Yoo Ah In Attends the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards, Kim Hye Soo Gives Him Words of Encouragement


Yoo Ah In attended the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. He was invited to attend the ceremony as the last year’s winner of Best Actor in a TV Series. Yoo Ah In won Actor Top Excellence in the TV series, for his acting in the popular 50-episodes sageuk “Six Flying Dragons” in the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards.

All the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards winners were invited to hand the trophies to this year’s winners. Yoo Ah In came to present the award/trophy to this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best Actor and actress Gong Yoo and Seo Hyun Jin.

Yoo Ah In missed half of the ceremony because he was still filming “Chicago Typewriter” till afternoon. He rushed to the award ceremony and arrived ten minutes before the live broadcast of his part (best actor/actress awards announcement), and rushed back to the filming site again. Despite having to face his 5th re-examination this May 22nd and the hectic drama shooting schedule, Yoo Ah In confidently went up the stage to present the best actor/actress awards with senior actress Kim Hye Soo, who won Actress Top Excellence in the TV series in 2016. He looked relax and elegant in all-back, and he kept flashing his bright smile.

This year, Baeksang Arts Awards honored “Life Time Achievement Award” to the deceased veteran actress Kim Young Ae and dedicated the awards ceremony to her. Kim Young Ae passed away fighting pancreatic cancer on April, 2017. Her last works are Pandora (movie, 2016) and The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (TV series, 2016). She had put all her energy towards filming the drama while fighting the disease.

Kim Young Ae was the one who presented Yoo Ah In the Best Actor award in the 2015 Blue Dragon Awards with Song Kang Ho. To refresh our memory, here she was with Yoo Ah In two years ago~


In the ceremony, Baeksang Arts Awards held a special stage featuring young inspiring actors (those who just began acting in small roles), as the saying goes, “There are no small actors, only small parts” [note: the original saying is actually, “There are no small parts, only small actors”]. ‘Wanting to act’ is the main idea of this stage, and Kim Young Ae made a perfect example. She boasted her passion for acting till her last days. Viewers shed the tears when these new unknown actors performed “Tears of the Sea”. 

During the Life Time Achievement Award presentation, they reminisced Lee Young Ae. Actress Ra Mi Ran, who presented the award with Park Shin Hye, said, “Kim seonsaeng-nim [Teacher Kim] had put all her energy towards acting and keep acting while fighting the disease. I miss you so much, Kim Young Ae-ssi. You were like a big, solid wood. I will never forget the fireworks spirit of acting you showed to us.” The two eventually burst into tears and were unable to speak properly. Many attendances and viewers shed their tears too.


Before announcing the grand award winners, Kim Hye Soo talked to Yoo Ah In about Kim Young Ae too and also encouraged him with comforting and uplifting words. She changed the speech script impromptu, and explained how impressive the stage was to Yoo Ah In instead. She naturally spoke without reading the teleprompter to express her feelings. She tried to hold back her tears while giving her words. Yoo Ah In was moved by her and responded to her words wisely. Here are the translations~

Yoo Ah In: “Hello everyone, I’m actor Yoo Ah In.”

Kim Hye Soo: “I’m Kim Hye Soo. Ain-ssi, you’re currently filming a drama, right?”

Yoo Ah In: “Yes, I am.”

Kim Hye Soo: “Ah In-ssi, I know because you’re making a TV series now, you missed the first half of this ceremony, because you’ve just arrived now.”

Yoo Ah In: “You saw the first part, and I can feel it so heart-touching. I’m so sorry I missed it.”

Kim Hye Soo: “Yes, this is probably how actors feel. Today’s awards ceremony is so good. Kim Young Ae seonsaeng-nim received the Life Time Achievement Award. My leg got injured when I shot a movie, so that I wasn’t able to see seonsaeng-nim in person when she passed away. I feel sorry, it broke my heart. It’s really great that she had her final celebration stage. And the special stage of those aspiring actors was so touching. I sat down and made a lot of reflection, and thought I don’t want to get caught up in fear/I should do acting without worrying. As of now, our Ah In just returned to acting, and I feel moved [by Yoo Ah In’s decision to return acting/not hold back despite his situation]. I’m here to reflect on myself a lot. It’s… (paused). Let’s just give the awards. I will not speak too much.”

Yoo Ah In: “No, please, we are curious/would like to hear sunbae-nim‘s words.”

Kim Hye Soo: “I think this is the time to fight with spirit, and not to give up on the status quo so easily. I know that you have passed half the drama, you must be tired now.”

Yoo Ah In: “Yes… I’m tired in so many ways (laughed). But the only thing I could do, I think, is to act diligently. At this place, I wish that those who make works, like our sunbae-nims, and those who act, would receive huge support/cheer.”

Kim Hye Soo’s motherly facial expressions are so heart-warming. Obviously she was telling this to Yoo Ah In to uplift his spirits regarding the military issue. It’s like she’s telling him, “I understand why you keep acting, because I’m an actor too, because this is your passion, just like Kim Young Ae. I admire you for that. This too shall pass. Don’t worry, just keep going and fighting.” We’re so thankful for her kindness towards Yoo Ah In. She’s definitely a great sunbae ❤️

Let’s check out the videos~


Yoo Ah In & Kim Hye Soo: The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actor/Actress Announcements


Knowing that she injured her leg, Yoo Ah In gently held Kim Hye Soo’s hand and escorted her down the stage~


Master Sik’s cute gifs during his stage presence~^^


Our gorgeous Yoo Ah In in photos~


Check more Yoo Ah In’s photos in Baeksang Arts Awards event in our Facebook in the album “2016-2017 Baeksang Arts Awards”.


Source: isplus, mydaily, DC, Elsa’s weibo, limeade, pljoon, taste_hongsi, Kim Hye Soo Baragi, Eucalyptus, Ahining, hwagubox

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  1. Hager says:

    Kim Hye Soo words are so precious, they’re so heartwarming ❤
    And Yoo Ah In looks so cool and Sexy in all black.

  2. Manguyen says:

    Class act for both! Handsome all the way! 😘

  3. Mari says:

    Awww I choked reading this 😭😭😭😭😭 KHS you’re amazing I adore you thank you!

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