[FULL TRANSLATIONS] Bone tumor is benign: Yoo Ah In releases his own official statement + Netizens support

It escalated quickly in less than 24 hours, and praise the Lord we got a good news. Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor, but it is benign.

Due to the overwhelming reaction of the public, Yoo Ah In’s rep once again stepped up to explain further. However, despite the clarifications, misunderstandings have also risen due to misleading reports. Therefore, Yoo Ah In wrote his own letter to clarify his situation and did the better job than what his agency had been doing in the clarification department.

On February 16th morning, a source from Yoo Ah In’s side stated, “It is true that he received a bone tumor diagnosis. It is not malignant, but benign. There are no difficulties in his day-to-day life. We are watching his prognosis. We never said that he was ‘battling his illness’, and we don’t know where that phrase came from.”

The source continued, saying, “Yoo Ah In’s health is currently okay. His medical condition is not severe. We hope there will be no more misunderstandings regarding his diagnosis. It is true that he has a fracture, but it is a different story from his bone tumor [the fracture wasn’t caused by the tumor]. There are some opinions that say the two are completely unrelated. There is nothing hugely abnormal about his health.

“Yoo Ah In is classified as someone who will be re-examined by the Military Manpower Administration and is waiting for his re-examination. He is simply following the administration’s procedures. We ask that you refrain from any broad interpretations or incorrect diagnoses.”

Meanwhile, one media source used a quote from a hospital source, saying that Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor and was battling an illness. Since then, rumors of Yoo Ah In “battling his disease” started to spread. However, the agency stated that they never used the phrase to describe his diagnosis.

Some media covered Yoo Ah In’s news that morning:

Dispatch: “Yoo Ah In – bone tumor is benign, will enlist nonetheless”

It was further revealed by UAA today that fortunately the tumor is known to be benign. The potential for amelioration [improvement or to become better] is sufficient. Depending on the progress of treatment, active enlistment is possible.

Upon the people reactions on his yesterday’s shocking news, Yoo Ah In’s representative said, “It’s an over-interpretation. It’s a benign tumor, and it can be cured. Yoo Ah In still commits to the military service. The suspension of military judgment is not the evasion of military service, Yoo Ah In wants to enlist in a healthy state.”

Daum: Following Yoo Ah In’s latest update on his health and military enlistment issues, Daum revealed another shocking news that Yoo Ah In was enduring severe pain during the Blue Dragon Awards Hand-printing Ceremony due to the dislocated collarbone incident, but he hid it anyway and went on with the event all the way.

Last year in November, and prior too the Blue Dragon Hand-printing ceremony, YAI suffered a complete fracture in his collarbone they were completely dislocated. And it was extremely painful. His agency clarified that the dislocated collarbone incident isn’t related to his bone tumor. It was simply an accident (glad they cleared that up. We worried that they were related, because bone tumor does cause the bones to become weaker). They say he fell on the ground and hurt himself.

He could have cancelled going to the event, but he didn’t. He wanted to honor his promise. He took painkillers, and kept his smile on. And he didn’t reveal this incident. He did so fearing that it might draw another controversy on his enlistment. This is the actor’s will. He didn’t want to be misinterpreted or suspected of taking advantage on his illness or injury. With sincere heart, he believes: ‘I must go to the army’.

Oh My News: Yoo Ah In will receive the physical re-examination for the fourth time this March. Oh My News quoted as saying, “Yoo Ah In’s side has revealed that he is going to be reexamined on the date the military has decided. Who can throw stones at Yoo Ah In, who is burning and determined to enlist, despite his struggle with illness?

So far, the language in all the articles are praising him. Because, despite his battle with bone tumor, he is still eager to be reexamined regardless. It’s also mentioned in other articles that bone tumor doesn’t qualify as a reason for enlistment exemption.

In respond to the controversy, on February 16th afternoon Yoo Ah In released his own official statement addressing his health and the military service problems. Here are the full translations:

Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


This is actor Yoo Ah In.

Recently, there has been a controversy over my military service with the media reports about my work return and health problems. Despite the announcement made by the officials at the agency, and as I watched the controversy persists, I became more and more aware of the fact that the details of my personal military service fulfillment must be shared transparently with the public in the public sphere in accordance with social demands. I would like to answer the voices of many who have showed their interest and concerns, and I’d like to clarify my position on the evident facts about the delay in fulfilling my military service obligations and the current controversy. Prior to this, I’d like to express my serious concerns and regrets about the leakage of personal medical information by a third party other than the parties concerned.

