Yoo Ah In confirms for his first fantasy rom-com drama “Chicago Typewriter”

tvN’s “Chicago typewriter” (“시카고 타자기”, tentative title) has officially secured its main leads. Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo confirmed to star in the drama. All the casts as well as the production team will meet for the first script reading this week.

The drama team has made sure that Yoo Ah In will complete the drama before his military service judgment out. Currently Yoo Ah In is waiting for the 4th physical re-examination in March after he was diagnosed with a benign bone tumor in his right arm, and the result will be given in June. The drama ends at the end of May, so it will not overlap with his military service judgment. His agency said it’s not that he is “struggling everyday” with his condition, because he’s still able to do his daily activities normally. Remember, he was diagnosed with benign bone tumor since 2015, but he could finish shooting the 50 episodes of “Six Flying Dragons” for six months, during autumn and winter, till early 2016 just fine. He must have had seek advise first from the MMA’s appointed doctor before jumping on to the filming. As long as he doesn’t do action scenes, he’ll be alright.

“Chicago Typewriter” is described as a fantasy human romantic-comedy series. The twist? The bestselling author hits a severe slump and hires a ghostwriter who lived hard lives in the 1930s during the Japanese and hides behind that bestseller’s name writing on his behalf, and he has to deal with his former fan and now biggest anti-fan who is more terrible than in “Misery”.

Directing is PD Kim Chul Kyu of “On the Way to the Airport” (2016), which drew praise for its directorial finesse, the drama is written by Jin Soo Wan who wrote the hit dramas “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012) and “Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015).

Yoo Ah In takes on the role of a bestselling author Han Se Joo, whose super-popular hits and movie-star good looks have propelled him to stardom; not only is he seen as an idol of the literary world, he’s got so many fans that there’s even fanfic written about him. He is a wildly popular bestseller who’s described as something of a Korean Stephen King. The character made his début by winning a literary contest at the age of 21, and his personality is described as sensitive, prickly, timid, and melancholy. This will be Yoo Ah In’s first fantasy drama and last on-screen work before heading to military service.

Im Soo Jung (Time Renegades) takes on the role of the author’s anti-fan who works in the veterinary. Her character is a legend in veterinary medicine and is also a literary fanatic. This will be Im’s first comeback on TV after 13 years. Her last TV series was “I’m Sorry, I Love You” (2004).

Go Kyung Pyo (Jealousy Incarnate) is up to play the ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh who lived hard lives in the 1930s during the Japanese, loves jazz, and hides behind that bestseller’s name writing on his behalf.

Kwak Shi Yang (Second to Last Love) is courted to play a novelist and professor who is the hero’s rival. Kwak’s character feels quite jealous of him and also suffers an inferiority complex. He’s the only son of a famous writer and prominent figure in the South Korean literary world, which no doubt contributes to that attitude. The character will form a love triangle with the hero and the anti-fan heroine.

Jo Woo Jin (The Lonely Shining Goblin) plays as the author’s friend and editor who first suggests that he hire a ghostwriter while he battles his writer’s block. The character is described as a materialistic and peculiar person who’s impossible to hate, which seems about up Jo Woo Jin’s alley, after having made the most of his short scenes in “Goblin” as the dryly funny Secretary Kim.

“Chicago Typewriter” plans to begin shooting at the end of February and will air on Fridays and Saturdays as tvN’s next weekend drama, following time-traveling romantic thriller Tomorrow With You. It will be a 16-episode series and premieres at the end of March.

I’m not a fan of writer Jin Soo Wan’s earlier works, so this new drama could be a hit or a miss (quality-wise), depends on how much she has improved in the writing department. All we can trust is in the fact that Yoo Ah In doesn’t work for money or just to be on TV. He does know how to choose immaculate works, he hasn’t picked a sub par nor a flop since “Secret Love Affair”. If he’s ready to face all the risks and the backlash from people who accuse him of postponing the military service, then it means he believes that this drama/story/character is worth fighting for. Let’s pray for Yoo Ah In and send him all the good vibes in the world!


Source: isplus, dramabeans

5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In confirms for his first fantasy rom-com drama “Chicago Typewriter””
  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I echo the last comment full heartedly. I believe we will be in for a ride and trust YAI to create the character and atmosphere in the drama. Really looking forward to watching a new YAI character!!!

  2. Gear says:

    To be honest, I don’t like the writer too. She’s good in comedy but the logic fails me most of the time. I do hope this drama will give a good impact on YAI, especially since he’s being criticized heavily by Koreans for not enlisting yet. I pray for YAI and the drama’s success.

  3. Mari says:

    People made fuss about this after his agency released the statement of his condition. During the SFD filming, he worked without any problem in THAT harsh snowy mountain, and nobody figured out that he had a bone tumor.

  4. Hasi says:

    So excited to see YAI back on Kdrama. I have faith in him that he wisely chose projects, that satisfy himself and his fans. So no matter what, we will all watch it.
    I wish all the best for this drama to be a success both locally and internationally.

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