Chicago Typewriter releases posters & episode 1 plot introduction starring Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung & Go Kyung Pyo

Having revealed the teaser videos, tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Chicago Typewriter” released a group poster and individual posters of the three main characters.

The group poster gives off the vintage feels, putting the 1937 period into a canvas. In the group poster, Go Kyung Pyo is hard at work with his typewriter, while behind him hangs a picture of the three characters 80 years ago. To my amusement, it looks like a family photo where the aging backward Yoo Ah In poses as a genius kid with his parents 😀

The same typewriter that Go Kyung Pyo is using is also in the framed picture, and the text reads, “A miraculous day of love that begins with an old typewriter.”


In the individual poster, Yoo Ah In, as star-writer Han Se Joo who falls into a slump, poses in bright yellow sweater with Persian turquoise green background, an old typewriter on the floor, and manuscript paper scattered around him. The text reads, “The star writer who’s suffering from a writer’s block.”


Im Soo Jung looks bright in black-pink striped skirt and pink turquoise background. She plays Jeon Seol, a novel maniac and Han Se Joo’s number one fan. In her hand is a novel, and beside her is the same old typewriter. The text reads, “The legendary maniacal fan of the writer.”


Meanwhile, Go Kyung Pyo who plays Yoo Jin Oh the ghost writer, is sporting his gray-black suit with an old typewriter behind him and bright green background. The text reads, “The ghost writer hiding behind the star writer”.


The production team explained, “The fated relationship between the three characters will begin when an old typewriter arrives at famous writer Yoo Jin Oh (Go Kyung Pyo) in 2017. The picture of them 80 years ago plays an important role in the storyline. Look forward to finding out how they meet in the present and in the past.”

The production team also released the summary/plot introduction for episode 1.

[Spoilers] The plot says:

Idol star-writer Han Se Joo holds a fan signing event in “Cafe Chicago”. He sees an old typewriter in the café and feels a strange attraction. His biggest fan, Jeon Seol, comes to the fansigning too.

Jeon Seol is temporarily suspended from her veterinarian’s job for a personal reason, so she takes courier job/delivery service to get some commissions. One day, she is given a task to deliver a questionnaire box and later finds out that she delivers it to Han Se Joo’s house.

Meanwhile, Han Se Joo is having his worst weeks because of the recent stalker incident and feels uneasy. At the moment, a gunshot is heard somewhere. Whose gun is that?

“Chicago Typewriter” sets to air on April 7th at 8pm KST.


Source: Chicago Typewriter

4 Responses to “Chicago Typewriter releases posters & episode 1 plot introduction starring Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung & Go Kyung Pyo”
  1. Sophia says:

    YAI in yellow ❤ ❤

  2. Laura says:

    The plot sounds/seems intriguing, but I’m still keeping my hope down. Don’t wanna get disappointed later.

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