[PHOTOS/VIDS/TRANS] Yoo Ah In attends Chicago Typewriter press junket

tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Chicago Typewriter” premiered just yesterday, April 7, at 8 p.m. KST. The drama’s character lineup includes best-selling writer, Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In), who has fallen into a slump, the mysterious ghost writer, Yoo Jin Oh (Go Kyung Pyo), who could save his career, and Han Se Joo’s former diehard fan, Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung), who has now become his worst anti-fan. “Chicago Typewriter” will tell the story about these three characters and how they are connected to one another both in the present and in the past, through an antique typewriter.

On the previous day, they released Yoo Ah In’s stills as well~


Yoo Ah In attends a press junket for “Chicago Typewriter” in Seoul on Wednesday, April 6, 2017. Actors Go Kyung Pyo, Im Soo Jung, and Kwak Si Yang were present at the press conference too, along with the director of “Chicago Typewriter,” PD Kim Cheol Kyu. The press conference was broadcast live on V app too.

The press conference began with Chicago Typewriter’s five minutes highlight clip:

Like in the previous teasers, the new preview for tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter” begins with Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung) approaching star writer Han Se Joo’s (Yoo Ah In) home. Han Se Joo asks her how she got in and she replies matter-of-factly, “Because of your dog.” The dog, which presumably is not Han Se Joo’s, swallows a USB that contains something of value to the writer and runs away, which is how the two end up chasing after it.

Yoo Jin Oh (Go Kyung Pyo), the mysterious ghostwriter who could potentially save Han Se Joo’s career, makes a charming appearance as he helps a woman pick up something she dropped. He also comes across the animal hospital where Jeon Seol works and looks at her almost longingly, which is raising curiosity as to what the connection between the two characters is.

The tone of the preview takes a dark turn when it’s revealed that a reporter released some secret about Han Se Joo that could presumably hurt his career. Han Se Joo goes to confront Jeon Seol about it, which causes her to explode and yell, “Do you really think you’ll be successful and famous forever? There will be a day when you come crashing down too!”

The preview concludes with a time-slip, in which the characters are transported back in time to another era in which they were all somehow linked to one another as well.

After the preview, they continued with a photo time, for which the actors posed for individual shots as well as couple and group shots.

After individual shots, Im Soo Jung and Yoo Ah In posed for couple shots and their sweet chemistry could be seen immediately, as the two couldn’t stop smiling at one another while walking up on stage together.

Go Kyung Pyo joined the two on stage afterwards for a shot of the three main actors and Kwak Si Yang joined for a final group shot. MC Park Kyung Lim asked the actors to strike an interesting pose for the final shot and suggested, “Although it may seem awkward, since the title of the drama is ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ maybe pretend to be typing on a typewriter.” The actors, although initially thrown off by the unusual request, laughed and proceeded to pose together.


Chicago Typewriter Photo Time

Chicago Typewriter Production Presentation (full clips/autoplaylist)


MC Park Kyung Lim then moved onto the Q&A portion of the press conference and took questions from reporters. [Note: we only translated Yoo Ah In’s related parts]

MC Park Kyung Lim asked the cast members why they chose “Chicago Typewriter”. In response, Yoo Ah In stated that he had always wanted to take on the role of a writer and saw this as a perfect opportunity to fulfill a career dream of his. “I wanted to try playing the role of a writer once, but I wanted to play in unusual setting. Han Se Joo is not just an ordinary writer, but a show-off star writer with ‘idol’ popularity level. I also saw all the casts, writer and director, and I thought that this work with this teamwork would come out really well.”

He added, “The drama is not that complex, but it’s still difficult to play Han Se Joo character, because he has a very deep inner side and he’s a very complex character. I have a compassion towards Han Se Joo, and playing him is my biggest homework. He’s not an easy person. He’s visionless, he’s a character who loses his direction/doesn’t know where to go. I’ll do my best to depict him.”

About partnering for the first time with Im Soo Jung in a drama, Yoo Ah In said, “Im Soo Jung is really good since she’s a skilled, seasoned, senior actress. She has a unique charm and personality. We have a pleasant and warm feeling towards each other while acting. I’m telling you the truth [I’m not pretending when I say  this]: I don’t always feel excited everyday while acting, but I have amazing moments when I’m acting with her, and I feel good. I had wanted to play alongside Im Soo Jung too, and I thought we would make a good picture/scene.”

