Chicago Typewriter off to a good start, Yoo Ah In rocks the bangs + more stills released

Chicago Typewriter is off to a good start with great plot points, cinematography and acting from the cast.

First aired on Friday, April 7, “Chicago Typewriter” premiered with a solid story and promising ratings. Chicago Typewriter ranked #1 drama for two days in a row.

The first episode was able to spot 2nd place among all General Cable Programs at the same time slot (first place is also tvN’s variety program Youn’s Kitchen). According to Nielsen’s IPTV, the first episode scored average nationwide viewership rating of 2.6% and Seoul metropolitan area of 2.924%, with its highest real-time rating at 4.4%. Episode 2 airing on April 8 made upward trend. Ratings for episode 2 rose to 2.822% nationwide and 3.253% Seoul metropolitan area. [Note: For cable network, 2% viewerships ratings is considered high, with the calculation of 1% ratings in pay tv/cable network is equal to 5% ratings in national public network]

Chicago Typewriter was #1 on Naver Top Trending from 04/07~04/08, while Yoo Ah In spotted #7. On Saturday afternoon Chicago Typewriter still placed #2 top trending topic.


Praises fly from right and left for Yoo Ah In’s acting and the drama’s plot~

Sportsdonga particularly raved on Yoo Ah In’s acting,

Yoo Ah In melted into the 1930s romance. “Chicago Typewriter” tells the story of two eras in 2017 and 1930s. Actor Yoo Ah In melted effortlessly in perfect harmony with the two different narrative periods. The 1930s scenes in “Chicago Typewriter” were full of fascinating things, but the most eye-catching one is Yoo Ah In, who made a 180 degrees transformation from his 2017 character. From head to toe, from tone of voice to expression and hand gesture, it was a perfect harmony with the sick and romantic of 1930s. Yoo Ah In as the 2017 star writer Han Se Joo gives off attractive cynicism, stiffness, and sharp piercing eyes which earn praise. When he goes to the 1930s, he is full of romance/sentimental. The ability to express his character which is inextricably matched to the two characters of each era, has captured viewers eyes and ears.

Dramabeans quoted as saying,

Ooh, I like. Coming into the premiere, I honestly wasn’t sure what sort of show “Chicago Typewriter” would be, but I’m really digging the character and narrative elements it has to offer. Right off the bat, I can see similar brushstrokes from writer Jin Soo-wan and “Kill Me Heal Me” in the mystery of our lead characters, with a steady and patient hand in penning their backstories both in the modern time and in the 1930s. I’m also enjoying the stylish flair in the show’s direction, which transports us between the story’s time periods with ease.

Mydramalesslife chimed in,

I loved it and it’s so quirky and intriguing, funny and occasionally scary, that I couldn’t help but not want to discuss it! I also loved the tone of the show, the visuals were stunning, and it had that perfect balance of quirky and exciting that I enjoyed very much.

Entermedia applauded the unique plot,

It’s not easy to persuade viewers with a work filled with literature symbols. Fortunately, this is writer Jun Su Wan and PD Kim Chul Kyu’s work, who make these symbols exciting by adding tension, thriller, and fantasy to the character’s dynamic, and in addition thanks to the actors who delivered, such as Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jeong and Go Kyung Pyo. It’s hard to say that “Chicago Typewriter” is easy for both the production team and viewers, since there’s not much of this kind of drama in Korea yet so far. But within the uniqueness, I feel the power of the writer, director, and the actors who gain some popular sympathy. And this very challenging attempt itself is worthy of this drama.


In the first episode, viewers have noticed the difference in Yoo Ah In’s hairstyle, which is much longer and tousled in the 1930s narrative. This gives him a much softer image compared to his present day character’s sharp buzzcut, and they’ve completely gone crazy over his fringes 😀 The power of wig!


Korean netizens’ comments translated by kkuljaem

Naver via Osen: Yoo Ah In x Im Soo Jung x Typewriter entangled… ‘Chicago’ eccentric first episode

1. [+3,441, -316] Is Yoo Ah In’s past visuals for real?
2. [+2,664, -224] The dog is good at acting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+2,632, -176] Not sure about the story so far, we’ll have to wait and see. But Yoo Ah In’s hair looked better in the past
4. [+2,182, -184] The typewriter is scary, the dog with bangs is good at acting
5. [+2,131, -238] Yoo Ah In’s hair and visuals in the past scenes are no joke
6. [+646, -90] Bring back his old hair
7. [+588, -88] Reading the best replies, seems like I’m not the only one who thinks he looked better in the past ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His style in the past is my type ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
8. [+512, -96] All I know is that the dog is crazy cute and Yoo Ah In’s past self is freaking handsome
9. [+507, -84] He looks better with longer hair

Yoo Ah In’s friend/labelmate, Song Hye Kyo, stepped up to show her support for Yoo Ah In and his new drama as well. On April 8, she posted a character still of Yoo Ah In in Chicago Typewriter, along with a caption that simply had the drama’s name and applause emoji.


Following the first episode, tvN released stills of the cast for the plot-line taking place 80 years ago and present-day. The newly released stills are gaining attention as the characters from the past are portrayed with such stark contrast to their corresponding present-day counterparts. Yoo Ah In definitely looks uber hot in his 1930s style, even his Harry Potter glasses are on point!

geeky hottie writer!


tvN released the Episode 1 Making video as well in its channel~


From the very beginning, Yoo Ah In can be seen filming a hectic scene in which his character Han Se Joo is bombarded by screaming fans and flashing lights at the airport. Despite the difficulty of the scene, Yoo Ah In filmed it over and over again after discussing everything down to the tiniest details with the director. He even gave advice to an extra about how they should coordinate their movements for the scene and received some well-deserved praise from the director after finishing filming. What a pro! 🙂

For more videos/clips, trailers and teasers of Chicago Typewriter, go to tvN Youtube channel, or Chicago Typewriter official Facebook and tvN official Twitter accounts. Check more Yoo Ah In’s photos in our Facebook in the album “Chicago Typewriter”.

Let’s keep cheering on Master Sik’s Chicago Typewriter! ^_^ 


Korean article translations by: Admin007 of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Source: tvN, naver, Soompi | Screencaps & GIFs provided by: DC [1][2]

11 Responses to “Chicago Typewriter off to a good start, Yoo Ah In rocks the bangs + more stills released”
  1. Mari says:

    I watched episode 1 with low expectation, but surprisingly I enjoyed it more than I expected. Yoo Ah In’s 1930s style does rock, as well as his witty present day. His acting for both characters is so natural and excellent as usual. I hope the story will keep up the pace. Fighting!

  2. Laura says:

    I knew he’d nail the both present and past characters. No doubt about his acting ❤ I was worried about the storyline, but so far so good and I like the 1930s scenes a lot.

  3. Yasuyo says:

    Thanks for the uploading. I loooove his fringes, too. Fighting, CT!

  4. Aena says:

    I love the 1930’s scenes. YAI rocks! The storyline is very unique!

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