In the year 2013, I got injured during filming an action scene in the movie ‘Tough as Iron’, and suffered a rupture in the muscle on the right shoulder. In 2014, during the filming of the film ‘Veteran”s action scene, the pain in the injured area has intensified, causing a relapse.

During that situation, the time of the military enlistment was near. So I carefully followed various treatments and continued with my activities. However, the pain in the injured area and the discomfort during excessive physical activity persisted. In 2015, I was undergoing an MRI scan for the affected area and was diagnosed with right shoulder ‘muscle rupture (SLAP)’. In addition, during the examination, a ‘bone tumor’ was found in the area attached to the rotator cuff joint of the same shoulder, and it was concluded that it requires careful observation.

According to the expert’s opinion on my physical condition at the time, I was not able to perform the normal military duty. In December 2015, the medical certificate was submitted to the Daegu Regional Military Manpower Administration. And after going through the physical examination, I received a grade 7 verdict, which means a grading hold. It is a judgment to be given to a person who is under the military service examination and who needs a follow-up observation for an injury or a disease. It is not an ‘alternative service’ judgment that is equivalent to the fourth grade of military service, nor is it a fifth grade ‘military service exemption’.

If there is any injury or illness that may affect the military service decision, the Military Manpower Administration will ask the person who is to be conscripted to bring a medical certificate and take a re-physical examination by a specialist at a designated hospital. The results will be thoroughly checked by the Military Medical Officer and the Inspector of the Military Medical Center.

I continued with the treatment and checkups on the injured areas, but the symptoms were repeated. The results of the test showed that unlike normal benign tumors, an abnormal development of bone tumor was observed, and if these symptoms persist, it could lead to a fatal damage to the shoulder joint. In December 2015 and May 2016, and based on the expert’s opinion and the examiner’s judgment, I was given the seventh grade verdict as a result of the draft physical examination.

After that, I got an additional injury that broke the left clavicle bone two days before the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand-printing ceremony in November. And since a male celebrity’s injury or health problem is easily misunderstood as a means to avoid military service, and in order to avoid unnecessary controversy due to my persistent illnesses and additional injuries, I chose to absorb my health issue, to keep my schedule intact, and not to disclose any of my health problems and detailed situations to the press. Then, on December the 15th, after the re-physical examination, I received the result of the seventh grade of military service judgment again.

I think it’s best to clarify my health problems and the postponement to perform my military service obligations. I am deeply reflecting on my choice for silence as the only true shield to avoid the controversy and image damage that directly affect my life as an actor in the Korean society [note: he regrets staying silent during the controversy. He thinks that he should have explained things earlier]. According to the MMA, the current Military Service Act defines men under the age of 36 as eligible for military service. Currently, I am continuing my daily life with the rehabilitation treatment and the observation of my injury with no major problems at all. Although that can’t be predicted accurately, but the fracture injury will heal naturally. And if the abnormal development of the bone tumor does not progress any further, it seems that the fulfillment of my military service obligations will become fully possible. I have an iron determination/firm commitment to this.

Through this controversy, which is a complex entanglement of individual desires and accomplishments, and social obligations and demands, I have once again deeply felt [became keenly aware] the weight and responsibility of my work and the life that it entails. And I’d like to accept all the controversy that is related to this issue as a natural reality that I have to endure.

I am also well aware of the disillusionment of the Korean people who have watched many examples of some privileged individuals and celebrities constantly trying to evade their military enlistment. We can’t demand to enjoy life more, to have greater rights and better treatment, yet forsake our obligations as citizens. It was remiss of me not to show the people my continuous and additional health problems due to unexpected illnesses and careless self-management. I am deeply saddened by the fact that my issue has become a catalyst to deepen the worries of many people and spread the controversy that stimulates national sentiment that is sensitive to military problems. I sincerely apologize to everyone who has watched my journey with love and attention.

