Yoo Ah In & Studio Concrete Interview in W Korea, December 2016: “My responsibility as an actor is to keep an eye on reality”

Previously reported, Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete have been featured in W magazine (U.S/global edition) October, and W Korea November issue. But it seems W magazine still has not enough of them yet, so both Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete are featured for the third time this year in W Korea December 2016 issue, including the digital version πŸ™‚


[UPDATE 16/12/06] Yoo Ah In – W Korea December K-POP World Vol.2 BTS

W Korea December photoshoot BTS



Screencaps from W Korea digital version~^^


Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete are featured in the K-pop world section under “Fashion” article in W Korea, December 2016. Here are the translations~


As of 2016, their portraits built a scene of Korean culture. The Seoulites that W.Magazine.com and W Korea met together.

Actor, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, editor. A group of young people in their early 30s, who has something in common in taste and interests, perception of reality, andΒ  worldview, old friends who often gathered, played, went drinking, and debated about the reality of the times, the role of youth and art. “Don’t you want to do meaningful things and earn money for what you can do well?” The aggressive suggestions that Yoo Ah In threw at them became the power to put the dreams of these dreamers together into reality. Co-founder/president Cha Hae Young tried to make the concept into reality like playing a jigsaw puzzle, and friends like Kim Jae Hoon, Kwon Chul Hwa, Kwon Bada, and Casper Kang naturally became the team members. Studio Concrete, a creative group of creators, artists agency and gallery, started out this way. Not only the art fashion labels CCRT Aerospace and 1 TO 10 Series, they worked on other profit businesses as well, such as becoming the creative consultant and editor for Tom Greyhound “Tom Paper” magazine, Lucky Chouette fashion campaigns, and then they return the profits to society through collaboration with Nohant ‘Hangeul X English’ fashion project.Β  For Studio Concrete that mixes work and life, which is gradually laying out a broader and solid field, the only thing they need right now is a little breathe. [Note: because they’ve been working in a high speed/rhythm in developing the studio all this time, they need a time to keep up their balance too]

Q: What is the advantage of working with friends?

Casper Kang: Originally, I wasn’t the kind of person who like to mingle with others, but now I belong to a team, and to me it is very magical. These are friends who are not afraid of new challenges, and we all learn from each other and filling in the gaps.

Kwon Chul Hwa: Loving this group sincerely is our driving force. I get energy from the desire not to play alone but to care and to help each other. Next year, I would like to make our team more solid and stronger.

Q: What are the common interests and secrets that tie you all together?

Kwon Bada: Political issues, aesthetic discussions, Carl Sagan and the universe … And, we have a lot of conversations on various topics about what kind of influence we can make to the world. We discuss a lot about how to convey our direction to the people who come to the exhibition space.

Q: What is the most troubling aspect to the studio operations these days?

Cha Hae Young: The core of Concrete is the identity of an artist group. If this core is solid, you can even build a hotel there and develop some applications [if the core is strong enough, the studio can expand into bigger entity]. Nowadays, I am worried that I need to find a good way to match our good intentions. The nature of leaders is urgency. So when they speak today, the staff will try keeping up with their pace and have to think about what to do/carry out tomorrow, and so on. Everyone is tired because we try to move ahead of our considerations in budget, human resource, and promotion realities. I plan to manage a reorganization after we’re done with what we have planned until March next year.

Q: You have a lot of discussions about times/age and reality. But where do you think the so-called Seoul space is beautiful?

Kim Jae Hoon: When you come back from abroad, you will find Seoul beautiful. Then we will come to Studio Concrete right away (laugh). I believe there is a part where we can make this city more beautiful.

Q. It seems that you are willingly/gladly volunteered for the role of the “head figure” of the crew.

Yoo Ah In: This group, called Studio Concrete, sometimes feel like a body with twenty arms and thirty legs. Although I’m an independent person who can live alone, but when I’m together with my girlfriend, I feel like we are intertwined together. Because we are not perfect, we need and trust each other. My responsibility as an actor is to keep an eye on reality, while contemplating the proper use of my influence. With those friends, we experiment and challenge ourselves with novelty, instead of just copying the already proven beauty.

[Translations Note: Yoo Ah In is using his relationship with his girlfriend as a metaphor to describe his strong relationship with his Studio Concrete friends. Though he’s independent and can live alone, he prefers living with his girlfriend. He thinks that he and his girlfriend are intertwined like a one entity. They complement and need each other. They are better and more complete when they are together. The same could be said about the team members of Studio concrete. As friends, they are inseparable. And they are better when they are united]


Source: W Korea

Screencaps: pljoon

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  1. twastlove says:

    Oh wow he finally mention his gf!! Who’s the luckiest girl tho?πŸ˜‚ I’m happy if he’s happy!! Also so proud with him and his co workersπŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Laura says:

    The “girlfriend” hit me hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That’s the first time he ever mentioned it voluntarily without being asked, AFAIK. He must be really serious about their relationship. Sad for me but so happy for YOO ❀ Thank you for the translations team YAI ^^

  3. Mari says:

    Ouch… he lives together with his girlfriend? Awww *sobs* but I’m happy though. Yes yes I’m happy! *convinces self* *heart is breaking*

  4. neener123 says:

    These articles is knowing the artist, art enthusiast and creator side of him. Thank you for these updates admin! Will keep on looking the older posts to get to him more haha

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