Yoo Ah In’s shocking struggle with bone tumor: UAA says recovery is possible, colleagues speak up + netizens comment

A sudden information was obtained by the media earlier this Wednesday from “the hospital insider” regarding Yoo Ah In’s recent military service and health issues. [Note: It’s illegal to have access to medical records without the consent of the patient and guardian, however certain Korean media or hospital insider is revealing Yoo Ah In’s personal medical records]

Yoo Ah In has been confirmed to be diagnosed with a bone tumor, according to media reports, followed by his agency. A bone tumor is a tumor that develops in the bones and includes any cartilage associated with it, it usually appears in the joint of the bones. Abnormal growths found in the bone can be either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). If it is benign or not serious, it can be treated regularly and surgically removed.

We managed to gather several information from Newsen, Naver, and Nate, so that you’ll get the bigger -if not the whole- picture of his real condition, plus how the Korean netizens react to it.

Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Naver – “Yoo Ah In’s shocking struggle with bone tumor, the reason for the postponement of the army physical examination is revealed”

While he has been postponed by the military several times lately, the curiosity for the reason behind that has grown. It was confirmed that the top star Yoo Ah In is suffering from a bone tumor. Although some have raised doubts of military evasion and a controversy took place, but according to the results of our coverage, the facts were different from the rumors.

The idea of Yoo Ah In having a bone tumor has started to become known around a hospital in Gangdong-gu where he was attending. After repeated reports, an informant/source [from the hospital] said, “He has a bone tumor. Right now he’s at the early stage of the disease.” The same facts are also stated in the medical certificate attached to the physical examination for his enlistment at the military manpower administration, ‘the prognosis for bone tumor’ was serious for them to postpone making the verdict on his enlistment. Through Yoo Ah In’s news coverage, “Yoo Ah In suffering from bone tumor” was the title close to reality.

  • Was an injury while filming the reason for the bone tumor?

Yoo Ah In was reexamined for the third time at the Daegu Regional Military Manpower Administration on December the 15th last year, yet he received a “military grade hold”. The reason is related to an accident that happened during filming. In the 2013 movie [Tough As Iron], Yoo Ah In ruptured the muscle on his right shoulder during filming of an action scene. In 2014, during the filming of action scenes in Veteran, the injuries was deteriorated. One film official said, “During filming of Veteran, there has always been a massage therapist by Yoo Ah In’s side. After the massage, he went right into filming. And after filming, his arm would be shaking. I remember asking him, ‘do you have a cold?'”

His diagnosis with bone tumor happened during the process of receiving an orthopedic treatment for a filming accident. It has been reported that he has been doing a combination therapy. [Note: combination therapy or poly-therapy is therapy that uses more than one medication or modality. Typically, these terms refer to using multiple therapies to treat a single disease, and often all the therapies are pharmaceutical].

The first grade hold was in December 2015 and the second hold was in May 2016. The third round was in December last year, and the fourth round is scheduled for March. In May 2015, the Military Manpower Administration reported the results of the medical examination as “six months of follow-up observation is necessary.” In the second re-examination in May 2016, it was decided that “observation of the injured area is necessary”. In December 2016, the results of the third physical checkup, were again “a follow-up and a biopsy of the humeral head cyst is necessary”, and the decision remained on hold. The upper humeral head refers to the upper end of the upper arm bones or the ball portion of the joint. Most of the cysts [cyst means ‘growth’] are benign and don’t affect one’s health, but they also develop into cancer or pre-cancerous lesions.

  • Online hate comments are more painful than a bone tumor.

Kim Jun Hyuk the orthopedic surgeon from the National Cancer Center Bone Marrow Tumor Clinic, after verifying the details of our report, has said, “The term bone tumor refers to a bone cyst in medical terms. In addition, aneurysmal cysts can cause serious illnesses such as bone breakage. The progress of the disease should be monitored carefully”. [Medical note: Aneurysmal bone cyst, abbreviated ABC, is an osteolytic bone neoplasm (tumor) characterized by several sponge-like blood or serum filled, generally non-endothelialized spaces of various diameters]

Yoo Ah In’s agency told reporters today, the 15th of February, regarding questions about Yoo Ah In’s bone tumor onset, “We don’t know about the actor’s private/personal details”. The agency’s response was, “we don’t know”. It was not a refuting, “no”.

In December last year, an official of the Military Manpower Administration said, “Orthopedic surgeons are still required to observe the injured area and the humeral head cysts. The medical examination level of the Yoo Ah In is 7th grade. He will be re-examined in March.”

His agency has stated, “Yoo Ah In began to receive physical examinations for the Military Service and delayed the contracts of works and advertisements in consideration of enlistment. Even with a contract, he set a limit of six months. As a result of the re-examination by the MMA, it was repeatedly said ‘with the current situation, his military service grading can’t be figured out’.”

And some people have raised discussions about the ‘enlistment evasion’ and how it is ‘unfair’. One famous actor who has worked with Yoo Ah In has also commented about the enlistment evasion story, “Those who say that don’t know Yoo Ah In. Joining the military is like a mission to him.” [Note: the actor says that Yoo Ah In is extremely serious about enlistment. It’s like a calling/a mission to him]

Yoo Ah In was born in 1986 and is 32 years old in Korean age this year. He is battling an illness now. But what makes it more painful for him is the “online hate comments” attacks that raises doubts about him attempting a military evasion.