Like everyone else, my body is like a vessel for my soul. It’s a wall that collides with the outside world. At the same time, it is a tool to express my inner world. My injuries and health problems that created the controversy are my misfortune, but they are never a tool for military evasion. Personally, I find the reality, that my misfortune is a matter which makes me seek forgiveness from others, very difficult. But I would like to accept this as my duty as an actor who grows and flourishes through the concerns and love of the public.

I will carry out my duty as a professional who has the social influence, and I will fulfill my obligation as a citizen by washing away the concerns of many people who have been hurt by the controversy. I will strive to exist as a member of a healthy society.

Thank you


Yoo Ah In’s sincere letter has drawn overwhelming support and attention from many Koreans. He became NO.1 trending topic on Naver~


The Dispatch article received over 4 thousand comments, 19 thousand upvotes, with majority readers of 37% males in 30s. This is the first time ever, a celebrity’s clarification letter got super overwhelmingly positive reactions and supports from Korean netizens. It goes to show that they believe in Yoo Ah In’s sincerity and understand his situation.

Netizens comments on Dispatch

[+19101, -850] I always think of this..he really writes well

[+16507, -822] “My misfortune is a matter which makes me seek forgiveness from others”- this part really broke my heart. How hard must have it been for him?

[+14001, -995] What’s this?! A man with a cool mind and looks?!

[+11319, -496] I hope that you get well soon…

[+9174, -467] I wish you a quick recovery ㅠㅠ I’m Cheering for you!

[+2684, -198] “Personally, I find the reality, that my misfortune is a matter which makes me seek forgiveness from others, very difficult”- this part felt really depressing….at the same time, he wrote it very well. I’m surprised.

[+2642, -210] “Like everyone else, my body is like a vessel for my soul. It’s a wall that collides with the outside world. At the same time, it is a tool to express my inner world”- Yoo Ah In was born to be an actor..and if he were a writer, he would have succeeded too.

[+2349, -229] Even if he’s receiving the treatment, it still gets hurt. It’s a pity that dumb people make you tired.

[+2,186, -178] He tried multiple times to be able to serve… this is why you should never write hate comments about someone without knowing the full picture. It must’ve been so hard for him.

[+2,141, -222] I don’t know why people have to be so mean anyway when he’s sick. He said he’s going to get his treatment and serve.

[+1,949, -189] He never refused to serve, just wanted to finish his treatments before he did and yet people still threw a fuss over it. I feel so bad for him.

A lady in instagram, shared her heartfelt words about Yoo Ah In’s statement

Caption: “Yoo Ah In is an actor who writes well, has profound acting skills and thoughts, and puts his thoughts into actions. Normally writing stems from thoughts. How deep have his thoughts been? His writings seems to show his values, his everything. Yesterday in my French class [she studies French], I boasted to my French teacher about actor Yoo Ah In for 10 minutes! He dedicates his whole body when he acts. How I wish that his pain would stop. No one needs to be in pain. Below is one of his recent posts that I like. I pray that the nonsense of the Parksamo [President Park Geun Hye’s fansclub] doesn’t hurt him. Stay strong… I’m rooting for you.” [Then she quoted the last three paragraphs in his statement]

Once again a positive thought:  it’s a blessing in disguise. If he hadn’t have the shoulder fracture, he wouldn’t have known or been identified that he has a tumor. He was diagnosed at the earlier stage, and thanks God, the tumor is benign. Even so, abnormal benign weakens the bone, and as his doctor said, could lead to fatal damage to the shoulder joints. Therefore, he does need further observations. Last but not least, although he doesn’t have to apologize for having a tumor(!!), his decision to still release his statement was right/he did the right thing, because now people are aware of and understand his situation better. And thank God for the majority who support him.

Let’s keep praying for Yoo Ah In’s health so that he’ll recover completely soon!

PS: Send your message of courage and prayers to Yoo Ah In’s instagram and twitter accounts. You can write in your own language, since I believe he understands the love that we’re sending to him 🙂 Let’s send him all the good vibes in the world, keep him in our prayers and may God protect him always!


© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.


23 Responses to “[FULL TRANSLATIONS] Bone tumor is benign: Yoo Ah In releases his own official statement + Netizens support”
  1. Laura says:

    He’s a hella good writer indeed. It really breaks my heart reading “my misfortune is a matter which makes me seek forgiveness from others” >.< Yes, he expresses himself SO well and Koreans KNOW it. If there's still any dumb people trying to drag him down, they're the absolute oxymorons and heartless to the bone with a dangerous cancerous heart.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am amazed at the eloquence of this writing and the depth of his thinking. Very well clarified by YAI and credit to the sassy translator who managed to convey the translated text so well.

