Yoo Ah In Turns Into A Life Art For VOGUE Korea’s Twin Covers, December 2016

On October 2015, Yoo Ah In became the first male actor that grace the front covers of Vogue. He was the first to break the stereotype of a female model front cover for a fashion magazine. It is also unprecedented that there were three different versions of Vogue cover for Yoo Ah In. (See here).

This year, December 2016, Vogue brings back Yoo Ah In again to grace its cover, not one but two versions of the Collector’s Edition!

The tagline says “You Are In Space”, referring to Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete newly launched fashion line and upcoming art film “CCRT Aerospace”.

The first cover version flaunts Yoo Ah In’s very delicate and beautiful side profile (with gorgeous neck line) as he looks far into the distance.


The second cover is more unique as it turns him to a life art. According to Vogue, this is a surprise project for the December issue with Yoo Ah In as the model. In this project, Yoo Ah Inβ€²s face is formed by orange clay creating the plaster mask, and appears to be an art piece of sculpture! Whooaa..superb!


So, no that’s not a photoshop πŸ˜€ Check how they made the clay sculpture out of Yoo Ah In’s face in this video~

Yoo Ah In – Vogue December 2016 Cover Making


Besides gracing the covers, Yoo Ah In and his artist group of Studio Concrete have a long interview for Vogue magazine too.

In the interview, Yoo Ah In shares his thoughts on working in two worlds; as an actor Yoo Ah In and a Studio Concrete creative director Uhm Hong Sik, such as how both worlds influence each other and affect him as well.

Yoo Ah In says, “In the end, what moves me the most is my own personal desire, for instance; what makes me a good person. But it will always fall within the range of my activities as actor Yoo Ah In. I want to expand the consciousness of people, I want to experiment and grow through those experiments, and I feel a great reward when I do it. Even if I didn’t work in Studio Concrete, the keywords I chose would be ‘youth’ and ‘growth’, and these reflects in my works as well. I have a tremendous resentment about going into and out of the same existing conventional benchmark.”

“Finding new things while shattering my senses, my taste, my sensibility, and trying to evolve, is similar to my attitude when I first began as an actor. At first I also approached art from the concept of artworks. I wonder if it would be nice if people could put cheap yet decent artwork next to their bed, as if putting that level of value in their life. But now, my experimental attitude seems to have gotten stronger,” he says.

Yoo Ah In adds, “I got a new perspective on acting and the actor’s activity. I have passed through the ‘life is the best acting instructor’ chapter, and I take art to my personal research. And while I’m doing the parallel roles altogether -[Studio Concrete] business and acting- as [director] Uhm Hong Sik or [actor] Yoo Ah In, I found that it has a fatal impact on myself. What is a movie, what is acting, why do I do it, what my acting made of, and what I can do about it- I keep thinking about them. Eventually, as a person who has an influence, I’m concerned about what’s good to share to people.”

The magazine also gives the sneak peek on art film CCRT Aerospace behind-the-scene. We’ll post the full interview and photos soon πŸ™‚


Source: Vogue Korea

5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Turns Into A Life Art For VOGUE Korea’s Twin Covers, December 2016”
  1. Mari says:

    Got goosebump watching the video. He is a masterpiece according to Vogue editor in chief πŸ‘

  2. Laura says:

    YAI himself is an art ❀ Can't wait to read more Vogue interview with him

  3. Yasuyo says:

    He, himself is a masterpiece… I agree! Can I have this orange sculpture on my desk?^^;

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