Yoo Ah In Throws Some Snow App Cuteness in “CCRT AEROSPACE” BTS, More Photos Reveal

Studio Concrete’s art-fashion brand “CCRT AEROSPACE” throws in some teasers for its first movie, the “Fragile”, through their instagram everyday since the launching.

Yoo Ah In collaborated with “Bleak Night” award-winning director Yoon Sung Hyun for this art film. The prologue episode “FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE OR” by CCRT Aerospace, a new label for the artist group Studio Concrete, will be released for the first time in Mnet Asian Music Awards, Hong Kong, December 2nd.

Not only teasers, the art brand also revealed behind-the-scene photos and short clips. Some more BTS photos are published exclusively by VOGUE Korea for December issue as well.

What’s more special is that Yoo Ah In’s stylist-friend shared a precious clip of Yoo Ah In playing around with SNOW app 😀 Let’s check them out~^^

Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete filming CCRT AEROSPACE in Namyangju and Gimpo International Airport from Oct 22 to Oct 26. Here are CCRT Aerospace teasers & BTS~


In addition, CCRT Aerospace released a series of photos from the candlelight vigil event held by thousands of protesters in Seoul Gwanghwamu Square on Nov.19, the day when Yoo Ah In took part in mass rally calling for president resignation. The series really looks like a galaxy or outer space!

Actress Jung Yumi sent a food truck to CCRT Aerospace filming location outside Seoul, October 24. (Yoo Ah In was the one who was standing with back on the camera)~

On the banner, Jung Yumi wrote all the Studio Concrete artist team with ♥ icon, a happy birthday to Yoo Ah In and wished them to eat well. So sweet~^^


Yoo Ah In shooting in Fifty Fifty Gallery, Seoul, Oct 26~


One of the artists who collaborated with Studio Concrete’s CCRT Aeroproject is the famous Gayageum and Sanjo Master/Guru Hwang Byung Ki. Hwang Byung Ki is the foremost South Korean player of the gayageum, a 12-string zither with silk strings. Hwang is also a composer and an authority on Korean sanjo, a form of traditional Korean instrumental music. Studio Concrete’s CCRT AEROSPACE “Fragile” movie is using his music as the BGM! Check the two videos again and listen to the music~



Just recently, Hwang posted two photos of him and Yoo Ah In in his house and doing the photoshoot together for VOGUE Korea, in his own website. Under the photo, he wrote about his upcoming exhibition in Studio Concrete and about Yoo Ah In. Here it is:

“On the 19th of November, at 7:30pm, I will be performing the “Maze” piece at Hannam-dong Studio Concrete. Studio Concrete is an exhibition space for actor Yoo Ah In.

I went out to a photography studio for a photoshoot that will be in the monthly magazine [Vogue]. This 80 year-old man has changed into these ridiculous clothes, and they kept on pressing the camera shutter.

Between Yoo Ah In and I, there’s a 50-year age gap.. This 81-year-old man, who can’t even grasp the subject, wonders what he is trying to do with a 31-year-old guy [he’s using Korean age], the greatest actor of this generation… Really, that’s pitiful.”

[Note: He used an archaic sarcastic structure for “that’s pitiful”. By “pitiful” he’s being self-deprecating about his old age. It’s like he’s saying: “it’s a pity that this young man, the best actor of his generation, is collaborating with me, just an old man who has no clue and past his prime”] This man is truly amazing!


Yoo Ah In shared CCRT Aerospace pictorial in his instagram with caption: “shaddy kidz” on Oct 28~

Shady kidz

A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on


VOGUE Korea also shared CCRT Aerospace BTS for Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete coverage. Here are some more CCRT Aerospace BTS by Vogue Korea~

We will post Yoo Ah In pictorial in VOGUE Korea after this post 🙂


Amidst the super hectic filming works, Yoo Ah In could still find the time to play. He took his stylist’s phone and played with the SNOW app during the shooting break 😀

On the 23rd October, his stylist posted Yoo Ah In’s SNOW app clip in instagram. Judging from his schedule that week, Yoo Ah In recorded his action around the second week of October during CCRT Aerospace movie shooting. He was super adorable showing off his puppy love in various expressions we just wanna squish him in our pocket 😂 Check it out~ [note: make sure you login your twitter account]


Sooo frikking cute! 😀

Adorable screencaps and GIFs ensue~


It’s so amazing that Yoo Ah In could manage to work together with one of the best directors Yoon Sung Hyun and the legend Hwang Byung Ki for Studio Concrete project! Of course, we can’t forget about his collaboration with BewhY. Let’s give them all applause! 

Check more photos in our Facebook in album “Studio Concrete – CCRT Aerospace Project”


Translations by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Photos: Vogue Korea, CCRT Aerospace, instagram

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Throws Some Snow App Cuteness in “CCRT AEROSPACE” BTS, More Photos Reveal”
  1. Laura says:

    How can he be effin smart and adorbs at the same time? >.<

  2. Sofie says:

    UGH. That snow app is the dead of me. He’s too cute for words!

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  2. […] “None of us would like that prejudice. It’s so meaningful to take Teacher Hwang Byung Ki [in the project] this time. A white-haired old man who was born in 1936, whose music went across the years, through ages, and still reflects the [present] time- I think that this is all like a movement. I thought a lot about how to accurately project and express this movement in our works shown in the exhibition.” [Note: Yoo Ah In thinks Hwang Byung Ki’s music piece that he created in 1975 still reflects today’s society. Hwang Byung Ki is the foremost Gayageum and Sanjo player in South Korea. Studio Concrete’s Ccrt Aerospace “Fragile” movie is using his music as the BGM. Read about Yoo Ah In and Hwang’s photoshoot for Vogue here] […]

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