      May I ask if the sassy translator is Korean? I do not know the Korean language but I can imagine how difficult it must be as a direct translation of most languages (especially one as poetic as the Korean language). I am curious of the general writing style of young Koreans in YAI age group. Is he way beyond his age when it comes to conveying his thoughts in writing?

      • Furbabe says:

        Hi Jennifer! Our Sassy (yet lovely) translator isn’t a Korean, but she loves Yoo Ah In so much that she learns Korean and translates quite many of his news/writings for us 😀 We owe her so much. Regarding your question about YAI’s writing style, writing is his talent and he’s been very eloquent in conveying his thoughts/feelings ever since he was young. He began writing since high school and posted them in his minihompy (Korean miniblog), and then in twitter, magazines, and instagram after he became a popular actor. Judging from his interviews/writings, he’s definitely more mature than young people of his age. If you look back on his interviews in 2009-2010 when he was 23-24, you would have thought that he was 30 or 40-something if you hadn’t known him 🙂

        • Jennifer says:

          Thank you Furbabe for your response! Yes, I agree! Noted in his interviews from his early days and over the years. I believe it cannot be just the translators who made his writings look good as it has been consistent over the years. The thoughts and passion about things he believes in have been so consistent as well. I observed his increasing maturity through his various interview and his growth as well.
          One very significant moment that started my interest in him was an episode in the Launch my Life series where he asked a British artist what has he done to help other budding artists in his field. I was stunned by such a thought from a 25 year old boy!

          Later, I noted he started Studio Concrete to do exactly that! I became a diehard fan then. Goodness, this is actually very uncharacteristic of me because I do not normally fangirl anyone^^^

          • R says:

            From the sassy translator herself 😸😸🙏🙏:

            Hello Jennifer 🙏🙏
            Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the translation 💓 I truly appreciate it 🙏
            I’m not Korean, but I’m immensely touched that you assumed I might be 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕I just happen to love translation in general, I love the Korean language, and I’ve been studying it for years. My major is English literature. So analyzing writing structures and styles is a hobby of mine. Yoo Ah In’s writing satisfies this hobby greatly 😸😸💓

            And although I’m not Korean myself, but I have asked many of his Korean fans about his writing /his speeches /and his words choice. One of those fans is an English literature graduate. Their answer was :

            Yoo Ah In is a well-read guy. This is something his Korean fans have known about him since his debut. He has always talked about his love for books. And although he loves reading, he has also used to say that people should have their own thoughts. They shouldn’t not let books shape their minds and beliefs. The books he reads include:fiction, non-fiction, poetry, philosophy, psychology, and history. Not only is he an avid reader, he’s actually a writer too. On his cyworld page, he used to publish his writings constantly. He posted many many poems there. His Korean fan ( the one who is literature graduate) told me that she used to study and analyze his poems and post them to his fanclub. His fans needed his writings to be explained 😸.She said that like any good literary piece, his poems and writings in general aren’t easy to grasp. The reader must have an appreciation for literature in order to follow Yoo Ah In’s thoughts, imagery, and writing technique. She said that he even has his own signature writing technique that people could recognize. He has a unique way of using words and structures. According to this fan, Yoo Ah In is a writer who happened to be great at acting 😸.She also told me that he is extremely and exceptionally eloquent. He can express his thoughts quite easily. The vocabulary and structures he uses are different and are actually difficult even for Koreans. Even his words and expressions in his interviews and speeches have a literary feel to them. This is a characteristic that set him apart from other celebrities. She said that even journalists think that they have to be well-prepared when they interview him. Korean people who appreciate Yoo Ah In (that includes his fans of all ages, journalists, TV presenters, celebrities) admire this quality about Yoo Ah In. They admire his writing and speaking skills. He was even asked multiple times if he would write a book, and he answered that he might publish a poetry book. He also said that he will publish it under a pseudo name 😸.He doesn’t want his celebrity status to affect the reception/critique of the book 🙏💓. So yes dear, he’s way waaaaaay beyond his age when it comes to expressing himself, in all mediums. And since I’ve translated a few pieces for many of the amazing seniors he has worked with, I can tell you that they don’t talk nor express themselves amazingly the way he does. I hope that you found our answers helpful darling 🙏💕

