Yoo Ah In is having fun in Chicago Typewriter first script reading stills & video

At last, here are our first look at Chicago Typewriter’s official stills.

Previously reported here, Yoo Ah In attended the Chicago Typewriter first table reading on February 27th. Having released a set of teasers introducing its three lead characters (see here), finally Chicago Typewriter revealed the table reading/script reading photos and video in its SNS and website on March 22nd.

Here’s the video~


Chicago Typewriter Script Reading


Cute GIFs showing Yoo Ah In being lovey dovey with Chun Ho Jin and jabbering to Im Soo Jung ensue~

(source: ND)


From the clip you can guess the pleasant atmosphere full of laughter. Super passionate Yoo Ah In looks so excited to act again after one year hiatus. The casting director Lee Sang Won praised Yoo Ah In’s acting skill and personality. He wrote in his blog, “Yeoksi [as expected from] Yoo Ah In… He’s so good at acting.. In addition, he’s even kind~~ It’s crazy!”. It’s great to see Yoo Ah In having a whale of time with the character and playing up the eccentric genius.

Yoo Ah In also posed for the camera with his already signed script on his hand. Here are his photos taken from the script reading place~


“Chicago Typewriter” began filming on March 4th. The 1930s period set took place in Hapcheon Image Theme Park. The drama staff posted a lot of pictures from this place, for instance:

(source: instagram)


The latest actors participating the drama are: senior actor Chun Ho Jin (Yoo Ah In’s dad in “Six Flying Dragons”, making this project their fourth reunion) plays as a legend in literature world and Yoo Ah In’s guardian angel-turn-enemy, Kwak Si Yang (Second to Last Love) takes on the role of another popular writer and Yoo Ah In’s rival in literature world much like how Antonio Salleri was jealous of Mozart in the film “Amadeus”, and actress Yang Jin Sung (My Son-in-Law’s Woman) plays a magician and a shaman’s daughter who’s also the lead female’s childhood friend and roommate. Rookie actor Kim Ki Soo (Andante) is up for the drama as well. Music director is Nam Hee Seung who previously worked for “Goblin” and “Jealousy Incarnate”.

Chicago Typewriter first broadcast is on April 7th at 8 pm.

Check more photos in our Facebook page in Chicago Typewriter album. Fighting, Team Chicago Typewriter! Let’s pray for Master Sik and this drama, folks ^_^


5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is having fun in Chicago Typewriter first script reading stills & video”
  1. Laura says:

    That’s cute! He’s so adorable and full of passion there 😀

  2. Manguyen says:

  3. Sophia says:

    Praying for him and CT ❤ Fighting!

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