Im Soo Jung answered that she fell in love with the narrative immediately upon reading the script and expressed that she had always wanted to work with her fellow cast mates on a project, especially with Yoo Ah In.

She said, “I also chose to do it without hesitation because it was with Yoo Ah In whom I really wanted to work with. Actually, the frank/honest aspect of Yoo Ah In is similar to that of author Han Se Joo. Han Se Joo does everything without saying a word [he doesn’t express what he wants, he’s just gonna do it all]. He gets hurt and he is misunderstood because of this. There are also quite a few cute/funny scenes with a dog. I think it will be interesting to viewers.”

To the question asking about his similar traits with Han Se Joo, Yoo Ah In said, “Han Se Joo and I are different from the outside, he’s very harsh. But our inner characters have something in common in a way that I’m able to sympathize/relate to him.”

Yoo Ah In is also known as a good writer, and they asked him about his skills. He replied, “I don’t know whether I’m a good writer or not, because there are many criteria of excellent writing. I just live with the thought that I want to speak my mind. It could be through a drama, a movie, a writing, or a picture. I want to live without restrictions.”

When asked how he felt about being the maknae (youngest) on set, Go Kyung Pyo responded, “Being the maknae is the best! I just tag along with them.” Yoo Ah In chimed in, “No, we won’t take you with us”, which caused laughter.

Go Kyung Pyo further explained, “I receive a lot of love on set and everyone takes really good care of me. I want to take some time now to tell [my cast mates] that I love them,” which drew laughs from all the panelists.

MC Park Kyung Lim asked a follow-up question about working with three actors who are known for their young looking faces and the actor amusingly responded, “I acknowledge that I look old for my age…,” at which point Yoo Ah In jumped in and said, “That’s so bad of you, Kyung Lim noona! You made him say that!”, which caused everyone to burst out laughing 😀

MC Park also asked director/PD Kim Chul Kyu why he chose this specific cast for the drama. He responded that the official genre of the drama is “antique romance”, implying that the drama was so unique that it would be difficult to categorize into one specific genre.

PD Kim explained, “Chicago Typewriter is a complex genre that doesn’t fit anywhere else. The drama is a melodrama, period piece, and fantasy drama all in one. It has no rules and it has many colors, tones and episodes. It starts off with a cheery note but as the story goes, it becomes serious. There’s thick mellow, the sorrows of youths whose nation is stolen from them during times of hardship, painful love, comradeship between patriots and the tragic end makes up the words human, mellow, comical and fantasy. This drama is a combination set”.

Chicago Typewriter goes back and forth present and past. The latest trend of fantasy code is in there [e.g:Goblin]. PD Kim claimed what would differentiate this drama from others. “I think it’s obvious that the drama of fantasy set-ups has been poured out a lot, and it takes a long time for a drama to be planned, so no one has foreseen or intentionally predicted.”

He added, “We have reviewed and reviewed all the scenarios to see if there are overlapping parts with other dramas, but we have to go through the verification and review process. Through such a process, we think there is a clear difference in our drama.”

As for the casting background of actors, PD Kim said, “I don’t think I need to explain it, because all of the main actors have their own unique, unexpected charms and colors, and they all bring something different to the table. Each actor’s individual sensibilities matched very well with the character that they were cast for. I didn’t hesitate to cast them for our drama.”

A reporter asked Yoo Ah In, “In Sungkyunkwan Scandal, you and Song Joong Ki made a good bromance. How is the bromance with Go Kyung Pyo in Chicago Typewriter like?” Yoo Ah In blurted, “[The bromance] with Go Kyung Pyo was better than Song Joong Ki,” caused everyone to burst out laughing again.

He further explained, “More than the bromance in the past [like I had with Song Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan Scandal], Chicago Typewriter brings up the strong bonds and close friendships/camaraderie between the two of us. As a result of acting together with Go Kyung Pyo, we make a very colorful, interesting relationship and personality in the drama.”