            • yosics says:

              Hi there, sassy translator! I’m a fan of yours also 😄 Thanks for giving us great insights of his writings. I love that quote – a writer that happened to be good at acting 😂 How long did you learn Korean, by the way? Do you take formal courses or just learn it by yourself? We need a Q&A session here hahahahaa 😂😂

              • R says:

                Hi dear Yosics💓💓💓💓💓

                Thank you sweetie for your kind words 🙏🙏🙏😽😽I’m a fan/I truly love your comments here 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌always warm, always thoughtful and kind 💓💓🙏

                Hehehehe I love this quote too 😹😹 and I’ve quoted the Korean fan, who said it to me, verbatim here 😹😹💓💓

                I’ve started studying Korean 4 or five years ago🙏 self-taught. I’ve learned ( and I’m still learning 🙏💓) through watching tons and tons of variety shows + translating. By translating, I managed to learn vocabulary and grammatical structures simultaneously 👍 if you are interested, I recommend that you learn vocabulary+ grammar at the same time 🙏💓 . Learning the Korean grammar is beyond essential 👍👍👍 it makes all the difference👍💓watching variety shows helps a lot too. Try translating everything you see. Many Korean interviews have captions (in Korean). You can start translating these👍Even translating instagram captions can be very educational 😸 a little by little, you are going to pick up grammatical structures without even realizing it😸👍👍🙏

                My favorite grammar website is:

                It has helped me many times to understand the most complicated grammatical rules 👍👍👍💓💓

                Once again, thank you for the love and kindness 🙏🙏💓😽

            • Jennifer says:

              Thank you for the detailed explanation and insights of YAI Sassy Translator! Yes, his writings have a literary feel to it. So are your translations! We, international fans, are really lucky to have you doing the translations. We get the benefit of understanding and appreciating YAI better.

              • R says:

                Hi lovely Jennifer 💓💓💓😽

                Thank you dear for your sweet words 🙏 🙏 💓💓 I’m the lucky one to receive such kindness and encouragement from you 🙏🙏🙏 I deeply appreciate it dear 🙏🙏💓💓I thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏😽🙌

  2. Manguyen says:

    Thank God that YAI is going to be ok. Please grace the unkind voices for compassion and love. 🙏 Don’t understand why people can judge someone with a serious medical condition. Come on! ❤️ YAI

  3. Mari says:

    “He endured severe pain during the Blue Dragon Awards Hand-printing Ceremony due to the dislocated collarbone incident, he could have cancelled going to the event, but he didn’t. He wanted to honor his promise. He took painkillers, and kept his smile on. And he didn’t reveal this incident.” — I really can’t imagine a strong-willed and determined person other than him. He endured everything and he still apologized for enduring them. My respect for him grew bigger and bigger every single day. Yoo Ah In, I know you’re strong, you’ll regain your health and you’ll be back with dignity and more achievement in the future.

  4. passerby says:


    Through this controversy, which is a complex entanglement of individual desires and accomplishments, and social obligations and demands, I have once again reduced the weight and responsibility of my work and the life that it entails. —> Through this controversy, which is a complex entanglement of individual desires and accomplishments, and social obligations and demands, I have once again deeply felt (became keenly aware) the weight and responsibility of my work and the life that it entails.

    절감하다 has two totally different meaning.
    reduce / feel deeply, keenly aware

    Here, the latter meaning

  5. passerby says:

    Thank you translster for making abroad fans sharing his thoughts possible.
    I’m Korean.
    YAI is not an easy writer.
    But your translation is wonderful.☺☺☺

    • R says:

      Thank you soooo much dear 🙏🙏🙏I’m really touched by your words 😭😭💓💓💓🙏 The fact that you, a fan of Yoo Ah In and a native speaker, think so positively of our translations makes me truly speechless and happy 😭🙏🙏💓 Thank you for the kindness and support dear 🙏🙏

  6. xiaosxin says:

    can someone share where Yoo Ah In posted his official statement that was translated in this post? THanks.

  7. Yasuyo says:

    Thank you for the lovely translation! Stay strong, YAI! We will support YOO from all over the world~

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