Hijinx ensue in Chicago Typewriter episode 1 preview + poster shooting & more photos revealed


Following the posters and first episode’s written plot here, it is further revealed that our hero Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) does fly to Chicago for his fansigning event and our heroine Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung) sees him at the airport, based on “Chicago Typewriter” Episode 1 previews. And, while he’s sporting less hair in modern days, apparently the 1930s Han Se Joo has quite a lot of hair and fringes ๐Ÿ˜€

As the premiere date approaching, tvN released two preview clips, BTS clip and photos, and another drama poster for “Chicago Typewriter”. The teasers/previews look comical and fun, hijinks ensue from the get go, and Yoo Ah In transforms from a quirky cool guy to a boyish adorable puppy through his crew cut and floppy side parting hair (obviously, a very good wig).

The latest teasers introduce us to star writer Han Se Joo who says imperiously, “Isn’t writer’s block just an excuse invented by whiny people who want a reason to drink?”. As they chase his dog down the street, Jeon Seol says he has a wild imagination, and he declares, “The dog and I have gone our separate ways. He says he won’t run with me ever again!” ๐Ÿ˜€

In the second teaser, an antique typewriter seems to draw all three of our characters with some sort of supernatural pull, and the second they touch it, weโ€™re transported to the 1930s where Im Soo Jung rides her bicycle into the sunset and Yoo Ah In looks positively smitten with her. This typewriter will be what the ghostwriter uses to do his work, and itโ€™s the item that links the three characters together and connects them to their past lives 80 years ago. Producers say that the title is a reference to the Thompson submachine gun nicknamed the Chicago Typewriter (because the sound of the gun being fired resembles the sound of a typewriterโ€™s keys), and though their typewriter is literal, there is a hidden meaning in the title that weโ€™ll just have to watch to find out.


Chicago Typewriter Episode 1 Preview Version 1


Chicago Typewriter Episode 1 Preview Version 2


Cute and pretty GIFs ensue too~


The drama also released the poster/teaser making plus the actors’ interview video, and photos. Check them out~^^

Chicago Typewriter Poster & Teaser Making


In the interview, Yoo Ah In talks about why he picked the role of Han Se Joo and what he thinks of his co-star Im Soo Jung. To the question asking why he chose the role, Yoo Ah In answers, “The character I’m portraying is a popular novelist. I want to play a character which is not typical. I was drawn to this role because the nature of the character deviates from the character patterns I have doneย before. And I think that Han Se Joo is such an unprecedented character.”

He adds, “There are instances where a piece cannot be perfected, but one can’t help but feel weird about putting an end to the story.”ย 

Yoo Ah In also talks about working with actress Im Soo Jung for the first time. (Note: many people are looking forward to these two Blue Dragon Awards winners’ acting together in this drama). He says, “We [our character] bicker a lot, but we also shareย warm feelings towards one another. I have thought what would it be like if Im Soo Jung play Jeon Seol. Afterย we met, I feel great because we blend perfectly.”

Im Soo Jung says, “The character [Han Se Joo] is very similar with Yoo Ah In’s realย character. He is so believable, and because of this, I’m drawn to his character’s charm even more.” Go Kyung Pyo, the youngest of the two, says, “I’m working alongside two experienced people. I want to learn a lot [from them] through this work.”

Now let’s check out cutie patootie Yoo Ah In in designer’s green suit at the Poster Making photos, and also his cute gifs ๐Ÿ˜€


The third official poster, which is very vintage, sends us back to 1937, when the three characters pose together like a family or business partners~


In the additional script reading photos and gif, Yoo Ah In is flashing his bright smile, looking happy to be back to his “tribe”~


Characters chart shows broader storyline with more supporting characters~


Han Se Joo’s antique house triggers curiosity as well. The house is old, spacious with a bar at the center, and it has acoustic drum set/kit on the mezzanine floor~

Does it mean Yoo Ah In will be back rocking the drums like he did before in Reebok CF? ๐Ÿ˜€ Interesting!

“Chicago Typewriter” Production Conference will take place on April 5, 1pm KST. It will be broadcast live from V App

โ€œChicago Typewriterโ€ sets to air on April 7th at 8pm KST.


gifs/screencaps: mongkong_, delightyou_, ND, our twitter Sikseekers

Source: Chicago Typewriter, instagram, dramabeans

4 Responses to “Hijinx ensue in Chicago Typewriter episode 1 preview + poster shooting & more photos revealed”
  1. Laura says:

    The wig works really well! I didn’t recognize it was a wig! He looks adorable both in 2017 and 1937 ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jennifer says:

    He looks so happy in many of the photos. Great to see him enjoying himself and we will get to see an unusual character coming to us on 7 April. As usual, our expectations are super high! Break a leg YAI! You can do it!

  3. Mari says:

    Excited, but I’m keeping my expectation low. Fighting, YAI!

  4. Yasuyo says:

    Even back to 1937, this author doesn’t wear socks. Ha, ha, ha^0^ Fighting, Master Sik!!!

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