Furthermore, a reporter asked Kwak Si Yang if he felt burdened at all when working with an actor as experienced as Yoo Ah In. Kwak Si Yang honestly answered, “Yes, it’s very burdensome to act alongside him. Even from the very first script reading, I couldn’t help but admire him for his acting abilities and thought to myself that I still have a lot to learn.”

Yoo Ah In, feeling embarrassed, looked straight to Kwak Si Yang and said, “Don’t do that!” and laughed. He said, “Acting is not a competition. It’s not like a rap battle. I’m not an acting veteran. I don’t know what the standard is for good acting. We just do our best in what we’re given, we suit our characters, we express according to the intentions of the writers and directors. I often receive generous compliments and evaluations, I know that. I think it was an evaluation which said that I have everything, compared to my age, but it’s difficult. I just want to have fun acting, and want to create interesting things. And I think I can do well if I have an avid desire to excel in everything.”

He added, “I’m not better than you or anyone else here. I just work hard. And I know you all work hard to be the best actors too. You [and the rest of the casts] are excellent actors. I can foresee the collaboration of these group cast in this drama is a blessing for the audience.”

Yoo Ah In was also asked about the fashion style for his character in the 2017 and 1937 period. He blurted out, “My hair will be different”, causing laughter.

He continued, “It might sound not special, but the makeup has power and changes my mental/psychological. Wearing casual style (for 2017), and then suits and wigs (for 1937), putting on the clothes of the said periods and entering into the different space, these whole things change my gestures and lead my attitude in the drama.”

Yoo Ah In also addressed a reporter’s question regarding the status of his mandatory military enlistment, which was initially pushed back as he was diagnosed with a benign bone tumor.

At first Yoo Ah In reminded the reporter, “This session isn’t supposed to be about me [my personal issue], because there are three other actors here.” [He means to say that it’s rude to take his personal matter into the spotlight in this special occasion, because this press conference is not about him. They supposed to talk about Chicago Typewriter with all the casts and director instead]

Then he answered. “If I had gotten a more direct question, I could have more easily provided an answer. While my bone tumor is benign, it is unusually large. As for the dislocation of my left clavicle, it hasn’t fully healed; however, I am able to carry out everyday work. I am trying to reduce any heavy exercise or large movements that might aggravate the condition.”

He said, “I still haven’t gotten the results from my follow-up examination from March 15. My case is very unique. Since this particular case is receiving a lot of attention, it appears that the military is carefully taking more time to make the best decision.”

He clarified, “There are people who are questioning why I’m filming a drama when I’m sick. But the fact of the matter is, I rested for a year until now without being able to enlist; however, I came across a great project called ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ which is why I am working again. I will do my best to not cause further concerns and to not do anything that will worsen my current condition.”

He said, “A lot of people ask whether I would choose my drama over my mandatory military service; however, enlistment is not a choice at all. I am not someone who has the power to [evade enlistment]. Instead of trying to twist the situation into something negative, I would be very grateful if everyone would view the situation in a warm light and wait patiently.”

[Note: Following Yoo Ah In’s clarification above, the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) has responded to concerns about actor Yoo Ah In’s future enlistment.

On April 6, a source from the MMA stated, “Other than the applicant who is under the Military Service Act, the details cannot be disclosed to the public. It is exactly as Yoo Ah In said yesterday. We will be notifying him in May.”]

The actors couldn’t stop laughing throughout the press conference, as they continued to joke around while answering reporters’ questions. Anticipation for the drama continues to grow as the close relationships between the actors reflects their amazing on-screen chemistry, which viewers will be able to see once the drama airs.

Lastly, Yoo Ah In gives his message to the viewers to watch Chicago Typewriter. He said, “Two periods being played at the same time in a drama could look common in recent years, but Chicago Typewriter is a drama that has flesh and bones. Not only entertaining and wildly fun, there’s also the depth in the story. I think you can be stimulated by the refreshing, fun and interesting elements of our drama. I really want to see it. It’s a production which you’ll want to see and can’t wait for the next episodes. We will do our best to make a highly anticipating and interesting production.”

Now, let’s check some photos taken from the press conference~^^


Looking so much fun! 😀 Fighting, Team Chicago Typewriter!

See more photos in our Facebook in the album “Chicago Typewriter”.

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