Newsen – UAA: “News about bone tumor are correct. With treatment, a recovery is possible”

An official from Yoo Ah In’s side has said today, on the 15th of February, “It’s correct that he is suffering from a bone tumor. However, it’s an illness from which he can recover when treated. The problem is whether he can be enlist in the future. We will give more details soon.”

For the the time being, according to Yoo Ah In’s side, his condition is not in a critical state. But it has caused the fans to worry. Some even are having concerns about the misleading information (in the media). An accurate description of his current condition will be disclosed in details shortly.

UAA also added that they regretted the hospital record being leaked, because it is a personal and private information.


Nate published an article regarding the gravity of exposing one’s medical information. One extra line has been mentioned by his agency, “Yoo Ah In is waiting for the re-examination date regardless of the bone tumor diagnosis”.

According to Nate, there is no change in his willingness to perform the military service. It is said that even if the bone tumor fact has not been revealed, Yoo Ah In would have performed military service.


Yoo Ah In’s update on health issue became the trending topic in Naver


Having read these news, many Korean netizens (especially those who have spitted hateful comments or accused him for evading the military) sent supportive comments to Yoo Ah In πŸ™‚ Over 5 thousand comments with over 19 thousand upvotes were posted under the Naver article:

[+19020, -657] Heol… Get well soon please γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 

[+17254, -1191] To those who called him names: reflect!

[+11855, -505] Heol…

[+11860, -1327] I’m really sorry….swearing seems so cheap now.. [note: this person apologizes for actually calling him names about his military issue]

[+7525, -482] γ„· γ„· γ„· γ„· [sound of fear]

[+3540, -231] Don’t write hate comments to a person who is in pain… when I have a family member or someone close who is in pain, I don’t know what to say to the person who is hurting.

[+3105, -202] If the bone tumor is serious, the enlistment is not an issue.

[+2805, -234] To the kids who don’t know what they are doing, and who write hate comments : take this opportunity to reflect

[+2457, -193] Netizens are the ones who spread the disease and the ones who cure them [with words]

[+2299, -187] I apologize for saying stuff hastily. But before we know it’s a bone tumor, I thought that he just didn’t want to enlist. There are many Koreans who are like that [trying to evade enlistment] γ… γ… 

[+2059, -138] Bones can be broken [due to the tumor]?? Isn’t it really serious??

[+1802, -90] Get well soon!


Thank God for always protecting Yoo Ah In. He’s a good person and he doesn’t deserve the hates and false accusation. We can say that the hospital leaking his current condition is a blessing in disguise. Praying the tumor is benign and it’s curable at the earliest possible time! Amen!

Please send your message of courage and prayers to Yoo Ah In’s instagram and twitter accounts. You can write in your own language, for I believe he understands the love that we’re sending to him πŸ™‚ Let’s send him all the good vibes in the world, keep him in our prayers and may God protect him always!


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13 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s shocking struggle with bone tumor: UAA says recovery is possible, colleagues speak up + netizens comment”
  1. Mari says:

    This.just.breaks.my heart 😭😭😭 Can’t imagine the pain he suffered all this time.. But, we gotta keep the positive thought. He’ll be healed. Thanks a LOT for the efforts of translating and constant updates on his condition πŸ™ My prayers go to him.

  2. youarein says:

    Get well soon one of my fave actor. My heart hurts 😭😭😭

  3. Manguyen says:

    πŸ™ for your healing and speedy recovery. My heart is aching. 😘

  4. Vitana says:

    I do love your talent! You must recover soon and start to play again, because you are the best Korean actor and many roles awaiting for you. God bless you with good health!

  5. Jennifer says:

    We pray for your recovery. Stay strong and get well for the many things you want to do with your talents. We await your next career peak anxiously but most of all, we hope you stay happy and healthy. Love you!

  6. Laura says:

    β€œThose who say that don’t know Yoo Ah In. Joining the military is like a mission to him.” Bless this senior actor!!

    β€œYoo Ah In is waiting for the re-examination date regardless of the bone tumor diagnosis. According to Nate, there is no change in his willingness to perform the military service. It is said that even if the bone tumor fact has not been revealed, Yoo Ah In would have performed military service.” And bless YAI!!

  7. shamrockmom3 says:

    Even a benign tumor is cause for concern depending on its location. My son had one in his leg years ago. I pray that YAI will have his tumor disappear just like my son’s did and he can go on to doing more of what he wants in life. We should all pray for his family too; they must be quite anxious over this news. While I can understand he wants to serve his time in the military, I hope that his health is the first consideration of the health officials and the fans. Stay strong!

    Thanks Furbabe for the updates! I can always rely on your site for the straight scoop.

    • Furbabe says:

      YOO are welcome, and thank you for sharing your son’s story, shamrockmom3 πŸ™‚ I’m glad he’s healthy now. Praying that YAI will recover completely and continue living his life to the fullest ❀

  8. rochiel says:

    prayers for him and complete healing..God Bless YAI..

  9. Yasuyo says:

    I cannot stop crying with this article. How painful such hate comments are in addition to his health condition. And how deep his inner struggle for the postponed enlistment. May God protect YAI!!!!!

  10. Ana-Maria says:

    Get Well soon!!!

  11. zaini says:

    get well soon

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