing Ceremony, are two events held prior to the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony. We’ve already seen Yoo Ah In’s in BDA pictorial and the short interview here, which were just released this month.

In addition to the special pictorial, this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, along with media partner Celeb’s Pick, is featuring the Blue Dragon Awards special video titled “Thank You For Your Acting”. This is a surprise video event for the 2015 winners, showing the appreciation from colleagues, families, friends and fans for these actors who have given their good performances to the audience.

Actors who finished the shooting were escorted to a separate place for the signing requests, interview requests, and for other different reasons. Yoo Ah In himself was escorted to another room after the Blue Dragon Awards Handprinting Ceremony. These unknowingly winners were very surprised, and could not hide their joy when the video clip was played in front of them.

The video contains all the filmography–the works that the winners have done so far, the cheering and thank you messages from their acquaintances, family and fans. It’s a very heartfelt, touching and emotional video, that even Yoo Ah In himself was trying really hard to hold back his tears while watching. It’s like he felt the lump in his  throat, and he tapped his chest with his fingers. He was truly touched and moved when he watched his own award speech and the fans “thank you” messages. The video was released just this week. Check it out~


Yoo Ah In – The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards “Thank You For Your Acting”


Here are some screencaps~


And finally, just yesterday the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Celeb’s Pick released Yoo Ah In’s Behind The Photoshoot video and more BTS photos from the photoshoot. Here you go~


Yoo Ah In – The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards Photoshoot BTS


Adorable GIFs and screencaps ensue~^^


Now here’s Sports Chosun BTS report right on the spot~

Blue Dragon Film Awards Behind The Photoshoot Cut, Yoo Ah In Adorable Chemistry: “Aing~♡”

There is a person who fills up a space without a lack even if he appears alone. That actor is Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In garnered double box office last year through “Veteran” and “Sado”. He won the best actor award twelve years after his début in the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards, defeating his seniors, such as Song Kang Ho, Jung Jae Young, Lee Jung Jae, and Hwang Jung Min. The 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards winner special photo project was held to commemorate the unforgettable moments of delight.

One day in September, Yoo Ah In appeared in the photographer Kim Young Joon’s studio in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. As soon as he walked in, he greeted the staff, and with his witty attitude he told his fellow actors (Oh Dal Soo and Jun Hye Jin) that he brought them some drinks. He also adjusted the music volume in the shooting area by himself, to make his own space. The shooting scene was instantly filled by his energy, as if showing “this is the actor’s aura”.

Once the camera rolled, Yoo Ah In became a different person. He had different pose, different eyes, different gestures in each shot, and there was tension surrounded him. Especially when he was shooting with his fellow actors, he would take care of them and created a bond between them. He didn’t just complete a photo shoot, but also carried a story, which earned the staff praise.

Jeon Hye Jin debuted in 1998 through the film “A Killing Story”. As a seasoned actress of 18 years, she won the Blue Dragon Awards best supporting actress last year. She took on the role of Queen Young Bin, Prince Sado’s mother, in “Sado”/”The Throne” (director Lee Jun Ik, actor Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In) and brought audience to tears with her compassionate acting. On the photoshooting day she showed up with her sweet smile. Yoo Ah In was the first who initiated a full respect and affectionate kiss for her, which led to a more gentle atmosphere. Jeon Hye Jin also proved their strong relationship with her sweet and cool response.

The “10 Million Actor” Oh Dal Soo, who always gave strong presence in each of his movies, was honored the best supporting actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards last year, for his role in “Veteran”.

Photographer Kim Young Jun suggested Yoo Ah In and Oh Dal Soo to do a hand-wrestling pose. Yoo Ah In showed his respect to his senior with bright smile, while Oh Dal Su was giving his support calmly. There was a sense of intimacy, respect and bromance. Though it was a short time, but the chemistry of the two brothers were impressed enough to make a movie scene come to life. In the last year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, when Yoo Ah In won best actor award, Oh Dal Soo wanted to congratulate him and stretched out his hand, but Yoo Ah In just passed him by [because he lost track]. So, the hand-wrestling pose was an anecdote from what happened between them last year.


Yoo Ah In special bonus cuts

“Ainie hing~♡” From the naughty to compassionate smile🙂

Even the curtains can’t hide his irresistible beauty

So deadly… Get down the table now. I’m dizzy..ㅜㅜ

Black Ain, full of charisma..


Still looks fine even with this haircut.. This man is one sexy thing.


Artist’s force!


The 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony will be held on November 25th. Yoo Ah In is expected to attend the ceremony presenting the award to the next best actor winner.


Source: sports chosun[1], [2]

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  1. Mari says:

    The first video put tears in my eyes, and the second video made me smile from ear to ear ❤❤❤

  2. Sofie says:

    OMG he’s so adorable, lovely and so full of gratefulness. Love him!

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